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  1. Jegergrim

    P8Z77-I Deluxe Buggy Bios?

    I've just flashed the bios to 504 from 501, both are practically the same no difference, using i5 2500k. It seem's its random whether changes in bios take effect after a reboot, for instance enabling Intel Speedstep/Turbomode or Vengeance XMP. Also I had troubles setting Dram timings and...
  2. Jegergrim

    Insanely low physics score 2500k 3DMark 11

    I've been testing my system today. since I recieved my XFX 7950 BE, however I keep getting low P-scores due to physics and combined scores: My 2500k somehow keeps staying on 2.8-3 fps in the test, I've got a log showing that it stays at 3300mhz during the whole test, and the temps are not...
  3. Jegergrim

    Help: P8Z77-I Deluxe Daughterboard removal

    I'm kind of in trouble, trying currently to attach my cpu cooler: Scythe Shuriken Big 2 Rev. B onto the motherboard, however The daughterboard and the ram sticks make the top-right corner impossible to attach the screw which tightens the cooler onto the motherboard backplate, only way around...
  4. Jegergrim

    Which 7850 for best OC?

    Hi I'm intending to buy a 7850 tomorrow, but I'm unsure which model overclocks the best, I've got my eyes on these so far (must be non-referance, since I don't have watercooling, and want to push as far without noise being an issue too fast). Sapphire RADEON HD 7850 OC (2 GB) Sapphire RADEON...
  5. Jegergrim

    m-ITX motherboard + h60 clearance

    Hi, thanks in advance, Components chosen: PSU: Corsair AX850 (already bought) CPU: i5 2500k SB (already bought) Ram: Corsair Vegeane 2x4 1600Mhz LowProfile Blue (already bought) GPU: To be decided (580 Lightning most likely, buying from a friend) CPU-cooling: Corsair H60 /w BeQuiet Shadow...
  6. Jegergrim

    Fan for H60 (High air pressure?)

    Hello, I've been browsing 120mm fans from caseking.de, and found a couple of candidates, but I need help deciding on the fan, note that the price difference is negligible and it will be used for overclocking approximately to 4.5ghz CPU: 2500k Cooler:Corsair H60 Case:Lian Li PC-Q08...
  7. Jegergrim

    Procmon bootlog, help identifying slow boot events

    The procmon bootlog file gave me 1.8 out of 2.2 million events, and looking through them all to see time gaps seems practically impossible :eek:. My Windows 7 boot time slowed down pretty drastically, but im 99% sure it isn't hardware related, and removing all non-microsoft boot items in...
  8. Jegergrim

    Does this classify as AX850 coil whine?

    Hi everyone, I've got an AX850 which seem to be making noises on different times, for the ones wanting to read the entire description, I wrote a longer explanation, for the ones who don't, i tried summing it up in the bottom :) 1. Problem: When the PCI-E 16x lane is being used in games...
  9. Jegergrim

    "There was a problem with your Steam installation."

    I recieve this error when trying to open up steam. It was working perfect untill a few hours ago, and it was fully updated. I tried searching for fixes online, but it seems there are 5 million different fixes, and most of them do not work. Error code from windows: Problem signature: Problem...
  10. Jegergrim

    Feedback on build, medium budget (ordering 24.10-2011)

    Hello, it's been a while since I've built a gaming rig, but here I finally decided on what components to buy this year, will be buying the rest in 2012. I focused alot on long term power efficiency + low noise levels. Hopefully someone will care to comment :) Components: Motherboard: MSI...
  11. Jegergrim

    XFX 4890 losing signal under 3D

    I'm about to buy an XFX Radeon 4890 with an aftermarket Arctic Cooling Twinturbo Pro, but theres a problem, he says he often looses monitor signal during 3D games, but works fine during internet browsing and desktop things, but he also states that he has a very low quality PSU, a 700W Energon...
  12. Jegergrim

    Help me find a good SB&IB CPU-cooler

    The case in question will be a Fractal Design Define R3, I've been looking at the Noctua NH-14, but I have my doubts that it'll fit in the case, I'm not intending to overclock (much), and I would like a cooler which will be Ivy Bridge compatible, and hopefully keeping temps down at 30-35 degrees...
  13. Jegergrim

    Are bulldozer's PCI-E 3.0 compatible?

    It seems that the 7xxx radeon series will support PCI-E 3.0, but the bulldozer wont. What will this mean for a build based on these two products? Will the GPU be limited, or will the CPU be compatible through the motherboard? Intending to go for AMD/ATI build, unless they disappoint alot
  14. Jegergrim

    Worth waiting for Radeon 7xxx-series?

    Hello everyone, this'll be my first topic :o Since I'll be building a new rig in Q4 2011 waiting for BD/SB-E, I wonder if the first generation of 7xxx radeon series will be outperforming the current last generation 6xxx-series such as 6950 and 6970, or moreover whether it'll be worth the...