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  1. Devon68

    Nvidia's profiteering ...Double the profits while torturing their customers

    OMG they made money. I'm shocked. :roll:
  2. Devon68

    NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers

    As it stands right now I'm wiling to wait a year or two, but if I wasn't console would be the next logical step. That I agree with.
  3. Devon68

    NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers

    Well to be honest if you put yourself in their shoes. You have a product that is high in demand. Do you really care who buys them. You make money, the shareholders make money, you can put the next batch in the oven and so on....
  4. Devon68

    NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers

    I've recently read an article where John Carmack is saying that the best way to fight this situation is to be able to buy from the manufacturers directly via public auctions. I still believe this is not the right answer we are looking for. I personally don't even know who I'm more mad at miners...
  5. Devon68

    Chinese Ethereum miners are now widely using RTX 3000 laptops

    I wonder will nvidia nerf the mobile 3060 cards too. Imagine going from 49MH/S to 24-25MH/S. Even thou I sure they will find a workaround this issue. It seems it's a bad time to be a gamer right now, unless you are into older or less demanding titles. Also I wonder if nvidia did the driver nerf...
  6. Devon68

    UPS for my setup.

    This might sound stupid but when sending back the PSU I would record a short video showing that the noise is coming from the actual PSU. Burn it on a disk and send it with the PSU. Just stick the CD on the PSU's box and label it - My PSU issue or something similar. Then they cant say it works...
  7. Devon68

    UPS for my setup.

    Did you not get a manual with it. Based on the Pic I believe that all six are the same. This is what I found on google Many CyberPower UPS units have two sets of outlets. One set is labeled “Battery/Surge” and one set is labeled “Surge”. The outlets labeled “Battery/Surge” are the outlets that...
  8. Devon68

    Who owns a high TDP CPU who would like to test a new cooler?

    It's ALMOST like we need to pay to review it. This is a deal where you get the short end of the stick. If I were to do this (not that I could) I would expect to get 1-2 fans as compensation. But as others have stated I'm also unfamiliar with the brand. But this is a bad practice.
  9. Devon68

    Chinese Ethereum miners are now widely using RTX 3000 laptops

    For god sake this mining thing is getting annoying. Like you can make money that way. You have to invest a lot and get it back little by little. The first 6-12 month with no real profit. What is even the point. I personally dont see myself getting into this or any other cryptocurrency thing ever.
  10. Devon68

    Is this normal?

    Hardware monitor was not doing it for me either. It might sound silly but open hardware monitor is working good for me. You just need to find something that works with your system.
  11. Devon68

    What is your take under this circumstance...?

    Well I still have not considered consoles. But wont pay scalpers the ridiculous price either. I can play the waiting game, even if I have to wait 2+ years
  12. Devon68

    What would you install on it?

    How are the speeds? Is it worth investing in a sata card.?
  13. Devon68

    Ghetto Mods

    Which was: Dont pour distilled water in a battery? or Next time keep the reciept?
  14. Devon68

    What would you install on it?

    @Schera I will try installing those updates as soon as I buy a usb stick so that I can make a backup just in case things go sideways. Probably next week.
  15. Devon68

    [US] MSRP rises about $80 for major GPU manufacturers (ASUS, GIGABYTE, PNY, ZOTAC, more to come) due to GPU tariff exclusion having ended.

    I really hope you are wrong, but would not be surprised at all. People have become too greedy lately.
  16. Devon68

    DUAL 3090 rtx SLI, Dual CPU, 1.5 TB Ram, quiet, compact case

    Wow that is amazing and scary at the same time.
  17. Devon68

    DUAL 3090 rtx SLI, Dual CPU, 1.5 TB Ram, quiet, compact case

    How is that possible? Aren't full time gigs 8 hours each? When do you sleep?
  18. Devon68

    Mice; what do you use and why do you use it?

    The black mouse on the left (Altos) is light as a feather and I bought 2 of them for 2-3$ for both brand new. The red one wireless "Click" is new. I bought it for my laptop but it just wont work (spent maybe 10$) The red one on the left (MS) is working ok but I did not like the way it feels in...
  19. Devon68

    How many PCs do you own?

    I almost wrote the same thing in my original post. My laptop is more powerful than my desktops combined but thought it might be powerful in my eyes only. I have an i7 with a 1050ti 4gb. Considering how I was paying it off for 18 months I consider it still powerful, even thou I know for the same...
  20. Devon68

    How many PCs do you own?

    I see many people write test PC's. Are those for testing hardware components of software? I'm curious.
  21. Devon68

    How many PCs do you own?

    Two desktop PC's. My current one which I use daily for games and browsing the internet, and my retro PC which is used only a few days in a year. One laptop. That is stronger than both of my desktop's. I bought it for learning programming. I dont think a tablet counts since it's technically not a...
  22. Devon68

    New build finally done :)

    I dont like it.
  23. Devon68

    Is it possible to get low idle power with Zen 3?

    Did those reviewers show their setting so you can replicate them? EDIT: How is your minimum temperature over 50c?
  24. Devon68

    Gigabyte Z490 Master - CPU running too hot need help with Bios.

    Maybe I'm wrong but those temps seem ok. Stress test's will make the cpu sweat more than any game could. Does it go up to 4.9 all core like it's supposed to? Or does it thermal throttle?
  25. Devon68

    The screen hurt your eyes?

    This might sound funny, but blinking from time to time might help as well. :roll: