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    Kingspec SPK-mSATA 64g SSD For Maximus V Gene !

    I Bought a Kingspec SPK-mSATA 64g SSD for my Maximus V Gene ! :) Use this to install system :rockout: :rockout: :rockout: Kingspec SPK-mSATA 64g SSD http://www.ecrater.com/p/14871115/kingspec-spk-msata-64g-ssd?keywords=ssd leave some opinion buddy ! :toast: :toast: :toast:
  2. Extremes

    About HDD Drive Dock Share & Communicate !

    I bought a ORICO External Quadruple SATA HDD Drive Dock With Clone Function ( Usb 3.0/eSATA ) :) Form eCrater site: http://www.ecrater.com/p/14745572/orico-external-quadruple-sata-hdd?keywords=usb+3.0 the price is quite reasonable :rockout: buddy ! leave a reply give me, how you feel...