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  1. sapetto

    Should i upgrade because of my new graphics card

    Hi guys, well long story short my GTX570 was broken i RMA it and got an GTX670. I am now wondering should i upgrade my current setup to Ivy bridge so i can utilize the full potential of the new card? I was thinking of 3750K, 8 Gigs and some nice Gigabyte mobo but is it worth it? Cheers :)
  2. sapetto

    Invalid character in Winrar archive - unable to delete it

    Hello :) I have problem deleting a file which i created with Winrar. I was trying to make an archive with the STALKER SOF patch and some of my save games to send them to a friend when i accidentally put a : (colon) character in the name of the zip archive. Now on the desktop i have file called...
  3. sapetto

    HD5850 cooler removal

    Hi guys today i decided ti clean my 5850 cooler because i havent done this since i got it. I removed all 10 screws from the back of the card and 2 next to the DVI connectors and the cooler still cant be removed somehow. Should i remove the 4 little screws that are holding the core HSF in order...
  4. sapetto

    Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drives

    SOURCE I was just browsing my local pc shop website and found the drives. Are they worth it, faster than regular HDD?
  5. sapetto

    Dead Rising 2

    Here is a gameplay video showing some nasty ways to kill zombies - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=youNA9-Hd54 Anyone played the first one because this one is coming to PC and i thinks it looks sweet :) WIKI GAMESPOT
  6. sapetto

    HDD jumper for speed limitation

    I just got a new case today and when i was installing my HDD into the case i found that next to the sata cable connector on it there was a jumper that was configured to run the Hard disc at 1.5 Gb/s not 3 Gb/s as SATA II. In the Seagate manual -...
  7. sapetto

    HAF 922 fans run at low rpm

    I just got my HAF 922 and installed 2 of the 3 fans in the mobo chassis fan connectors, then i saw in BIOS and Everest that the rear and the front (the ones i connected to the mobo the big fan on the upper side is connected to a 4pin molex) fans are running @900 and 500 rpm. Are they supposed to...
  8. sapetto

    Doing and upgrade and need help

    I am considering to upgrade and i have chosen some of the parts. I did chose them because in my country there is great deal on them. My question is - will i be able to get a nice 4ghz OC on the CPU with that mobo and especially the RAM (do i need such fast ram or i get get a 1333MHz one incited...
  9. sapetto

    Upgrade to GTX470

    While i was playing some Alien Swarm i thought - why not sell my 5850 and get a GTX470? Is it worth it? Mostly i play some BC2, MoH, TF2 and some other FPS also i do folding@home but my 5850 gets me just 4k PPD and i have to force it trough a shortcut with custom commands to run it. One thing...
  10. sapetto

    4Ghz Overclocking issues

    Hi there i need help to OC my CPU from 3.6 to 4Ghz. The problem is that i cant find stable settings, the highest stable OC is @3.6Ghz - memory@900Mhz, CPU voltage - 1.31 and everyting else on Auto. I managed to get into Windows @3.8Ghz but after 5 min i got BSOD The settings i used to get...
  11. sapetto

    I need help to make a decision

    Hi guys i have some spare money and wanted to invest them into my PC. I was thinking about buying either a HAF922, a Corsair H50 or sell my RAM and get a 4 GB@1066 and OC the CPU. My budget is rather low and that's why i can only get one of them. What do you think, maybe you have better...
  12. sapetto

    HD5850 and my 450w PSU

    The story looks like this - I want to upgrade my graphics card to a HD5850 and i have a 450W PSU Chieftec, i will get a better PSU (maybe a 750W) with my next salary. I was looking at the Wizzards review of the HD5850 and saw that the card have almost the same power consumption as my HD4850. The...
  13. sapetto

    A future HD5000 series graphics card

    I was reading my email from sapphire select club and i found that info Maybe a HD5830? What do you think?
  14. sapetto

    What to get Q9400 or E8400?

    OK i want to upgrade my CPU and i have a great deal on E8400 and Q9400 (both have the same price). So i was wondering which one to get - the Duo or the Quad, the 4 cores or the 2 cores? :D I will be using the CPU with my current system in the specs. I use my PC mainly for gaming and Adobe...
  15. sapetto

    Monitor problem maybe

    OK i have this annoying problem for about 3 days now - I turn on the PC and the Monitor doesn't show picture until OS loads completely. I hear Vista's welcome sound and about 10 seconds later monitor turns on. The problem is that it's strange and i can't enter BIOS(i press Delete and i think it...
  16. sapetto

    Which one is the better choice

    OK i will get new mobo and i am wondering which one of these is better MSI P35 NEO2-FR or MSI P45 NEO3-FR ?
  17. sapetto

    Will E2180 bottleneck GTX260

    OK i am getting new mobo P45 and i will be able at last to OC my E2180. So will E2180@3.2GHZ(or higher) bottleneck GTX260 because i am considering swapping my HD4850 for GTX260(216SP)?
  18. sapetto

    Help me overclock with my crappy mobo

    Hi there i currently have E2180@ 2.7GHz 270x10 and i cant go further. I wanted to reach at least 3GHz so i tried EasyTune 5 and in it i can change the voltage (2.7Ghz the voltage is 1.37) but the PC freezes whenever i change it higher that 1.37... I dont know what to do i know the mobo i sh*t...
  19. sapetto

    Which card to get because

    OK i RMA my ASUS EAH4850 and now i can swap it for ASUS EAH4870 512MB (with ASUS heatsink cooler) or ASUS ENGTX260. So which one to get, I game at 1680x1050 and play GTA4, COD WAW and some of the upcoming games... I'm confused
  20. sapetto

    PCI-E x32 available at gigabytes site :o

    I was browsing gigabyte site and found this lol never thought it exist Here is the link http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/VGA/Products_List.aspx?VenderType=NVIDIA&BUSType=PCI-E+2.0&BUSSpeed=32
  21. sapetto

    Will E7300 bottleneck HD4870

    So i currently have E2180 and its slowing my HD4850. Now i want to upgrade to HD4870 and i am wondering if i get E7300 OC it to 3.8Ghz will it bottleneck the 4870?
  22. sapetto

    HD4850 Overheating Issue

    Hi i have my HD4850 for a couple of months now and today when i was playing GTA4 - the mission that i have to follow the helicopter and then jacob destroyed it, in the moment i was flying over the sea my screen turn black and the first red LED on the card was on. OK i rebooted the PC run GTA4...
  23. sapetto

    Sapetto's Case Painted

    I painted my new case so how do you find the colors ? :D Tomorrow i will put my stuff in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. sapetto

    Which CPU to get

    I am upgrading my E2180 and i am considering between Q8200 and E8200 i also got Gigabyte EP35-DS3 and HD4850. I use the PC for gaming and working with Photoshop so which one will be the better choice ...for future games for example? :ohwell: