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  1. gygabite

    ICQ is scaring me

    hi all! yesterday, i got a message from a friend: hi http://9544.otisnkaderinpoins.com/1/680/ and that was when he was offline. i clicked on it and i got something to download, i didnt download it, cause i was sceptic. later, when he was online, he told me, that hes hasnt ever sent a link...
  2. gygabite

    Is this upgrade worth?

    Hi all! After 1 week relaxing holidays i saw that the hardware prices (especially socket 939) were decreasing much. So would it be worth to get another 512 mb ram stick, a good oc mainboard(around 80€) and a 939 processor for arond 200€(a 3700+ or 3800+ or X2 3800+)?
  3. gygabite

    [Case Gallery] Dump Desktop Crap Computer

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Athlon1200 (1.2GHz);64MB PC100 SD-RAM; NVidia Geforce4-MX;AC Coppersilent2 Socket A;200W PSU; NMC-8TBX mainboard; Mods: I took all those parts out of PCs from a dump, they all work quite well.Further i found 2 other socketA...
  4. gygabite

    Is there any good linux for an Athlon1200 with 64mb sd-ram?

    Hi! I found a few rotten computers on a dump and i took the components out for building a "new" second pc. It has an Athlon1200 1.2GHz, 64MB pc100 sd-ram, GeforceFX5200, Mainboard NMC 8TBX. I am considering which OS i should install, so is there any older linux that will run on my pc withot...
  5. gygabite

    [Case Gallery] Radeon-64 version2.0

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Athlon64 3700+ socket754 @ 2.712GHz(goes higher i think),3x 512MB Corsair XMS DDR400 @452MHz,GigaByte GA-K8NE nforce4-4x with HTT 226MHz,Powercolor X850XT @585/625 with ATi-Silencer5,Alphacool Coolanswer2Dual80 watercooling, Revoltec ChromusII...
  6. gygabite

    Dead Pixel on new flatscreen

    Hi! Just got a 17'' TFT monitor, but when first plugging in, i noticed a green pixel which is not disappearing; i tried this "dead pixel fixer" but it still remained.Is there any way to get rid of it, or shall i sent it back and get a new one?
  7. gygabite

    Watercooling arrived!But it makes the case vibrating...

    Hi! I just ordered a watercooling kit, installed it,works fine.It isnt loud, but the pump makes my case vibrating. Any ideas how to isolate the vibration-impulses would be great.
  8. gygabite

    windows xp bluescreen

    Hi all! I sold my friend an Athlon64 3200+ Newcastle to put it on a MSI K8Neo3-F. He had a Dell system before with a P4 478, but the only thing changed is the mobo and the processor.When we plugged in the hdd with WinXP home and the other things, Windows showed a bluescreen with the code...
  9. gygabite

    Suggestion on watercooling

    Hi all! I'm going to buy a silent watercooling set (cpu-cooler,radiator, pump) with less than 100€. My current favourites are: -AlphaCool Cool Answer II 120mm -Coolermate Aquagate mini R120 or Aquagate R80 -Thermaltake BigWater 735 LCS -Thermaltake Silent Water Any links,experieces and...
  10. gygabite

    How to reduce ping

    Hi! whenever i play a game in the internet(steam, UT2004,FEAR) my ping gets over 200ms. How can I reduce the ping?
  11. gygabite

    [Case Gallery] Radeon-64

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Athlon64 3700+ 754 Clawhammer 2.4GHz @12x209MHz; Powercolor-GameFX RadeonX850XT(@PE clocks);1.5GB RAM (3x512MB,DDR400 @2.5-3-3-7);Gigabyte GA-K8NE/nforce4 passive cooled chipset!!; LogitechMX518;AC ATI Silencer5-Rev2;Noname CPU-cooler,looks...
  12. gygabite

    X-Fi and Nforce4

    Hey all! I'm gonna buy a new soundcard sine my onboard sound sounds horrible in sorround sound. I think ill buy a X-Fi but i heard about some compatibility problems with nforce4 and x-fi. Are there any experiences with the problems and how to fix it?
  13. gygabite

    Athlon64 "Crack"

    Hello! My friend (who has an AthlonFX57) said that there are cracks to unlock the multiplier in normal A64 for 754 and 939,too.Is he right? If so, where to get these tools?
  14. gygabite

    Guild Wars account for 2 players

    Hello! I just bought Guild wars for myself.My brother saw me playing it and wants to play it with me together.He created an own character, but we cant play simultanously at the same time. Is there a LEGAL way to play together with 1 account?
  15. gygabite

    ram only at 333MHz instead of 400

    Hello! My ram is only at ddr 166, although it worked before with ddr 200 without problems. whenever switching it to 400mhz in bios, the system doesnt boot anymore. Corious is the fact that in cpu-z under ram the freq is 164mhz and the cpu htlink (it should be 200) is at 205mhz although i...
  16. gygabite

    windows xp doestnt boot correctly

    hello! i installed windowsxp home new a few days ago, but it boots sometimes correct, sometimes not: when i switch on my pc it goes until "verifying dmi pool data" and then it shuts down. after rebooting i get the screen which asks if i want to go to the safemode. the safemode shuts...
  17. gygabite

    Winxp Home installing bluesreens

    Hello! The reason why i wasn't here the last days is, that my old hdd crashed down(it sounded like a motorizied screwdriver mixed with a chainsaw) completely and it gave no response when rebooting. Then i tried to reinstall windows and got following BLUESREENS: BAD_POOL_CALLER...
  18. gygabite

    Physic cards

    I read at some sites (www.pcgames-hardware.de) something about physic cards, but nothing significant except the name and i would want to know what that should be and which interface they're using(pcie x1/pci/pcie x4).
  19. gygabite

    Shadows arent shown correctly in Fable

    I have a problem with the shadows in Fable: In the screenshots i dont move the character but i only move my mouse. The shadows look weird and dont fit the textures. First everything was fine and i didnt change something in the graphics menue. After flashing the bios of my x850pro(it didnt...
  20. gygabite

    Ati Rage Theater

    Hello! On my old Sapphire X850Pro was on the backside a chip called "Ati Rage Theater". As on my new Powercolor X850XT not being such a chip I wonder what is it for and why it is only on the Sapphire's Can s.one tell me? Edit: I found out by googling that before Ati's graphics chip was called...
  21. gygabite

    Changing boot hdd

    Hi all! My OS (Winxp home) is installed on an old, loud seagate pata(ide) hdd. It vibrates very loud when booting and when the harddisk is in use. I have also a Maxtor S-ATA Harddisk which isn't as loud as the seagate's one and has a bit more RPMs. My question: How can i get my OS on the...
  22. gygabite

    x850xt noise when booting

    Hello! how do i get rid of the bugging boot-up noise from the x850card stock cooler? (looks similiar to the one of the gf fx5950ultra:big red fan;exhausting) after booting it changes to silent mode, but when i switch on the pc, the fan runs(shouts) on 12V .Is it possible to avoid or get...
  23. gygabite

    AMD ranking

    Hi to all persons having an athlon xp or 64 and hi to all others! i would want to know what the 3700+ or 2400+,i.e. what the numbers are telling about the performance. it doesnt mean the freqency but do the numbers tell the performance compared to a pentium4? i mean: Does for example a 3700+...
  24. gygabite

    1,5GB or 2GB RAM?

    hello! is for modern games (fear,bf2,civ4,spellforce2,...) 1.5GB ram capacity(3x512) enough or should there be at least 2GB(2x512 and 1x1024) on my GA-K8NE? the framerate in FEAR is 35(average) with my 754 athlon3700+ and 1.5GB RAM and powercolor-x850xt(non p.e.). is the low framerate...
  25. gygabite

    buying 754 pcie mainboard

    Shall i buy the gigiabyte GA-K8NE or the MSI K8N-NEO3-F?