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  1. Anunnaki

    [FS][US] 6 PC Games

    Edit: Added pricing for a general idea of what I'm looking for. Neglected video games purge! :toast: All Games for PC. Bioshock - $14 Shipped - Perfect condition, only installed/played once. Call of Duty 2 - $15 Shipped - Perfect condition. Battlefield 2 w/ Special Forces - Both...
  2. Anunnaki

    Intermittent Lag Spikes in Several Games

    This is more of a tech-support related post, but I didn't see anything for general tech support. Anyway, I've noticed that in several games, I'll get a sudden drop in my FPS. In EVE Online, I will be running a smooth 70+ FPS, but about every 5-10 mins, my FPS will drop down to below 20 for...
  3. Anunnaki

    DDR2 1066 vs. DDR2 800

    I'm trying to make a decision about which speed of RAM to buy. I'm about to upgrade my RAM and motherboard, and the new motherboard's rated for DDR2 1066. But a lot of the reviews for 1066 RAM on NewEgg say that it's basically just DDR2 800 RAM factory overclocked to 1066 MHz. A lot of people...
  4. Anunnaki

    Good, free Anti-Virus program?

    I've had it with AVG. Ver. 7 gave me an error and told me to reinstall it, and that happened several times. I was using ver. 8, but then I discovered that I can't turn off its services. Even when I try to manually kill its processes, they either don't turn off, or they just restart right after...