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    PC Gaming Hardware Market Mints Billions, Exceeds $30 Billion - JPR

    Gaming mints billions in general. People like games.
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    AMD's Zen Rumored for January 17th Launch; 8 Cores With 16 Threads for $300

    If AMD could command a price premium with a superior product, they would be all over it in the blink of an eye. Again. In the GPU market too.
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    AMD's Zen Rumored for January 17th Launch; 8 Cores With 16 Threads for $300

    If the performance was actually at Intel's level, the pricing would be too. See the pre-Core 2 era when AMD had $1000 CPUs too and even had a growing server presence. Hopefully they can at least hit Sandy Bridge performance per clock per thread in general.
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    AMD GPUs See Lesser Performance Drop on "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" DirectX 12

    Why did Eidos even release this patch? The only benefit I see is more press for them. Which actually is probably worth their time. Not so much ours though.
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    AMD Unveils its 7th Generation A-Series Desktop APUs

    Some of the Geode chips integrated the same amount of functions.
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    AMD Takes 83% Share of Global VR System Market

    I'm a bit amused by how the internet sentiment works on VR. I imagine some of you were around in the '90s when consumer VR was originally being pushed and 3D hardware was simple shaded polygons or badly distorted texture maps. I played around with a Forte VFX-1 once or twice. It was neat...
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    GTA 5 has now sold over 60 million copies

    It's interesting in that it tells you what sells to the masses and as such where the money is going to go for future game projects. I'm not interested in the series though.
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    Why is computer hardware looking more like toys?

    The super colorful boards of ~2005-~2009 were usually going for easy assembly. They color coded different things on the board. I don't really care what the board looks like, but I don't want heatsinks that look like guns and bullets. The huge plastic shielding thing going on now, with...
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    NVIDIA Intros GeForce 359.12 Hotfix Notebook Driver

    It's a term that goes back to 1998, I think. Like fanATIcs. :)
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    AMD "Zen" CPU Prototypes Tested, "Meet all Expectations"

    I sense AMD would do well to offer preorders. ;)
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    GTX 970 questions

    AS5 isn't conductive. It is said to be slightly capacitive, which may or may not cause problems if you slop it everywhere. But it will not short anything out.
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    Overclocked HBM? It's true, and it's fast

    You are just speculating on all of that. Think about it for a minute. We actually have absolutely no idea why it may be performing lower than it could. We don't even know for sure that it isn't performing as well as it can, besides some stutters in some games, which may or may not mean it's...
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    The Witcher 3: Performance Analysis

    I just assumed it was concept art or a old bullshot. But yeah maybe a screenshot would be better.
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    The Witcher 3: Performance Analysis

    What does it matter? I guess maybe just don't buy the game? It's not the first time an early demo wasn't an entirely accurate portrayal of what the final product would be.
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    HP Announces the Next Wave of 2015 Back to School PCs

    That doesn't really matter. Drivers and BIOSs usually don't need frequent updates anyway. Most people just want to buy a thoroughly tested, solid PC for a decent price that has a service guarantee and warranty. The whole package. They don't care about the minutiae that really doesn't matter...
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    [rant] RAGE is making me rage!

    Doom3/idtech4 can be run at >60fps too but it does mess up parts of the engine. These engines are just synched to 60Hz by design. It's not uncommon to see this sort of thing, but it is admittedly more rigid than usual. Usually you'll have stuff like Bioshock or Halo with animations or some...
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    [rant] RAGE is making me rage!

    It probably still runs best on NV. ATI/AMD couldn't even run the game properly for about 4 months after release. It was stunning mismanagement at AMD. I don't think AMD bothered to continue optimization because Wolfenstein The New Order performance tests I've seen still show NV generally...
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    AMD to Power Next-Generation NES

    Maybe they will just re-use the original NES hardware. ;)
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    ? When P4 will be too obsolete ?

    NF4 is PCIe. Maybe you mean NF2/3? I don't know if I've ever tried Vista/7 on NF2, and I've never used NF3 at all. NF4 works fine with Vista/7 though.
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    ? When P4 will be too obsolete ?

    Out in the real world there are lots of people who are still running Athlon XP and Pentium 4 stuff. Light users who barely do anything with their PCs. I know some women who love their Pogo online gaming and apparently that stuff still runs fine on such old hardware.
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    ? When P4 will be too obsolete ?

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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces the Crossblade Ranger FM2+ Motherboard

    There's certainly no reason to buy some "high-end" motherboard based on speculation that in the future there might be an AMD FM2+ chip that would make a high-end motherboard make sense. If such a CPU actually materializes, there will be new "high-end" motherboards too. I'm not really convinced...
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    AMD Readies Radeon R7 Branded Client SSDs

    I'm sure this is just more of the Radeon brand name stamped on some 3rd party product like the Radeon RAM, AMD Gaming Evolved App, and Radeon RAMDisk stuff. This all started with the big management shake up a few years ago. Using licensed ARM technology and macros as some of their future CPUs...
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    Hyperthreading in i7 vs P4?

    Believe it or not but even the first P4 core had the Hyperthreading tech in it but it was disabled, presumably because it needed further testing. But anyway, understanding why i7 seems to have better hyperthreading (SMT) is an extremely complex matter. Obviously one way to look at it is it is...
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    MSI Rolls Out the WT Series Mobile Workstations

    You really don't want to dissipate 150W in a slim notebook. It never works out well. The Killer NIC is just a glorified Atheros design. Sounds like you can use Atheros drivers (aka Qualcomm). The Wifi is probably Atheros too.