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  1. Red_Machine

    Will this cooler be good enough?

    When I was building my P4 XP rig, I was planning to use the Northwood P4 HT 3.06GHz that I already had, and luckily for me the only s478 cooler I was able to find (Akasa AK-675S) said that the 3.06GHz model was the maximum it supported. The motherboard I got came with a 3.4GHz Prescott, but I...
  2. Red_Machine

    Help finding SATA driver for Intel 865 chipset

    I need either the bare drivers, or a compatible version of Intel Matrix Storage Manager/RST. The chipset drivers I downloaded only installed the IDE controller driver. Thanks.
  3. Red_Machine

    Can't install XP on old netbook

    I know what the problem is. It's because XP didn't natively support SATA until SP3 came out. I used to have this problem all the time back in the day when fixing PCs for a living. But I can't for the life of me get it to run on this netbook. I've downloaded the appropriate Intel F6 driver...
  4. Red_Machine

    Why are two of my hard drives running at SATA 3 instead of SATA 6?

    Both of them support SATA 6, both of them are in SATA 6 ports, so why aren't they running at the full speed? My SSD and another HDD (same model as one of the others, just higher capacity) are running at SATA 6.
  5. Red_Machine

    Mouse scrolling up sometimes when I scroll down

    I decided to retire the mouse I was using, as the rubber grip was getting a little sticky. I pulled two completely different mice out of storage (a regular mouse and a trackball), and both exhibit this strange problem while scrolling. While I'm scrolling down, it will either suddenly scroll up...
  6. Red_Machine

    Unable to create partition in Windows 7 setup with existing XP partition

    So this computer I bult recently was intended to dual-boot with XP and 7. I created an 80GB partition in the XP setup on my RAID0 array, but when I came to try to install 7 it refused to create a partition. I've not had this problem before. Can anyone shed any light?
  7. Red_Machine

    Want to build an XP install that is low on resources

    I have a thin client-type machine that literally can only support XP (I don't want Linux because it won't do what I want it to do). When the machine was new, XP was fine to run on it, but since then it developed some serious bloat and runs like a dog. Can someone advise me on an ideal low-spec...
  8. Red_Machine

    Most recent version of Word Viewer needed

    Can someone provide me with this? All can find is 2003. Thanks.
  9. Red_Machine

    Audigy RX corrupted audio

    I've just built a PC with some old parts, and I'm having trouble with the soundcard. On Windows XP, it worked fine. However when I wiped it and installed Windows 7, I get really poor audio. I've tried both official drivers and Daniel_K's. It's always this horrible corrupted mess.
  10. Red_Machine

    Can I safely power an 8800 Ultra from a single (twin plug) PCI-E cable?

    I'm putting together a PC from parts I have in storage and some I sourced used from eBay. Unfortunately, the PSU did not come with the extra cables (I didn't know it was semi-modular). It has four 12v rails. Is the single twin plug PCI-E power cable capable of transmitting power from all four...
  11. Red_Machine

    WD Velociraptor firmware

    I purchased a pair of WD1600HLFS drives, which according to Wikipedia are exclusive to Dell and HP (It appears mine were manufactured by Dell, so I would require a Dell-specific firmware). Can anyone help me source updated firmware for these? I'm not sure if the standard WD firmware updater...
  12. Red_Machine

    Phenom II cooler recommendation

    It appears my stock cooler has gone AWOL, so I'm going to have to procure one elsewhere. Can anyone recommend a cheap cooler suitable for a 140W (or 125W, unsure how to tell what revision it is) Phenom II X4? It needs to be able to fit inside a COOLER MASTER Wave Master TAC-T01-EK. Thanks.
  13. Red_Machine

    Looking for blu-ray player software that supports Broadcom CrystalHD

    I recently upgraded my Dell Studio Hybrid, and that upgrade included a blu-ray drive. I already bought the decoder card, and confirmed it works when watching HD video on my NAS box using MPC-HC. However, MPC-HC fails to play blu-rays. I've been looking for softaware that supports the...
  14. Red_Machine

    Just started getting ads in Google search results

    So today, I've noticed that I've started getting ads on the top of my Google search results. They don't appear right away, there a period of a few seconds after I make the search where they're not there, and suddenly they pop in. It makes no mention of who the ads come from, it just says "Ads...
  15. Red_Machine

    1070 driver keeps crashing at desktop

    This never happens while I'm gaming, only while I'm browsing the web. The driver will crash and recover, and everything will be fine. This can sometimes happen several times a day, but I can also go several days without a driver crash. There have been several driver updates since it started...
  16. Red_Machine

    Help identifying unknown bittorrent client

    As I'm sure many of you are aware, when one connects to a torrent swarm, one's bittorrent client reports its name and version number. I keep seeing "-BT71000" in the peers list, but googling for it turns up nothing. Anyone have any clue?
  17. Red_Machine

    AIM is dead, what to use third monitor for?

    I have three monitors, all different sizes. My third monitor is used solely for AIM, but now AIM is being shut down in a few weeks I need to find something to do with it. I can't get rid of it, because I use it for my Windows 98 computer as well (it's the only suitable monitor I have). I no...
  18. Red_Machine

    Laptop thinks charger is plugged in, even when it isn't

    I recently bought a used ThinkPad X200, and replaced the battery with a third party one because the original was dead. Now the laptop seems to think that the charger is always plugged in, even when it isn't. I'm not sure what exactly I can do here, Google searches only turn up "plugged in, not...
  19. Red_Machine

    1070 fans not spinning down

    I'm having an issue with my 1070 recently. When I play a game, and the card ramps up the fans due to the temperature increase, they never spin down again and I have to shut down my PC in order to get them to stop. Googling suggests this is a known issue since at least 2016, so it seems as if...
  20. Red_Machine

    Arcade racers

    When I was a child and I had a PS1, I loved playing games like Ridge Racer, Need for Speed, etc. Are there any games like that around these days? Systems I have are PS3, Xbox One (including backwards-compatible 360 games), and PC.
  21. Red_Machine

    Mousepad recommendation

    I just ordered a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical because I've established that trackballs, no matter how much I love them, make my wrist ache. I'm looking for recommendations for a reasonable priced mousepad that would be suitable for it, because I got rid of all my mousepads when I switched to...
  22. Red_Machine

    Enable AHCI on VIA SATA controller

    I have an HP Mini 2133, and SATA operation is set to "native" in the bios, however my SSD software informs me that AHCI is disabled. I have installed the correct driver, but it seems that the controller is not running in AHCI mode, despite being set to native SATA operation in the BIOS...
  23. Red_Machine

    Sound cards with Crystal/Cirrus Logic codecs

    I'm on a bit of a Crystal drive right now, having bought an interesting Crystal-based card for a Windows 98 PC I recently built. This topic is a pretty hard one to Google, and Wikipedia doesn't seem to have a page regarding Crystal and their sound cards. Can anyone help me compile a list of...
  24. Red_Machine

    Unfamiliar options in SSD software, please advise

    I recently purchased an SK hynix SSD, and the software has several options I'm not familiar with. Could someone please tell me what they are and if it's worth enabling them? Volatile write cache Read look-ahead Non-zero buffer offsets DMA setup auto-activation Initiating power management...
  25. Red_Machine

    Exclude folders from McAfee real-time protection/scans

    I want to exclude a set of folders from McAfee, as I have done with every other antivirus software I've used, but it seems that you can only exclude individual files and not entire folders. Does anyone know of a way to exclude folders? My Google searches only show results for VirusScan...