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  1. Darkleoco

    GPU prices spiking hard?

    Have been out of the game for awhile but is there some actual reason for 1060's hitting 1070 prices and 1070's going up to 700-800 on newegg and amazon? Last time I bought a 1070 I paid like 440 for an aftermarket card and I finally have chance to upgrade my GPU after selling my old 1070 and see...
  2. Darkleoco

    Diagnosing Ping spikes in League of Legends?

    So around a year ago i upgraded my internet from a 3mbs connection to a 10mbs connection and recently with no hardware changes I have been noticing a general ping spike while I am gaming whenever my mother opens nearly any webpage on her laptop. This issue did not occur when we were on a 3mbs...
  3. Darkleoco

    Request: Bring back clubs perhaps with some changes.

    In the original closing clubs thread it was suggested to make a public request in support of clubs so here we are. TPU is my favorite tech-related community and as such seeing a decision like the removal of clubs that fall outside of the realm of tech is rather baffling. Finding good communities...
  4. Darkleoco

    HD 620 Graphics question (solved)

    I bought a new Acer 2 in 1 laptop with the kaby lake i5-7200u and Intel HD 620 graphics but I'm running into an issue where if i try to play old school runescape through an overlay program osbuddy it doesn't seem to play nice with the integrated graphics as I am getting between 5-10 fps compared...
  5. Darkleoco

    [FS][US] SOLD!

    Hate to sell them but I am reverting to 1080p gaming until I can make the switch to 4K. Willing to sell "locally" to just about any reasonable distance into surrounding states. Price on the 1070 is $320 shipped to continental US also comes with original box + driver dvd + stickers + little...
  6. Darkleoco

    Considering selling my system...

    As the title states I may be having to sell my system in the next few weeks and was just looking for advice on a fair price for the system in my specs? Specs: CPU: 2600K GPU: EVGA 1070 SC 8gb Cooler: H100i v2 Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb Motherboard: Asus p67 saber tooth PSU: Corsair ax1200...
  7. Darkleoco

    Laptop refusing Windows 7 boot disc

    I have an old laptop I am trying to reinstall windows 7 on and I have my original Windows 7 disc but for whatever reason whenever I try to boot from it my laptop just doesn't the disc is still functioning when placed in my desktop but I keep getting a message to reboot and and select a proper...
  8. Darkleoco

    Best affordable 60 HZ 1440p monitor?

    Been seeing some decent prices on 1440p monitors and after pulling the trigger on a new graphics card I figured an upgrade is due. Can anyone give me some practical advice on a 1440p monitor at 60 hz for gaming? Seen that actual response time can vary from what is reported and it would be nice...
  9. Darkleoco

    Cheapest 60 fps 4k setup

    Doing a build for my best friend either this month or in may and was wondering what the cheapest most effective 4k setup would be for him? He wanted to not exceed $2000 on the build but price is not really an issue as long as it would be at least 2-3 years future-proof. -He is not opposed to...
  10. Darkleoco

    Desktop power consumption

    So I'm moving into a 2 bedroom apartment in August and the apartment as a whole will have a monthly energy allowance of $60 split between both occupants. That comes out to around 884 kWh per month in my area. Will the system in my specs cause me to exceed that regularly? I am just looking for...
  11. Darkleoco

    Trine 2 not launching on a friends PC

    My roommate and I just picked up Humble Bundles hoping to play some Trine 2 together but he seems to be having the issue where it won't run past the launcher on his computer. His specs: Intel Pentium Dual Core P6100 2 GHZ 3 GB Ram Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit <--- his laptop came...
  12. Darkleoco

    Contemplating a new graphics card

    So I am now in the market for an apartment in August rather than continuing to live on campus and seeing as I would have to pay my own electricity bill I am wondering if this would be the opportune time to upgrade the graphics cards in my desktop? While my laptop is more than enough for any game...
  13. Darkleoco

    Java project help

    Write a Rectangle class that uses the ClosedInterval class provided (that code is unviewable). An instance of the Rectangle class models a rectangle in the x/y plane. A key feature is that your Rectangle class must represent a rectangle using ClosedInterval objects. We are considering only...
  14. Darkleoco

    Brand new SSD help.

    Earlier today I purchased a Kingston SSDNow 200 128gb SSD for use in my laptop and I am just wondering what the best way to install it is. I am using this drive to supplement the 1TB 5400 rpm storage drive in my laptop. Also a large reason for my reluctance to move my operating system install...
  15. Darkleoco

    [WTB] iPad wifi only model.

    In search of an iPad 3(preferably) or iPad 4 that any TPU members may be looking to give a new home to. Needs to be in near perfect condition as it will be given as a special Christmas present. Any links or heads up on ANY iPad deals would also be greatly appreciated.
  16. Darkleoco

    WoW Scroll of Resurrection

    Looking for anyone who needs a scroll of resurrection and is looking to put in some game time leveling up with me as I move to a new realm.
  17. Darkleoco

    Uninstalling Drivers Help!!!

    I went and uninstalled MSI Afterburner and Catalyst Install Manager to upgrade my graphics drivers like I normally do as per Erockers guide. http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52502 However my computer screen now seems completely screwed up and I cannot do anything as of right...
  18. Darkleoco

    Quickest way to fully clean a desktop.

    I just got back home for fall break after 2 months and my desktop is in dire need of a nice cleaning. What would be the best way to clean literally everything without having to go and buy things I would not already have on hand?
  19. Darkleoco

    Next generation cards

    Does anyone else feel like the next generation of cards will hardly be necessary? Except for a handful of games and multi-monitor setups there is nothing that will even stress a decent SLI/crossfire setup from the 6xxx/5xx generations let alone the current 7xxx/6xx generations. Does it seem to...
  20. Darkleoco

    Steam: No connection

  21. Darkleoco

    Fraud involving a video game distributor?

    Has anyone ever had experience involving fraud with a company such as Steam/Gamefly/greenmangaming? If so how have you resolved it? I am currently having issues with greenmangaming not giving me content I pre-ordered saying the payment was not authorized by my bank however it HAS been deducted...
  22. Darkleoco

    Owner Identification Program?

    Is there any simple way to install a program that will persist even if the computer is reformatted? I have a laptop that I am taking away to college in a few days and I would like to ensure that it is as secure as possible even if it were to be stolen. I know that it is simple enough to write...
  23. Darkleoco

    TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

    Just wondering who on TPU plays or has played TERA and what their opinion of it is/was, I am giving the 7 day trial a shot and it looks promising but sadly so do many games that eventually end up being letdowns in the end *cough* WoW *cough* :laugh: but I am curious about a number of things...
  24. Darkleoco

    Borderlands 1 from lvl 1

    Anyone here on TPU up for running through Borderlands from lvl 1 on Multiplayer? I was going to it with a group i managed to find by the skin of my teeth but one of my more unconsiderate friends initiated a video call on skype without my permission and I dced from the party. I'm looking to get a...
  25. Darkleoco

    Faulty Driver BSOD

    In the past 2-3 days I have gotten 2 seemingly random bluescreens with a faulty driver error it says something to the effect of a faulty driver is attempting to corrupt the system and needs to be updated but how am I supposed to figure out what driver is causing the issues :confused:.