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    atitool reverts to defalt

    http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=2090 which catalyst version are you using?
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    atiTool reverting back to default

    I'd uninstall the omegas and use the catalysts w1zzard suggested & atitool ;)
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    http://www.techpowerup.com/softmod/ ATI Radeon Softmod The softmod enables the four disabled rendering pipelines in the GPU core of Radeon 9500 Non-Pro/9800 SE cards. Patched drivers for Catalyst 3.10 and later also enable overclocking for all Radeon 9000/9200/9550/9600 based cards...
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    Disabling Pipelines on x800XTPE?

    smo - I think this can be done via a bios mod(flashing a PRO bios), but I doubt that the register dump field can do the same thing.
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    atiTool reverting back to default

    which card are you using? did you set overclocked values for gpu/vram?
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    Changing the bios of graphic card?

    there's nothing you can do mate. at least on the bios front. improving the cooling and overclocking your card is the only way to go. I suggest the zalman vf700 or artic silencer series...
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    Question about Samsung RAM temperature

    to make it simple: higher speed > more heat _usually_ static isn't much of a problem, but to make sure nothing happens: just touch your case before you measure the temp of your ram chips :)
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    Atitool Fan Control For Nvidia Cards?

    maybe someone should write NVtool ;)
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    Fan Control = high noise =/

    bug? maybe w1zzard can answer your question...
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    errors at 401mhz on 9800pro

    your card is not a good overclocker, $hit happens :/
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    FireGL X3-256 (R420GL) Support?

    that I don't know, maybe w1zzard can answer your question?
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    SLI cooling by Gainward

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    Atitool Help

    I didn't get it, sorry. try to express yourself ;)
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    ATI TOOL 0.0.23 beta 10 Prob

    seen any artifacts in games? did you check your silencer? good contact core > silencer? ps: moved to the correct forum ;)
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    9800SE questions

    prob 1: your cards core has got damaged pipelines, that's why it was sold on a 9800SE prob2: errr, there is no support for temperature monitoring on your card question: stops at the max speed, but you can configure what the tool considers "stable". scanning time in seconds, find it in the...
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    x800 prob with atitool

    http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=745 "- Improved artifact detection on X800" this was quoted from the beta 3 thread, now there's already a beta 10 which I'd give a shot :)
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    Ati Tool and VPU RECOVER

    ah, now I see what you mean ;) never ran into a problem like the one you mentioned though
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    Ati Tool and VPU RECOVER

    well, doesn't vpu recover do that by default?
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    Ati Tool and VPU RECOVER

    errr, like atitool opens after the vpu is recovered and sets the frequencies used _before_ the card crashed?
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    Quick Question

    the more time you can devote to it, the better ;)
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    OC an ASUS A9250 = safe?

    test your overclock /w atitool "scan for artifacts". if it doesn't artifact after some hours of testing, you can go ahead and overclock higher. or you use the "find max xxx" routines.
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    new to overclock

    moved the thread to "overclocking & cooling"
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    Question about radeon 9550 memory chips

    hi gNsis, welcome to tPU.com ;) to your question: honestly, I don't know. got a pic of one of those mem chips? I agree with you, the "-3" suggests a 3ns rating...
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    I need helping setting the right clock on my AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+

    wrong forum dude ;) I moved your thread. go to www.cpuid.com and download "CPU-Z". it will show you all the necessary information regarding your cpu. if it shows your cpus speed @ 800mhz you have cool & quiet activated. your board won't lower your overall clock speed when you increase your...