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    AMD Seemingly Working on Cryptocurrency-focused Navi 10 GPU

    i was just wondering on the technical side, that this could imply that RDMA2 does worse energyefficiency for mining compared to RDNA1. What does (GPU) mining traditionally use: memory bandwidth: in other words saying the turbo-hyper-infinity-cache thing could perform worse in combination with...
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    Looking for a Paperweight? Buy an Oculus Quest 2 and Get Your Facebook Account Locked

    and then the world wonders why VR isn't being adopted in mass .... the choice of closing down a market will: -limits your gaming options (like HBO & sorts) -allow anybody that pays blackmarket value for your profile info to crosslink your PC info to IP address to FB profile to linkedin profile...
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    AMD Seemingly Working on Cryptocurrency-focused Navi 10 GPU

    ancient old question: what are we gonna do with the containers of old junk that no gamer is gonna buy as soon as we release RDNA2? throw this useless piece of silicon at the cryptoworld. but serious: does RDNA2 loose the fight against RDNA1 on this specific function? interesting...
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    Alleged AMD Radeon "Big Navi" Prototype Pictured

    big navi (navi 21) will have likely 384 bit mem, 24GB, 80 compute units, ~3080 perf? this is most likely "middle navi" (navi 22) 256 bits mem, 16GB, ~64 compute units -> ~3070 perf?
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    How Much for a 100 TB SSD, Sir? Nimbus Data Has Just Revealed the Answer

    100TB -> 40k dollar 1 TB -> 0.1k dollar hmm, i like the busynessmodel ....
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    VMWare Updates Licensing Model, Setting 32-Core Limit per License

    "VMWare considers AMD broke its licensing model " nothing in the original VMware statement mentions this, seems to me like an invented quote from oc3d and blindly copy'pasted.
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    Intel Marketing Claims i5-9600KF Better than 3800X, i3-9350KF Better than 3600X

    I would say the same if AMD showed some nice figures. NOTHING absolutely nothing should be taken as fact from any company promoting their own products (directly or indirectly through bought companies). Bring in the independent reviewers and independent benchmarks. b.t.w. adored was right on a...
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    Intel Marketing Claims i5-9600KF Better than 3800X, i3-9350KF Better than 3600X

    intel's own benchmarks with their "real world" angle covered by adoredTv adoredTv Nothing, absolutely NOTHING should be taken for any form of seriousness coming from intel and their bought over benchmarks XPRT suites, and their idiot real-world idiocrazy (movie pun intended) Bring in...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Super Gaming X

    point being that in the past you did get performance increase _and_ the power draw reduction. and now similar performance/dollar on 1080p , worse performance/doller 4k (up to -50% is totally beyond me), just better powerdraw/dollar. so worse performance @ 4k is just uber meeeeh, 1080p so...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Super Gaming X

    "..obsoleting AMD's Radeon RX 580/590 offerings.." uh wait what? @ 4k gaming the 1650 super duper aint so super, and on 1080p gaming they are not too far off each other, and i can buy them both for same price. so how obsoletering is this? did i miss something? confused btw am i the only one...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 and GTX 1650 Pricing and Availability Revealed

    nvm him, he focusses on better coolers ... i've seen a lot of benchmarks and the 1660 is a damn good card. but currently the 56 is roughly same priced in the shops, so then you should consider it as an alternative. or wait a few weeks for the price to settle down currently: if you want low...
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    Intel Officially Launches 9th Generation Processors Including the 8-Core / 16-Thread Core i9-9900K

    except for price... i think u can buy a threadripper 16/32 for almost the same price, that is bonkers
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    Toshiba OCZ RC100 480 GB

    wow what a review, so much data to digest, lovely! it really puts everything into perspective
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    am i being spied? random windows sounds without touching anything

    Some crappy chinese usb devices can actually disconnect when fluorescent lightbulbs are firing up, this firing up causes EM waves that interfere on USB communication (in combination with bad grounds). Try it for once to flip the light switch and try and see any correlation with your phenomenon.
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    Intel Could Ditch AMD dGPU Die on Future Core G-series MCMs with "Arctic Sound"

    i crack up , when i see a project name for graphics that has "sound" in it. doomed from the start
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    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    results are normalized to the crucial mx300 2tb and normalized to take the drive capacity into account
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    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    so that is then the thing. in the review it is explicitly mentioned capacity was excluded. by that you mean you didn't exclude looking at capacity, but you included it the formulas normalization with capacity too okay, end of confusion but you might consider rephrasing that one :p
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    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    The chart you gave is a % number normalized(relative to) the crucial mx300. You saying there is no formula, is just obviously inaccurate. 'an actual real application' is an unquantified unit leaving me unable to verify, or form an opinion on. That's why I ask questions, right, to understand what...
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    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    I thought I asked a question, so I ask again what formula are you using to get to reallife benchmarks? seems tilted
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    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    please take a look at the graph of performance / $ i think you misrepresent the samsung 950 pro 256GB @ 19% (or any pci-e 4x m.2 ssd) the performance is 2+ GB/s (4x over the MX300) and cheaper ($300?), so it should be more like 400%+, so all the pci-e 4x modules should be at the top...
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    Graphics Cards Vendors Increase Orders in Wake of Expected Mining Sales Increase

    post sources with proof, then compare the numbers of your sources to the amount of drugs / wars funded by fiat currencies. and then come to a conclusion. you might find the answer enlightening. since crypto's have maybe 1% of the worlds finance, even _IF_ 100% of crypto's would be in illegal...
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.10.1

    Love that they are pumping out beta's. that's good. features still buggy. but seems they have full attention , if there are 3 releases in 1 month. going to test now!
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    Intel Core i7 8700K Already OC'd to 7.45 GHz under LN2; 100% Frequency Increase

    if you are making % references, you should also mention what you are comparing it to. 15% doesn't tell me anything neither does 33%. e.g. compared to amd thoroughbred? 7700k? or 7700k clock for clock? or 7700k performance per dollar? 7700k performance per watt? and if you really want kudo's...
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    Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-Core CPU @ 6.1 GHz on All Cores, Consumes up to 1000 W

    so question: there is mentining of a 1950X @ 5.4 GHz , how much power does this one consume ? and then compensate for the 16 amd cores vs 18 intel cores. are they close together WattWize or in a completely different ballpark? so Pryzen_hypothetical=18/16*Pryzen@5.4 * (5.5/5.4) vs Pintel@5.5=840W
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.2 Drivers

    dont forget to enable HBCC with minimum amount of RAM. it will boost MHashes, you should be able to get to 75 MHash with 2 vega cards