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  1. Bo$$

    New Ryzen X570 system constantly corrupting files.

    Hi Guys, Recently built a new system, retiring my old Intel 2600k system after a long 9 year stint. Specs below: Ryzen 9 3900x Asus X570 TUF gaming Corsair 3200MHZ CL16 1.35v EVGA GTX1060 6GB EVGA Supernova G2 Asus D2x Sound card Samsung 860 Pro 512gb Toshiba x300 4TB Windows 10 Pro Anyway...
  2. Bo$$

    Win 7 cold boot trouble

    Every cold boot i have problems starting the pc It boots, crashes during windows screen, reboots (either hangs at post) or boots up with windows recovery timeout this has started recently i'm unsure of the cause, this motherboard had problems with some usb devices causing the BIOS to hang but...
  3. Bo$$

    Capacator Age and PSU Lifetime

    I have a ThermalTake Toughpower 850w i bought it second hand of another member of the forum in 2010 or so, it's build date is around 2009. It's been use heavily as my main PSU with SLI and Crossfire over the years My question, at what point is it too old (in terms of safety) and when should i...
  4. Bo$$

    [WTB][EU] Z77 or Z68 motherboard

    need a good Z77 or Z68 motherboard (better than my current z68x-ud4). will take anything into consideration thanks
  5. Bo$$

    2500k worth an upgrade?

    I'm still rocking a 2500k, hasn't even been out of the system since i bought it back in 2011 I'm wanting to put my PC from this NZXT M59 into a new case such as the Define R5 or something (open to suggestions) I am wondering if it is worth me grabbing an i7 2600K on eBay and swap it out for a...
  6. Bo$$

    PSU Ultra Low Loads

    I'm going to be using a AMD based 5150 system, I've heard the total system draw will be 40-50w. i'm going to be using a 850w PSU (Cheiftec A-135c 850w). I'm wondering if this will cause some sort of issue with this exceptionally low draw since this psu is around 3-4 years old now... Any other...
  7. Bo$$

    Acer L410 Quad core

    I will admit to being rather ignorant when it comes to AMD hardware. I am likely to receive an Acer Veriton L410 with a AMD 64 DUAL CORE. After a little digging i have found a unit which came with a Phenom 9350E. From my understanding this motherboard is an AM2. so i need to know what other...
  8. Bo$$

    Nvidia vs AMD 780/290

    Well i know from the title is a little fan boy aggravating I'm thinking of upgrading my GTX570, which although it's age, works pretty much fine in all games, but want a newer card to cope with more modern titles. Personally I'm not an AMD user, i happily recommend AMD cards to my brother and...
  9. Bo$$

    Toshiba Raid0 issue

    i have a pair of 2TB Toshiba DT01ACA200 drives. They are causing constant freezing for a few mins on windows whenever i'm installing things, or updating stuff. I've got them partitioned as one large 3.6TB partition. I've come from a pair of 500GB WD blacks which NEVER froze in the 4-5 years i...
  10. Bo$$

    [FS] [UK] Bo$$ big graphics card blowout!

    Accumulated a bunch of graphics cards before the Litecoin mining season hit. So now I'm selling up and putting everything up for sale. Since i've got a laptop now, i barely game on this pc anymore Heat: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=72083 13-0-0 First up! 2x ONE MSI 6970 - looking for...
  11. Bo$$

    GTX 570 vs HD6970

    Ok long story short, I'm using a wonderful OC Gigabyte GTX570 in my main PC, i had a lovely ASUS HD6970 (unlocked 6950) sitting next to the computer. Should i swap the cards out? Playing BF3, RO2, DOTA, World of Tanks, Skyrim No problems with any of the games however RO2 doesnt really run at...
  12. Bo$$

    UPS Overload?

    I've gotten myself an FSP EP 850VA to use on my server.. It's showing around 41% load on idle through the software. however i cannot get the server to run on the battery without the UPS overloading ... am i doing something wrong?? I've left to charge as i suspect it may be drained and will try...
  13. Bo$$

    [WTB] [World] XSPC Delta universal mounts

    I've got a XSPC delta V2 without the universal mounts, Would need someone who has a spare or isn't using theirs. Or if it's available online somewhere links would be great! Would even consider another full Delta as it would help me!
  14. Bo$$

    Watercooling Noob needs a big hand

    Ok, So i've been a little rash, went out and purchased a thermaltake bigwater 760i system from Ebay for £60. This also includes a Thermaltake Aqua TMG1. Now i would like to hook this up to a Dual Xeon 771 system which is running at 80c+ under load, however i would like to scrap the current CPU...
  15. Bo$$

    [WTB][EU] Watercooling gear

    Need some barbs or compression 3/8inch Need Radiator 240 or 120 will do. Inexpensive pump can be considered. Bay res would be great An LGA771 compatible waterblock
  16. Bo$$

    Speaker Options! Opinions needed!

    Hi, I'm looking for a new Sound card and a new set of 5.1 speakers. I'm coming from an Audigy 2 I'm considering a Xonar D1 or a Creative Extreme music And Speakers, I use a 5.1 set and coming from a set of T5900 i would like a upgrade in terms of quality rather than sound level I'm...
  17. Bo$$

    [FS] [UK] Bo$$ Big Little Audio sale thread

    Hi Everyone, I have my unused Audio Equipment for sale. I have a lovely set of Sony Speakers, It is a DAV-s300. However It is listed as a 2.1 system. I have 3 satellite speakers and a Woofer. Got a Built in DVD player. Great for music or to use with a TV as they are really loud. Comes with a...
  18. Bo$$

    [EU] Ebuyer 2TB Seagate HDD (st2000dm001) £66

    Seagate 2TB Barracuda Internal Hard Drive Seagate 2TB BARRACUDA 3.5" SATA-III Hard Drive.. |... Just ordered one now for my server, they've got free 5 day delivery if you can wait :D
  19. Bo$$

    Old Server rig

    I aquired this older rack mounted server from my dads workplace. It has been lying un-used for 3 years and discovered it today... It is equiped with Dual 5050 Xeons with 1 stick of 2gb per CPU. It is fitted with a Super Micro-x7dvl-e motherboard and a 250Watt server PSU. I've tried to get it...
  20. Bo$$

    Steam ID

    Is it possible to add your steam ID to the forum under the Instant Messaging tab? I think most of us use it more than some of the other types of IM now days
  21. Bo$$

    Xbox NTSC

    Xbox 360 NTSC Hi guys, I have an old xbox 360 here which i have discovered is an NTSC US console after years of thinking it was broken...... Does Microsoft offer some sort of region conversion program or Is there anyone who would be willing to ship some games over to the UK for me...
  22. Bo$$

    Mixing speakers

    Hi guys, i have a full 5.1 set of speakers and i am not happy with the surround qaulity of the rears. my dad owns a high end set of bose speakers (2.1) along with an amp and some other shizzle which is sitting in a storage unit, my question is, is it possible to hook these up to one sound card...
  23. Bo$$

    F1 2010 Budapest Major Glitch?

    Hi, i am trying to continue my career in F1 but i cannot even get out of the pits.... Ill let the screenshots talk... http://steamcommunity.com/id/FoReWoRd/screenshot/576679238594493676?tab=public there are 4 pics there, the car falls through track no matter how i try.... can qualify and i...
  24. Bo$$

    New Call of Duty: Elite service

    Saw this on an ad banner somewhere, beta invites for the new call of duty elite..... http://www.callofduty.com/elite
  25. Bo$$

    GTX280 Dead?

    I have been having some trouble with my Gtx 280, I recently changed motherboard and had one GTX280 running in the system for about a week or two all working great. Today i put in my second card and to my suprise the first card stopped working, Fan spins up to 100% and green light comes on, but...