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    ASUS Rolls Out ROG Swift PG349Q, a 120Hz Curved Ultrawide

    Simply - yet another underwhelming pointless new display. Does anybody actually buy those mediocre displays? No hdr; no freesync; no really impressive refresh rate; no OLED; WHY bother even releasing yet another exactly same display?
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    Short lived tech

    Not discovered, but REVEALED!
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    Short lived tech

    G-Sync .... too early? :D
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    NVIDIA DLSS Test in Battlefield V

    I wonder... can anyone test out the image quality and performance if you use DSR + DLSS at the same time. So they cancel each other out resolution wise. Will the image quality benefit compared to NO-DSR + NO-DLSS setting?
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    NVIDIA DLSS Test in Battlefield V

    With DLSS you can turn your gaming PC into a console finally! Good job, Nvidia! :-)
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    WD Black NVMe SSD (2018) 500 GB

    price per GB winner in EU market seems to be surprisingly (because it's not even cheap sata drive, but semi-fast NVMe even, although much slower than better drives) Intel 660P 2TB version ( SSDPEKNW020T8X1 ) for ~215€
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    AMD Radeon VII 16 GB

    And the games aren't even added on most cases. Only a few shops here and there support this AMD bonus. None in my country :(
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing & Preview

    So where is my 300€ 1440p 60+Hz full raytracing GPU? NOWHERE! sad. :(
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing & Preview

    looks square like any other GPU these days. no benchmarks ... what was the point of this article?
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    Philips Announces 499P9H 32:9 SuperWide Display Monitor - 49" VA, 5120 x 1440, HDR 400

    Too small for the resolution (seems like 2x 27" side by side). I would like to see ~60" variant of this resolution display (2x 31.5" side by side).
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    FSP Launches the CMT340 Gaming PC Case

    Where are the air filters on this case? Can't see any.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Z 6 GB

    "We looked each card's current USD price up on Newegg and used it and all relative performance numbers to calculate the performance-per-dollar index." Could you please stop being less vague and actually inserting actual performance metrics and actual prices you used in your formula? I have no...
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    Hardware manufacturers you miss?

    I miss Gravis and 3dfx.
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    Vega 56 Pulse or RTX 2060 Founder/Zotac Twin?

    Know any Europe sellers who does this? :)
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    Vega 56 Pulse or RTX 2060 Founder/Zotac Twin?

    Where or from who do you actually get the "included games"? I see vega gpu's for sale here, 0 included games mentioned.
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    Vega 56 Pulse or RTX 2060 Founder/Zotac Twin?

    If your pants are nt burning, you might even consider picking up the GTX 1160 or GTX 1660 or whatever it's actual final name will be. 2060 without the DLSS / RTX crap and hopefully -100$ ... or even -50$ would make it nobrainer.
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    AMD Radeon VII Hands On at CES 2019

    Can you buy the AMD own reference card from any retailers or only from AMD own webshop?
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    Lenovo Legion Y44w Ultra-Wide Monitor Hands-on

    Not wide enough. https://wccftech.com/samsung-crg9-49-ultrawide-gaming-monitor/ is properly big.
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    With hardware prices inflated due to mining, what's your plan?

    there's an option missing. Buy a proper APU. (kinda of could go into the console slot, but ... it's not)
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    How's your Windows 10 Fall Creator Update experience so far?

    When the Spring Creators Update was a clusterfuck for me, then this Fall Creators update seemed to be like SP1 for Spring Creators update, fixing most of my remaining problems from the spring one. So yeah, thumbs up.
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    Newegg, Rosewill Partner in Bringing Miners the PSUs They Deserve

    didn't realize Rosewill entered explosives market... :rockout:
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    Philips to Launch 492P8 Monitor: 49", 32:9, 3840 x 1080, 1800R, sub-$1,100

    I don't even complain about the resolution there... But any display today released without support for any adaptive sync is very bad decision IMHO.