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  1. Duke_GuRu

    Your PC ATM

    I've been watching this thread for over 18 month now and this is the first time i post so here is a pic of the old rig (case is Gigabyte 3D Aurora with Thermaltake Bigwater LC) and here is a pic of the new one (case is Aerocool RS-9 a sweet deal i got when i was in Thailand)
  2. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] StarCruiser Dark Knight

    Superb WOW, that's one Huge Case Man. absolutely superb and magnificent. love it
  3. Duke_GuRu

    Your PC ATM

    I totally agree, in the late 90's I had one of those form my Intel Pentium II 333Mhz and it came with a Symantic Antivirus Licence it was cool then to have a bundled SW. and i think i may have still got that same box somewhere in my room @ my Dad's house, I got this Mobo as a replacement for my...
  4. Duke_GuRu

    scariest game you ever played?

    i would say "CONDEMNED: Criminal Origins" is the scariest i played, I got it from a friend and I was happy to install it, 20 Mins of game play and it was uninstalled. maybe the reason was the large screen and the sound effects (Audigy2 ZS) at the time that helped freak me out plus the fact that...
  5. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] The Don SOLD

    Nice color theme, paint quality is very good. I like it. but i have something to ask isn't that a Thermaltake V9 case? how did it end up forgotten in the garage? I'm asking that because it's almost a $100 and it's a good Mid-tower case.
  6. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] The Taz Machine

    Nice work you done there Bro, but I can see that this paint is a fingerprint magnet, i'm sure it's a pain in the A**. about bringing out the TAZ you can use a Matt black paint or a lighter color around the edges, it will show.
  7. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Sega SC-3000H-C

    it's nice to see RETRO and awesome to see it done like this. Love your Mod. I bet it was all kinds of fun doin' it. 10/10 Bro
  8. Duke_GuRu

    Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition Spotted

    Nice Pics, thanks man. and finally ATI put the power connectors in a place that makes sense. I'm annoyed by the fact that my 4890 requires extra space on the front for the power connectors even though I have a full tower but it's not good for cable management. as for the 24 Monitors of course...
  9. Duke_GuRu

    Building a mobo from scratch?

    these kits are for simple logic functions and simple circuits not for a real PC. Well, for starters it's nice to have such ambition, but in the real world as all of them said it requires too much money, too much time, too much knowledge and i stress on knowledge. I used to teach computer...
  10. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Pyramid HTPC

    Love Pyramids; Specially yours (I'm Egyptian), 10/10 for the outstanding work, build quality, Lighting everything looks Awesome nice job. but where is the Keyboard and mouse? and do they match the Awesomeness?
  11. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Wooden case

    Love it, I've designed my case but still haven't started building yet; you gave me the spark I needed nice job man. maybe try to build it with Aluminum and give it a sexy color that's what I may go for(Just an idea) 8/10 because of the wood, maybe in 5 mins of thinking I would give you a 10/10.
  12. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Project Flow

    you are the man; this is one of the best Mods i've ssen in my life. as for Voting you are off the scale... but here 10/10 You should start your own business and if you do I'll be your Loyal customer LOL
  13. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Duke the F1rst - Updated

    thanks Guys that's refreshing.. first of all this "Full Tower" case doesn't actually have any place for cables specially with a big PSU like mine (lots and lots of cables) and Sleeving is a nice idea I may do so in the next couple of days. thanks for the Idea man. and yup it's GiGABYTE and...
  14. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] my own one

    I agree with You, I'll wait till it's Improved so I can vote fairly. Good luck
  15. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] H20 932 POWDERCOATED

    very very nice, I love your W/C nice job and don't pay attention to hatters; just as long as you are happy with what you did don't bother. by the way I'm jealous but you deserve high rating so 8/10 from me and as a suggestion Replace the Front Red LED with a blue one and you are set. Good luck...
  16. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] WoW

    Fantastic Art Work, I believe it will look Amazing when the hardware is installed. Good Luck with your Case.
  17. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Duke the F1rst - Updated

    That's wiered I changed the images of this mod but not all the thumbs are updated and some of the images haven't changed. why is that? does anybody has a solution for this?!!
  18. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] StarCruiser

    I mean it in a good way, I love it
  19. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Duke the F1rst - Updated

    yeah I'm optimistic and the reason is that my temps are very good :) (thank God) given that where I live its 50c+ outsice and I get cpu temps near Ambient temp (22c ~ 28c), so I thought maybe I can get there. Or maybe you're right and you can help blow my PC up, LOL
  20. Duke_GuRu

    Check out the update on my Mod http://www.techpowerup.com/gallery/2292.html

    Check out the update on my Mod http://www.techpowerup.com/gallery/2292.html
  21. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Duke the F1rst - Updated

    I did the cable Management as much as I could, Wish me luck with OC'ing. thanks to everyone who gave me Rating and Commented on the Mod.
  22. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Lian Li PC-7

    I think you should show more of the inside; I haven't seen case cuts or anything just the white tubing which i really Love. show more of the inside so people can give you rating and ideas if you need, Good Luck
  23. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] Duke the F1rst - Updated

    Thanks man, But it's the same case, same H/W just a teeny tiny addition. I'm glad you like it anyway.
  24. Duke_GuRu

    [Case Gallery] L.E.G.E.N.D.S.

    Very Nice, Neat and I love CM cases good job man
  25. Duke_GuRu

    Raven is cool but the problem is in Saudi Arabia (where I work) it's not available that easy...

    Raven is cool but the problem is in Saudi Arabia (where I work) it's not available that easy, Antec isn't Also and CoolerMaster i can get the HAF 932 from an online Dealer but for $230 which is too much. the only options for a good case that is not Costly is Thermaltake and Gigabyte because the...