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  1. troyrae360

    Windows 7 install help

    Hey guys, I havint posted here for a while, but Ive been cheacking up ya's every now and then haha. Anyway Im hopeing somone can help us out here. What happend is my workmates laptop suddenly reset its self yesterday afternoon and would not boot back into Windows 7 So after trying the...
  2. troyrae360

    How do i delete drivers?

    Ok, heres the situation, I have a laptop and it won't boot up, its vista, i can get into it it with mini xp, no i need to deleate the diveres in it as the hard drive is from a diffrent laptop. I know people say its a bad idea to do it but its the way i want to do it. thanks
  3. troyrae360

    Command & Conquer Open Beta.

    I hope there isn't a thread on this yet :o but anyway, here it is for all you RTS fans (me included) http://www.gamespot.com/event/codes/command-conquer-4-open/?tag=topslot;title;5 Hope its good :)
  4. troyrae360

    Win 7 Pros&Cons

    Well, I installed Win7 64 last week, I am failling to see what the hype is, I think I still like my Vista64 a little better. What I do like about win 7 is its smaller footprint and the fact that i didn't have to reboot after installing CAT 10.1. What I dont like is the way windows...
  5. troyrae360

    Catalyst 10.1 beta

    Get it here :D http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F2ITECGD •CrossFire X profiles per application will now be in a separate XML file that it will be possible to update independently of the driver itself •ATI CrossFire X with PowerPlay for the Radeon 5×00s: reduced energy consumption of additional...
  6. troyrae360

    GTA 4 Controller

    Has anyone managed to get Powerwave controller to work with GTA4 If so How?
  7. troyrae360

    TPU keeps loging me out!

    TPU keeps loging me out?
  8. troyrae360

    RAID Asus M4N78-AM

    Ok so im putting a computer together for my mum, I want raid1 on it for saftey, and XP coz thats what she knows. BUT I keep getting BSOD after I have used f6 to install 3rd party drivers from Asus I says it loads raid and nforce drivers then gets to the windows is starting up bit and...
  9. troyrae360

    ---Cat 9.10 Beta---

    Get it here :D http://downloads.guru3d.com/ATI-Catalyst-9.10-Beta--Windows-7-%7C-Vista-(32%7C64)-download-2390.html They are beta drivers
  10. troyrae360

    Virtual Lan

    Can anyone remember the name of that free software that enables you to play a Lan game with someone/people as if you were directley connected to them, but over the internet? I rember everything about it execpt the name :(
  11. troyrae360

    Web Style CD

    Hi, I want to make a CD that loads up a Web Style interface, with links short videos, PDF and tutorials all files will be on the CD not the internet, kind of like the CD/DVD's you get with your monthley computer magazine, I would prefer that no extra software is needed to run this stuff eg...
  12. troyrae360

    Cat 9.9 Released!!

    Sorry just Kidding!! :roll::roll::roll:
  13. troyrae360

    Portforwarding Motorola surfboard

    I just hooked up on the telstra cable 10 down and 2 up, its fast :) But Im getting kicked from some games and not even seeing some servers on some games, Ive serched the web and this is the closest to i got, A SB5101 is a modem w/o any user-configurable settings, although it's info...
  14. troyrae360

    Should i get more ram?

    Just wondering if you guys recon i should grab another 2x2gb and upgrade to 8gb of ddr2 800, I mainley use computer for games, movies, music and starting to dabble with cad software. what do you think? will i seen any benafits by going to 8gb?
  15. troyrae360

    H.A.W.X Friends

    Hi, hope im not starting a thread thats alredy bin made. Just looking for fellow TPU's to add to my HAWX friends :) My ingame name is T-Rae , Invite me or list your name here so all TPU HAWX players can meet up ingame :) Cheers :toast:
  16. troyrae360

    HD3870x2 cat 9.8

    Ever since ive had my 3870x2 ive found good preformance increase with wach driver!!:rockout: Its honestley about 30% better than when i bought it! Is anyone still using this card on here? tell me what you think!! I know for a fact its still as good as / better than HD4850 which i think...
  17. troyrae360

    Hawx B.s.o.d

    Ive recentley bought hawx and its a great game!!. It runs great with all eyecandy turned on and DX10, gets about 30-40 FPS @1920*1080 BUT... if i forget to run it in dx10 mode it will play for about 1min in the air then BSOD!! WTF?
  18. troyrae360

    Street Fighter IV TPU Showdown

    Sign up here if your up for the challenge. The tournament will kick off exactley 2 weeks after launch (not enough time to master the game but enough time to get the feel of atleast one char) July 3 is aprox realease date. I will sort opponents and rounds ect all you need to do is sign...
  19. troyrae360

    New Zealand

    Any other Kiwis on here? come on dont be shy :toast:
  20. troyrae360

    Am2+ or AM3

    im looking at upgrading my CPU to a phenom 2, not sure weather to buy am3 or am2+ heres my mobo. Im thinking am3 then upgrade mobo later down the track, Any know what the 955 overclocks like also whats the diff between 940 and 945? Heres a link to my current Mobo...
  21. troyrae360

    Windows XP file encryption

    Can some one point me to some program that will beak the encrytpion, i know theres programs out there but can find, the computer that the files were encripted on is no longer avalable.
  22. troyrae360

    Help, Mem tweak. Adata ddr2 800

    can i get more out of this ram? ive got 2 sticks heres a pic of what its doing at the moment, any help will be appreaceated
  23. troyrae360

    What happend to the 'unlock the fourth core thread'?

    i was reading a thread called Unlock the fourth core, least i think thats what it was called. Any way ive still got it in my email account but its now an invalid link? whats up with that?
  24. troyrae360

    NZ & AUSSY (Southern Hemisphere)thread

    Just though id start this thread for all us people that have the privalige of seeing the sun first every day :) just say what you want in here, it would be good to know whos from down under for trading or what ever. :toast::toast::toast::toast::toast::toast::toast::toast::toast::toast:
  25. troyrae360

    How much for PII chips in the usa?

    just wondering how much all the new phenom chips cost in the us AMD Phenom II X3 720 $335 NZD = 192 USD AMD Phenom II X4 940 $506 NZD = 290 USD