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    Genesis Gaming Announces Helium 300BT ARGB Desktop Speakers

    Excuse me, Doctor. What kind of cancer can you get from blinking colorful lights?
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    Team Group Develops Next-Gen DDR5 SO-DIMM

    Wow... I didn'k even know about the current-gen DDR5 SO-DIMM, yet they're developing the Next-Gen if it.
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    AMD is Allegedly Preparing Navi 31 GPU with Dual 80 CU Chiplet Design

    Well, if you remember Jensen's speech at launch, gamers weren't fine with it. That's why he had to address the GTX10 owners specially saying "Now is the time to buy new GPUs." Screwed them again, but ultimately screwing the company because only the small minority got the cards whom either was...
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    European Commission Fines Valve, Five Game Publishers in €7.8 Million for Regional Pricing and Geo-blocking Practices

    In my country, we have about 25% VAT. Germany AFAIK has about 19%. Since whatever of February 201x the EU has a dunnowhat that states that every digital purchase has to be taxed with the ammounth and towards the country of the purchaser. That means that if I buy a game for 60€ on Steam and a...
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    Who had the best CES presentation?

    I voted to AMD in the name of Eternal Sarcasm. None of the shows were good. This was no CES just a bunch of half-baked promo events. The whole point if CES is that both press and potential buyers are present, so there is something at stake in regard of what the manufacturers take to the show...
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    GIGABYTE Outs GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC WaterForce WB

    And to top that, they've fattened upnthe whatevercooling to 2 slots just to be able to put that fugly branded cover on it...
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    Samsung Officially Announces 870 EVO SATA SSD Series

    If you're a gamer, you will run out od PCIe lanes way before NVMe slots. I'm on a Ryzen system and I have to cut the main PCIe connector to half in order to give some to the second NVMe slot... Not that it'd make much difference, a percent or two, but still...
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    NVIDIA Quietly Relaxes Certification Requirements for NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate Badge

    You can't drive technology forward with closed standards. If something, that could've been learned at the aquisition of 3DFx... What closed standard of nVidia were managed to spread industry-wide? Some professional stuff, like CUDA managed to get along, but all the consummer stuf were either...
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    GIGABYTE Launches the AORUS Gen4 7000s M.2 NVMe SSD

    AFAIK the NAND chips like to be around 60 but the controller itself wants to be under 60. And that thing can hit throttling too. The small aluminum fins is the "solution". It cools the controller while uses it's heat to keep the NAND warm. This monstrocity looks like too much.
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    AMD and NVIDIA Address GPU Shortage with Situation Improvement on the Horizon

    "The company has also added that in the meantime consumers shouldn't expect to buy any of the GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards at their original MSRP." Official HOAX acknowledged. Cheers...
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    ASUS ROG at CES 2021 Live Blog

    That case is ridiculous. It literally looks like the 8/infinity ornament on the RTX30FE cards bent into a U-shape.
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    ASUS Z590 ROG Maximus XIII, TUF, & PRIME Motherboards Pictured

    I hope it will hit hard then. :laugh:
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    JBL Kicks Off 75th Anniversary and Announces 2021 Product Line Up

    Than you were scammed with a chinese counterfeit stuff.
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    AMD Patents Chiplet Architecture for Radeon GPUs

    I wonder what people think who woted "against" the chiplet design. What do they think the future will/should be with a realistic point of view. I mean manufacturing costs grow almost exponentially, so yielads are key. You have to go smaller anyway or else the prices will go to unbearable...
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    Sony Sells 3.4 Million PlayStation 5 Units in First Month with 18 Million Target in 2021

    Well, scalping is driven by those who bought the scalped ones, so it's hart to blame the "scalpers" for applying capitalism...
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    Sony Sells 3.4 Million PlayStation 5 Units in First Month with 18 Million Target in 2021

    And there is the other point on the PS's side that it's trying to innovate in small things that has great impact on the feeling of gameplay. The PS controller has evolved hard generation by generation while the XSx's controller is pretty much the same as the XOx's was. I mean, with the PS2...
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    Steam Unveils the Best of 2020 Game Awards

    Sh!t happens when all the major publishers decide to make "their own steam" and sell their products there exclusively...
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    IBM and Fujifilm Set a Record: 580 TB Data Capacity in a Single Cartridge

    The big compromise is not the speed there. Try to imagine the seek time on that 1255m long tape...
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    Sony Pulls Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store

    No, it is a problem on PC. It looks ugly compared to the power it takes. Even without RT. And the character-animations, the faces... They are a joke considering this is a story focused singleplayer game. Not to mention vehicle handling...
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    Update: EA Joins Foray into Codemasters Takeover, Handily Outbids Take Two

    Knowing EA, they will R.I.P. CM for good.
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    Update: EA Joins Foray into Codemasters Takeover, Handily Outbids Take Two

    I hope it will be TakeTwo, because EA is on a lifetime no money ban from me for all the good teams they ruined.
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    Ryzen 5000 Series Processor Support Comes to ASRock X370 Motherboards in Leaked BIOS Update

    AFAIK, the blame is not on AMD on this. They support what they have to. Anything else fall upon the motherboard vendors because it's their choice to make. Why? Because it's their sellings that can be hurt by it.
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    3.00 GHz OC Possible on AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT; RX 6800 XT Capped at 2.80 GHz

    Since when did the RTX20s overinflated price became the 'norm'? Just because current pricing is still higher than GTX10 series if you calculate in the gimmick they pulled with the RTC30s. Namely that they stepped duwn the whole lineup by one just to .ake it appeal like it's something bigger than...
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    New World Record: Crucial Ballistix Max Memory Overclocked to 7004 MHz

    "...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Landing in January at $999

    I envy you. Around here, the distributor does... And that's an exVAT price for retailers...