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  1. Chicken Patty

    [WTB] DDR4 RAM for Ryzen PC

    Hello TPU, Looking to get some better RAM for my build. I'm looking for either a 16GB, or a 32GB kit. My current RAM is the GSKILL F4-2400C15D-16GFX. I am able to run it at 2666, but that's it. If you have anything you'd like to part with, let me know. Thanks. :toast:
  2. Chicken Patty

    F4-2400C15D-16GFX Working on Crosshair VI???

    hello all, So I bought an ASUS Crosshair VI board. This RAM worked fine before my old board (X370 Taichi) before it got bricked in a BIOS update gone wrong. CPU worked as well. Only thing changed was motherboard which was bought new. The above RAM kit is not on the ASUS QVL list for my board...
  3. Chicken Patty

    The Return of The Ketchupy Avatar

    So after about a four year hiatus I decided to return back to TPU and it's awesome folks. I actually still have the same system I had when I had last posted here. However, I decided to revamp it a bit with the recently purchased GTX 1080, and a new case. Rig still runs great, so I decided it...
  4. Chicken Patty

    Looking for Ryzen 8 Core to build dedicated cruncher

    As the title states, looking for motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU. I have everything else. If anybody wants to part or finds any deals, please let me know. Posting here first before I post in the Buy/sell/trade forum. Time to increase the output :rockout:
  5. Chicken Patty

    Question for the crunchers - Monthly Cost

    hello fellow crunchers, So my situation is that where I live the electricity bill is inclusive of my rent. However, if they see a sudden increase that's very drastic it might cause them to look into things and maybe raise my rent. So I am not trying to rip off my land lord, but I just want to...
  6. Chicken Patty

    Need Some Help Overclocking 2600K/ASUS P8P67 Combo

    Hello all, first off, my system specs are up to date, if you need any details on the components. However, I've never really had the need to push my 2600K much so I have always ran it at 4.1GHz. But the system is getting a bit outdated and I'd really like to try and push it a bit. Whether it's...
  7. Chicken Patty

    Time To Update My PC

    Hello everybody, My current PC (In my system specs) is getting outdated and I think it's time to replace some components. For now I'm looking to upgrade the following. My main use for this PC I your average daily usage and gaming. I tend to play flight simulators which are very taxiing at 4K...
  8. Chicken Patty

    New team captain has been appointed

    Hello all, So I was talking with a few peeps and I think its best I pass on the throne. I've taken on new challenges recently and I honestly don't have much if any spare time. I have already appointed Norton as captain. He's done a great job updating threads and helping out and is active a...
  9. Chicken Patty

    Important message about me

    Sup guys, So, as you all have noticed not only have I not been around too much lately, but this last week or two I have literally been on maybe one or twice. Reason why? Well, work is nuts. Is was a little slower usually so I would have time to check TPU from my cell phone and post and...
  10. Chicken Patty

    Update on WCG Forum Rules

    Alright fellas, so us moderators have been discussing this as the reported posts rained in. This was a black hole that was never really covered but we decided that the easiest and safest way to handle this is to do the following. Before us crunchers/folders would advise other members we were...
  11. Chicken Patty

    Upcoming WCG Contest

    Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to announce that there will be a WCG Contest coming up soon. There is some interest gauging so wanted to make this thread to announce it. More details will come and if anybody wants to suggest anything, please do so in this thread.
  12. Chicken Patty

    TPU WCG team breaches top 20 overall!

    Well, as of the latest update the TechPowerUp! World Community Grid team has surpassed Team China for it's first appearance EVER in the Top 20 for this project. I cannot even think of where to begin giving thanks but it definitely starts with the amazing members we've had, still have, and will...
  13. Chicken Patty

    Video Card Recommendations?

    Okay fellas. For more than one reason, I need another video card. I want something better than my 6850 I have ATM. However, what I am mostly interested in is that it does good at crunching those GPU WU's. I might go ahead and add it just in time for the new challenge we just got signed up...
  14. Chicken Patty

    LAN Port stopped working suddenly

    Hello everyone, I came home yesterday to find that my PC in my specs had no Internet connection. I narrowed it down to be the PC itself and not any cables/modem/router etc. Now I went ahead and tried uninstalling and installing the LAN drivers again but it doesn't detect a LAN port. At...
  15. Chicken Patty

    Our F@H Team needs our help

    Alright ladies, our TPU F@H Team has decided to join the Chimp Challenge this year. Every year when they join us WCG peeps we switch over whatever cards/compatible CPU's we can to F@H to give them as much of a boost as possible. In the link above you'll find all the info about this years...
  16. Chicken Patty

    Help with ASUS AI Suite II

    Hello all, Got my 2600K/board setup running, now I installed the ASUS AI Suite II software with hopes to be able to do some overclocking. However, I have seen screen shots where you are able to raise the multi on the CPU through the OS. But not only that, even if I just changed my BCLK...
  17. Chicken Patty

    Agonizing issues with SSD

    Okay for a while now I have had the following issue. Have had tons of advise but none that fixes it. However, another person has tested the SSD and confirmed it's working fine. It's installed in my cruncher/folding rig, it sees no use other than crunching and folding. Issue is it runs...
  18. Chicken Patty

    [FS][US] Samsung SyncMaster 225BW / Active Display Port adapter for eyefinity

    Hello, parting out my Eyefinity setup to go with a larger LED. Selling the Samsung SyncMaster 225BW and my active display port adapter. Prices: Monitor stated above - ***SOLD*** Link>>>Active display port adapter stated above - ***SOLD*** Heatware: Chicken Patty
  19. Chicken Patty

    Our F@H Brothers need our help

    Guys, The F@H members helped us out tremendously not long ago and many times before. They need us now for the Chimp Challenge, let's switch whatever we can over to them to fold for 10 days and show the world what we got. :rockout: All details here...
  20. Chicken Patty

    WCG Contest prize rig

    Okay, this is going to be the specs for the price rig: 1. m/b - Asus M2NPV-VM (AM2) 2. cpu - Phenom 9750 3. ram - 8 gig g.skill DDR2-1000, 5-5-5-15@2-2.1v 4. video - GT210 I got a cooler from HammerOn and some fans. I also got a tech bench from TexBill. Paulieg will be supplying...
  21. Chicken Patty

    The Official Team TPU Crunching Farm Planning Thread

    Hello team, Wanted to create this thread to have a place where we can discuss our future plans for our crunching farms. Upgrades/downgrades/replacements/hardware shuffling, whatever. Post'em up and let's see what we have in mind for the future. I'll start it off: For my 2nd cruncher...
  22. Chicken Patty

    WCG Tech Assistance Thread

    As the title states, any issues or tech assistance that you need related to WCG, post it here. :toast: ***BIG THANKS TO KieX for the idea :toast:
  23. Chicken Patty

    Daily Updates

    Guys, I was wondering, it'll be nice to see different people update the main threads everyday. Everybody is different, we each have our ways of updating and it'll bring new stuff to the table. I don't always have to time to be when they are ok to update so if anybody else would like to do...
  24. Chicken Patty

    Need help troubleshooting

    Alright, here's the deal with this one. A friend of mine said his PC just started to turn off randomly. Well, upon pressing the power button it only stays on about five seconds and shuts off. I already tried a new battery on the mobo and my PSU from a cruncher which I am sure it works fine...
  25. Chicken Patty

    In urgent need of drivers

    Hello everyone, I am in urgent need of drivers for the following motherboard. Just can't find them anywhere, the Foxconn site doesn't have them :(. Thanks in advance. :) Foxconn 651M03-G-6L.