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  1. kylzer

    100mbps Full duplex not maxing out

    Max i've seen using 100mbps LAN is 93mbps.
  2. kylzer

    BT have monkeys man their helpdesks

    Ohh this old chestnut? I personally use a BT reseller much better than BT themselfs.
  3. kylzer

    fios is awesome!!! Just saying

    Fios is based on a DSL tech right FTTP/VDSL2 ?
  4. kylzer

    Internet Explorer 9 Final Launches on the 14th

    The RC is great imo better than my dev chome currently.
  5. kylzer

    [FS] [UK] MoonPig's Clearout

    Uhmm can i ask you why you even bought the GTX570 ? Not trying to be rude or anything.
  6. kylzer

    Crysis 2 PC Demo Coming March 1st.

    Mine doesnt work -_- It says check my network and try later lol.
  7. kylzer

    New smartfone choices...

    I have a galaxy S its not a bad phone pretty good battery life and great 720p recording only thing i hold against it is that it has no flash.
  8. kylzer

    Microsoft Releases Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2

    You're ram should have not gotten that in the first place probably. My scores the same as you're s yet its a lot faster (1600mhz)
  9. kylzer

    BitTorrent Considers Release of World Broadband ISP P2P Performance Report

    Can't wait to see the uk reports lol
  10. kylzer

    What routers are people using?

    Netgear DG384G and a Technicolor TG587nv2
  11. kylzer

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    No its cause of your jitter which is terrible.
  12. kylzer

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Haha so it works the same as here then my closer server/recommend i get worse results :shadedshu
  13. kylzer

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    IS that really you're closest server? :D
  14. kylzer

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Road runner do that "boost thing" for the first 10Megabyte of data or something so i makes it look a lot faster than it really is. I'm paying for pretty much what they promised 12/1 or 10/2 Depending which Annex version i choose to sync with.
  15. kylzer

    [WTB] [UK] Netgear DG384G v3 or DG384GT

    Needs to be v3 or the GT no other versions please Can pay via Bank transfer Thanks :rockout:
  16. kylzer

    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    Enable vsync?
  17. kylzer

    [FS] [UK] MoonPig's Clearout

    Nice items bit off topic are you having any USB related problems with that xpower?
  18. kylzer

    Sapphire Adds Muscle to Mainboard Line

    Love sapphire mobos also there psus are pretty good aswell :P
  19. kylzer

    Last minute:Intel and Nvidia has signed a license agreement

    Interesting sounds a bit like child support though.
  20. kylzer

    Your CPU Timeline

    3 year bump ? nice Power PC (can't remember) Pentium 4 (2.53Ghz) Pentium E2180 Core 2 Duo E4500 Celeron E1200 Core 2 Duo E8400 Core 2 Duo Q6700 I7 920 D0 Celeron E1400 Pentium E5200 Core 2 Duo E8600 Pentium E6300 Core I5 750 Think thats it though i'm tempted to get a 2600K and New mobo for no...
  21. kylzer

    Intel Core i5-2500K GPU Performance Analyzed

    Meh its an ok chip but 1356 is where the fun will begin ocing via QPI on the Z68 chipset am creaming myself :P and BD well its quick that will make some fanbois QQ hard :D
  22. kylzer

    FREE Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

    I didn't need to use hotdeals? but i've changed the link anyways as it seems to help most people :)