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  1. GSG-9

    [FS/FT] Have: Nvidia 690+Block Want:980 or 780ti

    I have the following: Pending trade to SystemViper for EVGA Nvidia 690 Koolance VID-NX690 Block EK-FC690 GTX Backplate - Black Stock cooler (will ship with it uninstalled) Pending trade to AthlonX2 for AsRock Extreme4-m 3930k For sale/trade. I am looking for $450 for the whole shabang...
  2. GSG-9

    Current alternatives to the zalman reserator 1 v2?

    I have been scouring the internet for a product similar to the Zalman reserator 1. Has anyone seen any external tower radiators that can be found, in stock, new anywhere?
  3. GSG-9

    Buy/Build a NAS

    I am looking to build or a buy nas. I am looking at the Synology DS413/DS1513+. Things I absolutely want out of my nas: Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) equivalent functionality. IE, mixing of drive sizes, and ability to expand SHR array after it is built. Device works as a drive via USB...
  4. GSG-9

    [WTB] Large NAS (4+ drive)

    I want to buy a large NAS, I don't care if the drives are included. I am looking to spend as little as possible. If you have a beat up, somewhat working, 4+ drive NAS around let me know! Will entertain all offers, but I am really just looking to spend $80-$180 on something I can throw in...
  5. GSG-9

    [FS/FT][US] I want a Titan sale. 6970s, XFIs, X79 mobo, V5700 Video Cards

    Image gallery Heatware Prices Negotiable Video Cards: 2x ATI FirePro V5700 $90 each 1x 6970 2gb+ Icy Vision rev2 --Sold to HoloZapz! 1x 6950 2gb+ Icy Vision rev2 --Sold to BeepBeep2! Heatsinks are somewhat beat up, fully functional $150 each Sound Card: Creative XFi PCI Fatality (See ATI...
  6. GSG-9

    Multi pump question

    With my current rig (See Specs) I am planning on ditching my current waterblock for something else. Considerations: The pump in the BigWater 760 is a P500, it is rated for around 500ml of fluid, I am pushing it close to 750ml with my dual 180mm radiator. I am considering these: Apogee Drive II...
  7. GSG-9

    [WTB] SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B

    Its all in the title. I am looking for a (used, new whatever, I will entertain any condition) SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B windowed or windowless. :toast:
  8. GSG-9

    Let me see your 6950/6970 fan curves.

    Hey, I am curious what everyone else is using for their 6950(70) fan curves. Here is mine: Logic: I want it silent for every day use, but if I am gaming I want this thing well cooled. Results: My FurMark results cap out at 71c, I am NOT pushing my 5970 at all really, its @ 890 core...
  9. GSG-9

    Has anyone read the steam EULA to know...

    Has anyone read the steam EULA to know what happens to our games if steam goes under, I feel like we would be sol, but I don't think thats likely to happen soon anyway, I was just curious.
  10. GSG-9

    SATA cable bandwidth question

    Is there a difference between cables that advertise themselves as SATA cables and a SATA II/III cables? I managed to get two 32gb SSDs for $60 a few days ago, I have a whole bunch of old sata cables around but I want to make sure I won't be bottlenecking myself. :toast:
  11. GSG-9

    Quick 6x00 series/eyefinity question

    I am sorry I googled this and searched around the forum but could not find a solid answer. I thought I remembered something about the 6x00 series not requiring a DP monitor to have more than 2 monitors in eyefinity. Is this the case? Or is a DP monitor/Active adaptor still required for the 6...
  12. GSG-9

    So I installed the AVG update and need some help.

    So I installed AVG's latest update yesterday, but I did NOT restart my computer since I was doing some rendering. After seeing the post about the bonked update I uninstalled AVG. Does anyone know if AVG already damaged my boot? Or should everything be fine because of the uninstall? Anyone know...
  13. GSG-9

    [WTB] Dead/Defective pci-e videocard

    Hey guys, My Goal is 10 Cards total, 4 Low end, 3 Mid-Range, and 3 High-End Cards. If you have any dead cards in the areas I need that you are willing to part with please let me know! Low End:1 Mid-Range:1 High-End:0 I am looking for some pci-e (1x-8x-16x whatever) defective video cards that...
  14. GSG-9

    Silent cooling for the i7

    Hello everyone, Short Version: So I am hoping you can suggest some HSF+Aftermarket Fan combos for me. I am very open to ideas like the CoolIt ECO or Corsair H50/70 I may even prefer to have the weight off the Motherboard. I just don't think they are up to par from reviews I have looked at...
  15. GSG-9

    CS:S Dedicated Server Port Issues.

    Hey, I am trying to set up a Dedicated Server for Counter Strike Source and I am having trouble (I believe) with Ports. Heres the info: OS: Windows 7 64 Ultimate Router: Dlink DIW-615 I followed these tutorials: FPS Banana CS:S Server Tutorial Port Forwards DIR-615 CS Server Setup Both of...
  16. GSG-9

    What should I ram disk?

    So, I have a bit more ram than I need, I am planning on setting up a 4gb ram disk via the program dataram. Anyone have any suggestions what I should store on it? It can't be the OS, I don't know if there is a point in setting it to be my scratch disk in Photoshop or 3DSMax. Should I pull...
  17. GSG-9

    [FS] Cheap 5770, Projector, old cpu/motherboards

    Things I have for sale/trade: Edit: So I just recently started using Edge Detect AA with my 2048x1152 monitor, and I am in love with the crisp edges. But, as you may have guessed, a single 5770 is not the most happy camper running fallout and dragon age @ that resolution with Edge Detect on...
  18. GSG-9

    Changing Zoom In/Out in Windows 7 From Windows key + +/- to MouseUp/Down

    Hey, I have been looking all over and can't seem to find a way (normal or a reg edit) to change the default Zoom In/Out in Windows 7 From the Windows key plus the +/- key to something more easy to access like Windows key plus MouseUp/Down. I even tried Autohotkey but it does not recognize...
  19. GSG-9

    Express Gate Failure.

    Hey, I have an Asus P6TD Deluxe motherboard that has express gate built in. When I installed my motherboard drivers I chose select all, after that install/reboot express gate no longer functioned. I get the following error on boot. (See attachment) I am downloading the newest version of...
  20. GSG-9

    Task Scheduling help/idea,

    Ok, my goal is to use IOGraph to record my mouse moments, What I would like to do, is use a task scheduler to make iograph save the photo ever 30min or so to a folder (in background if possible). Then I want to make a script that will delete jpgs that are older than 4 hours (any amount of time...
  21. GSG-9

    making a 1366 bracket for the AIO-S80DP.

    I have an AIO-S80DP kit on my (775) c2d rig right now. I would like to move it over to my 1366 rig when I set it up in the next few weeks. Issue:Xigmatek never released a new bracket for the AIO-S80DP as it was somewhat of a launch failure due to its low powered/fast to die fans. First of all...
  22. GSG-9

    [FS/FT] Low Price Projector + Kingston and Samsung DDR3 Ram

    Things I have to trade: This will get larger as I photograph more items. 1x DDR3 Kingston Ram 2gb 1066mhz sticks (FAST ELPIDA J11 chips) $40 a stick I bought them for my rig but don't have money for the motherboard now. I have not used them but they are brand new so if they don't work I...
  23. GSG-9

    Response to forum violations

    The Point of this thread is to discuss If an administrator or moderator modify/delete/move a thread or post they should notify the offending party/user who caused the problem., especially if its something where they are not doing anything 'wrong'. I can only speak for myself but If someone...
  24. GSG-9

    Power Supply issue

    Power Supply issue (EPS 2.1 not booting ATX mobo?) I just moved my entire rig into a new case as my matx power supply had a fan that was failing. Instead of try to go through the pains of finding a matx psu larger than 450w I bought a atx case so I could start using a 550w Switching EPS power...
  25. GSG-9

    [WTB] i7 or Xeon 1366 chip and motherboard

    I WANT TO BUY [WTB] a i7 or Xeon 1366 chip and motherboard, I want to make the purchase sometime between June 4th and June 11th. It has to be a 1366. I don't care if you have a CPU or the motherboard or both, the motherboard is going to be purchased with whatever money is left, its low...