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  1. Radical_Edward

    Strange AMD FX 8350 overheat problem

    First of all, long time no see for those of you who remember me. Been busy with work and haven't had much time for hobbies. So here's my issue. My AMD FX 8350 is supposedly overheating according to the motherboard temperature readings. I noticed this recently after my system hard locked while...
  2. Radical_Edward

    Random question, what headset is this?

    So my wife saw a youtube video after telling me her headset is dying and now she wants these. Anyone have any idea what headset it is? I looked all over newegg and could not find them. :ohwell:
  3. Radical_Edward

    Best driver for 7970 right now?

    My MSI 7970 shows up tomorrow and I was wondering what driver people are liking the most for their HD7xxx cards. Thanks, Rad_Ed
  4. Radical_Edward

    Reconnecting a Terminal Server to a Domain

    First of all I hope this is the correct section to post this in. Here's the problem. We have a terminal server at work whose password to the main 2003 server has expired. The computer password, not a user password. How do I get the computer connected back to the domain? You can log into...
  5. Radical_Edward

    Fanless cases?

    So I'm doing some work for a customer of ours and they've expressed interest in fanless cases, I'm looking for something that would be able to house a mATX or ITX motherboard and a low profile graphics card. This machine needs to be smaller than a normal case so it can be tucked away. Currently...
  6. Radical_Edward

    Counter Strike: Source

    So while we wait for Counter Strike: GO to come out, I know some of you would still love to play some CSS. Sure, I know there's newer shooters out there, and while I play those as well, sometimes it's nice to come back to some good counter strike fun. I've set up a counter strike server here...
  7. Radical_Edward

    [US] Cheap Crucial 128GB SSD

    Great deal on a 128GB SSD at newegg today. Same one I've been wanting but I'm too broke to buy it atm. :(
  8. Radical_Edward

    Game servers

    So I was wondering who people around here normally rent their "game server" from? How much are your paying? What are they giving you for your money? There's so many games out there that allow you to rent, host, etc. for online play. But I'm sure there's only so many reliable game server hosts...
  9. Radical_Edward

    Looking for a decent case, with built in filters.

    So the soon to be in-laws have some major dust problems in their house, and I'm looking to help them find a new case, currently they have this, and needless to say, it sucks dust like a pig. I'd like something in the mATX tower, or Mid Tower range. Price range I'd say a limit of $80 or so...
  10. Radical_Edward

    [WTB][US] Reference 5850 or better

    As the title says, I'm looking for a reference 5850 to pair with my current ASUS one. I have cash handy and can buy it now as long as the price is right. Honestly, if someone has a graphics card that they want to sell that's better than my pair of 5850s, convince me to buy it. :laugh:
  11. Radical_Edward

    Strange issue with Dirt 3 and Logitech G110

    So, for some reason, when I play Dirt 3 using my G110, the keyboard randomly stops responding. The thing is, I don't have this problem with Dirt 2 or BF3 at all, just Dirt 3. The only way to fix it is to unplug/plug my keyboard back in, or restart my computer. Any advice? Anyone know how to...
  12. Radical_Edward

    Rad_Ed's Crunching station!

    So after working with a lot of rack mountable stuff at work, and getting a few rack mountable items (24 port switch, Supermicro case). I've had a great idea. A crunching home server rack station thing! (Not sure what to call it :laugh: ) So I'm looking to grab up a 42U server rack, some...
  13. Radical_Edward

    [WTB][US] Looking for ATI 5770

    So instead of upgrading my current rig like I was planning to do in this thread. I'm just going to purchase a 5770 for Lauren's PC instead. (Looking to use it in crossfire with her current one.) Let me know what you have and what price your thinking, thanks.
  14. Radical_Edward

    [WTB][US] Pair of AMD 6870's or better

    As the title says I'm looking to purchase a pair of AMD 6870's or better. I'd like them to be the same model, but if you've had different model/brand cards working in crossfire already then that's fine with me. Also looking for a Corsair or Seasonic PSU. 650W+ I'd like if it was modular but...
  15. Radical_Edward

    Choosing a new keyboard

    So, after using cheapies for years I think I'm ready to finally purchase a "gaming" keyboard. I've been looking at the following two for some time now... GIGABYTE GK-K8100 Black USB Wired Gaming Keyboard ... Logitech G510 Black 18 Function Keys USB Wired Gam... While I really like the...
  16. Radical_Edward

    Data recovery software

    Okay, so we had a customer at work make the mistake of reinstalling her OS over her old install. WinUndelete could not see the data, but another program we have, PC Inspectors File Recovery can. The issue is, it can only copy items you click, not whole folders, and when you copy more than...
  17. Radical_Edward

    [Case Gallery] GLaDOS

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8ghz MSI 790XT-G45 Corsair H50 DDR2 800Mhz (2 x 2GB) ASUS EAH5850, Powercolor HD5850 (Crossfire!) 2 WD Blue 500GBs, 1 WD 1TB ASUS SATA DVD-RW Lightscribe Hanns G 216D 22" Corsair 600T White edition Corsair 850HX 850W...
  18. Radical_Edward

    Server motherboards/CPUs

    So I recently got a decent server mobo/2 intel Xeon Nocona cpus/2GBsDDR2/and heatsinks for free from work. The thing is I've never messed around with them too much. I was planning on making a nice little home server or the likes but was unsure on what OS to run. Recommendations?
  19. Radical_Edward

    Problems with Firefox 8.

    I recently install Firefox 8 on a Dell using XP pro 32-bit and the owners are having a strange issue. I tried having them reinstall firefox, and look for a firefox.exe in task manager again, but we simply can't figure it out. Any ideas? I had it working just fine here at the office.
  20. Radical_Edward

    Recommended Crossfire drivers?

    So with my second 5850 on its way, I was wondering what you guys and gals recommend driver wise? How are the latest drivers working? I currently have the 11.10s installed and they work decently with BF3. Thanks in advance.
  21. Radical_Edward


    So after winning the crunching contest I figure I should put the parts to good use. I've wanted to toy with the idea of a HTPC for a while now, and now I have all the more reason to do so. AMD Athlon X2 6000+ BE Asus M2NPV-VM (AM2) Titan Fenrir CPU Cooler 4 GB g.skill DDR2-1000 NVIDIA 8800GT...
  22. Radical_Edward

    Another "help me find a good mouse" thread

    So my current GIGABYTE GM-M6800 mouse is starting to die, most likely due to my abuse and because it was cheap. So, I'm hunting around for a new mouse that fits my hand, isn't some super heavy POS, and has a DPI switch on the top of the mouse. I'd also like side buttons. I'm not looking...
  23. Radical_Edward

    First time using RAID, need lots of help.

    So, I now have 2 WD 500GB HDDs I want to use in RAID. I was wondering what exactly do I need to do this? I wanted to use them as my boot drives, what should I do? My motherboard. http://www.msi.com/product/mb/790XT-G45.html#/?div=Overview
  24. Radical_Edward

    Newly built PC won't boot/short?

    I'm building a PC for a customer but I'm having a strange issue. For some reason I'm not getting any video to the screen. I've tried using two different monitors with two different connectors, I even tried the on-board graphics. I got no picture at all. Also, the case speaker isn't beeping...
  25. Radical_Edward

    [WTB][US] Reference 5850

    I'm looking for another reference 5850 to crossfire with my current ASUS one. Looking to spend $100-130 for one, if I can't find a reference model, then I'm fine with one that's a different cooler, etc. As long it is only two PCI slots wide. Thanks for looking!