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  1. buildzoid

    Gigabyte XM300

    The XM300 is Gigabyte's take on an RGB gaming mouse. It keeps the low price point Gigabyte's other mice have, but offers very impressive specifications with Omron switches, an optical sensor, and, of course, RGB lighting, a steal for just 40 bucks. Show full review
  2. buildzoid

    Zalman ZM-K700M

    Zalman has been making value-oriented keyboards for some time now. The ZM-K700M is their first attempt at a high-end keyboard. It is completely driverless and manages to offer extensive lighting effects and macro support, but is that enough to justify a $140 price tag? Show full review
  3. buildzoid

    Cooler Master Sentinel III

    The Sentinel III is Cooler Master's latest iteration of the Sentinel mouse. It keeps the shape and ever so useful OLED screen of its predecessor, but also boasts an acceleration-free optical sensor and 16.8 million color RGB lighting. Show full review
  4. buildzoid

    Rantopad MXX

    Rantopad is a new player to the PC gaming peripherals market, and the MXX is their first tenkeyless keyboard. It comes with per-key backlighting and several other cool lighting effects. With a price tag of 79.99$, it is also one of the most affordable mechanical keyboards on the market. Show...
  5. buildzoid

    Ozone Argon Ocelote World

    Ozone's Argon Ocelote World mouse is a reskin of the Argon, Ozone's top-of-the-line gaming mouse. For around €50, it offers the same ambidextrous ergonomics design, an 8200 DPI laser sensor, and physical feature set as the regular Argon in a striking orange color theme. Show full review
  6. buildzoid

    How to voltmod an R9 Fury and Fury X

    Wow am I sloooooow. I promised a Fury Vmod guide in August. It is now September. But hey better late than never. This guide will work for ALL reference PCB Furys. That means any Fury X and the Sapphire Fury Tri-X and the Powercolor Fury. If you have the ASUS STRIX use this guide from Xtreme...
  7. buildzoid

    Complete R7 260X volt modding guide

    I know I've already done 2 other post on volt modding the R7 260X. However none of them are complete and one of them is plain wrong and just like the saying goes 3rd time's the charm so here's a guide made after I actually went and tested everything. If you don't know anything about hardware...
  8. buildzoid

    Does anyone here have/play GRID 2

    So I recently bought GRID 2(because NFS:W is shutting down) and while the single player is fun I miss the experience of playing against other people so would anyone here be willing to play with me?
  9. buildzoid

    [Solved]Not all of my RAM shows up in windows

    So not long ago I finally update my MB's BIOS ever since then I only have 12GB of ram showing up in windows when running 5Ghz CPU clock even though the old 0803 BIOS had no such issues. I've tried 4 different BIOSes and none of them have help and due to the change in the format of the ASUS BIOS...
  10. buildzoid

    EVGA motherboards any good?

    So I plan to switch to X99 soon and so far my favorite board for price and features is the EVGA X99 FTW however I've read a lot of very negative feedback about EVGA motherboards so I'm wondering if I should buy it now or just wait to buy a different brand like Gigabyte or Asus.
  11. buildzoid

    My R9 290's VRM just burnt out a phase WTF?

    I use my R9 290 in 2 different computers. When I go to my grandma's I bring the GPU with me and use it in my AMD rig. However after I brought it back to my main computer it wouldn't get picked up in windows so decided to leave it without a PCI-e connection(using the dip switches on my MB) for a...
  12. buildzoid

    Leaky EKWB angle fitting any way to fix it?

    I have a leaking 45° angle fitting in my loop and I need it to work for another 7-14 days before I get a replacement. So what should I do? I covered the leaking joint in liquid electrical tape that should hold fine right?
  13. buildzoid

    2X2GB 1600 8-8-8-24 Kit won't post

    So I recently bought a new kit of ram specifically for benchmarking. It's a pair of 2GB G.skill trident sticks with an XMP profile of 1600 8-8-8-24 1.6V. However I can't get into the BIOS I always end up with an error 53(memory initialization error) or because my post code readout is starting to...
  14. buildzoid

    New Rampage IV Extreme BIOS doesn't allow CPU strap and multiplier OC.

    On the very first RIVE BIOS I ran 40x125mhz to get 5Ghz at lower voltage than 50x100mhz but on the newest BIOS when I set 125mhz CPU strap I can set whatever multiplier I want and it reverts to 36 by the time I log into windows and open up CPU-z. This really annoying since 5Ghz using 50x100mhz...
  15. buildzoid

    GPU has problems [SLOVED] originaly: IMC is dying...

    Basically no matter what I do my 3960X won't boot windows(I can get to the BIOS) and I always get a RAM related error like IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or FAULT_IN_UNPAGE_AREA. The POST code display on the board doesn't work half the time the debug LEDs always show a ram or vga error. I've already...
  16. buildzoid

    Help with soldering on PCB

    So I've been trying to practice desoldering and soldering on a dead motherboard that I have and no matter what I do I can't get the solder on the board to melt. After doing a bunch of reading on google I tried again and failed the same as before the solder just wouldn't melt I could hold my pen...
  17. buildzoid

    Asrock A85X Extreme6 won't boot

    So yesterday I finally got around to getting windows 7 installed and started playing with the A10-6800K. The only problem is that after I changed a bunch of memory settings and set the thermal limit to 12.5% since I assumed that if the system won't POST I can just reset the BIOS. However when I...
  18. buildzoid

    Overclocking TDP calculator

    Literally what the title says you put in the stock TDP(for GPUs I recommend using W1zz's power draw numbers), stock voltage, OC voltage, stock frequency and OC frequency then you press calculate and you will get the parts total power draw and the current on the output side of the VRM(so you can...
  19. buildzoid

    Powerful enough PSU?

    I have an Antec HCP 1200 and I plan to buy and overclock 2 r9 290Xs but I'm worried that I need a bigger PSU because the combined power draw of my 3960X at 4.8Ghz and the r9 290Xs once I overclock them because according to w1zz's reviews the r9 290X pulls around 500W at 1.25V so I'm worried...
  20. buildzoid

    Help Creative X-fi Titanium HD Stopped Working

    Basically what the title says. The card shows up in windows but doesn't output any sound I already reinstalled drivers but that didn't fix anything. I went into it's properties and there it said it's working fine. However whatever I connected didn't show up so I guess it's outputs are broken...
  21. buildzoid

    Unigine hwbot xtreem preset starts on low clocks

    Basically what the title says. When I run unigine heaven xtreem preset my gpu stays in 2d speeds for the first few seconds really lowering my scores. Does anyone know what's causing this I run 2 screens in extended desktop and unigine runs automatically windowed.
  22. buildzoid

    hd 7970 vapor-x voltage locked

    I have a HD 7970 Vapor-x and I can't get the voltage to change no matter what I do the card runs ~1115mv the only thing I haven't done is flash my bios. with MSI AB I got some reaction but it was messed up appling lower then set voltage and frequency jumping with temps in the low 70s these are...