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  1. DuxCro

    Terrible frame pacing with Gsync on

    I noticed that when i have gsync on, i have absolutely terrible frame pacing in all games. My monitor is freesync AOC 24G2U 144Hz, but gsync wotks on it. I limit game framerate usually to 60 in nvidia control panel, and monitor refresh rate is at 144Hz. This eliminates tearing in all games...
  2. DuxCro

    Desktop software

    Can someone please recommend some programs that can make desktop look better? Programs that arrange icons, performance monitors etc.
  3. DuxCro

    RTX 2080 Super fine tuning, undervolting + overcloking results

    I had fun the other day with fine tuning my MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio. I did really extensive testing live on my twitch channel with Unigine superposition 1080P high benchmark. Streamed using Very fast X264 encoder in OBS, but it still affected GPU score in benchmark. But hey, every bench...
  4. DuxCro

    Maximum DDR4 voltage for 24/7

    I had my RAM at 3800MHz CL 1.4V. For 4000MHz with same latencies i had to raise it to 1.43V. Is that safe for 24/7 usage?
  5. DuxCro

    24" UHD IPS monitor

    Can someone recommend me a good 24" UHD monitor with IPS screen? I have 2 x 24" monitors now on one dual monitor stand. One is 1080P 144Hz with freesync. Other is 1080P 60Hz TN crap. I would like to replace it with a 24" 4K IPS. So i can play competitive games on 1080P 144Hz one, and other games...
  6. DuxCro

    CPU per core frequency monitoring

    Can someone recommend me program that can track all per core CPU frequencies. I know OCCT can do that but it shows some weird results when i try per core overcloking in ryzen master on 5900x. Hwinfo displays only frequencies for 6 cores. Anything else out there?
  7. DuxCro

    RAM overcloking on ZEN 3

    I had ZEN 2 CPU. Ryzen 5 3600. And i could overclock my RAM to 3800MHz and get 1900MHz infinity clock with stable 1:1 ratio with memory controller clock. Now i have ZEN 3 Ryzen 9 5900X. So since AMD promised increase of infinity fabric clock to 2000MHz, i decided to OC my RAM to 4000MHz. I OC'ed...
  8. DuxCro

    Ryzen 9 5900x or R 9 3950X for video encoding

    I don't know which one would be better for encoding in OBS. 12 core /24 thread ZEN 3 5900X or 16 core/ 32 thread ZEN 2 3950X? 5950X is too expensive for me.
  9. DuxCro

    [SOLVED]-Audio over speakers stopped working after Win 10 update.

    So eeeeeeeverything was working fine. And then i "updated" windows 10 from 1909 to 2004 version. ABSOLUTELY every time MS fcuks something up with bug updates. This time my speakers stopped working. Headphones work just fine, but speakers...not a sound. I can see them in sound control panel. I...
  10. DuxCro

    Confusing ZEN 2 voltages

    Idk what is going on with reported voltage of my R5 3600 CPU. When i boot to BIOS, it says CPU voltage is 1.460V. In windows CPU-Z reports 1.408V, OCCT reports 1.41V, Ryzen clock tuner reports 1.250V, and Ryzen master reports 1.3V current and maximum because that's what i manually set for my OC...
  11. DuxCro

    [Official] HP Reverb G2

    Hey. I just pre-ordered the upcoming HP Reverb G2. Should arrive to me in late November. Sold my Rift S earlier this year and this thing seems like a nice upgrade. Was thinking about Quest 2, but after watching many videos and written previews, i realized G2 is much better for PCVR and better...
  12. DuxCro

    Xtreme tuner questions

    Hey guys. I just downloaded KFA 2 Xtreme tuner utility. I am familiar with MSI afterburner and EVGA precision, and i have used both extensively for overclocking my 1080Ti and RTX 2060 Super. However, unlike MSI and EVGA utilities, Xtreme tuner allows me to set Voltage on my RTX 2060 Super. But...
  13. DuxCro

    Gsync newb questions

    Hey guys. I just set up my new AOC 24G2U monitor with 144Hz refresh rate, freesync and Gsync compatibility. Connected it with DP cable to my RTX 2060 Super and tested on Black Mesa. First time my eyes have seen something over 75Hz refresh rate. WOW! What a difference. So i enabled gsync in...
  14. DuxCro

    Multi display wallpaper question

    I have windows 10 and 2 monitors. Does anyone know if it is possible to somehow use different wallpaper on each monitor?
  15. DuxCro

    Getting spammed constantly :(

    So this is a non PC related question, but perhaps some of you can help me. Few days ago i started getting insulting SMS and one ring calls from range of numbers all starting with +178. This is scammers or whatever. Idk how they got my cell phone number. I use it for two factor verification on...
  16. DuxCro

    Worth it upgrading to i9 9900K?

    Right now i have MSI GAMING PLUS X570 motherboard with R5 3600 CPU. This guy is selling i9 9900K CPU with ASUS Z390 Strix F gaming motherboard. Does it make any sense performance wise that i sell my MBO and CPU and switch to that intel MBO and CPU?
  17. DuxCro

    Windows 10 is driving me insane

    I just don't know where else to ask so i'll try here. Does anyone know how to permanently kill Delivery optimization service in windows 10? It is CONSTANTLY downloading something to my PC and destroying all my bandwith. Yes, i did try to google it. The answer should be as simple as turning it...
  18. DuxCro

    Questions about RAM OC

    I never bothered with overcloking RAM before. Now i built a new PC (under my specs) and since there is pretty much no point in OC-ing ryzen CPU's, i decided to torture RAM instead. :laugh: Ram is Crucial Balistix Sport. 3000MHz XMP. CL 16. I OC'ed it to 3800MHz CL18. Is that good? What is more...
  19. DuxCro

    PC doesn't want to shut down

    I don't understand why this forum doesn't have sections devoted to hardware and software problems. Anyways, my freakin new PC doesn't want to shut down. I built a new PC with MSI X570 Gaming MBO, Ryzen 5 3600, ADATA M.2 512 SSD, RTX 2060 SUper and 1TB hdd. Clean copy of Win 10 pro installed on...
  20. DuxCro

    Problems with new PC.

    So i built a new PC like 30 minutes ago. And already there are problems. 1. One of the fans on GPU (RTX 2060 super) is making a loud buzzing sound like blades are hitting something as they spin. But there is nothing there. 2. I can't see my M.2 SSD in Windows 10. It is connected properly. 3...
  21. DuxCro

    Need to flash my RX 580 BIOS

    I bought a used RX 580 8GB card. Only to find out it has been flashed with damn mining BIOS. How do i flash it with normal BIOS? It is MSI Gaming + RX 580 8GB. I know i need this tool called atiflash. Downloaded that and it just says "cannot find discrete ATI video card."
  22. DuxCro

    Logitech G502 proteus core or Roccat Kone Aimo

    I am looking to buy a new mouse. Can't decide between Original Logitech G502 or "new" Roccat kone Aimo. They cost pretty much the same here (Croatia). Anyone has any experience? I read that the build quality on Aimo is very high. But i don't think G502 is far behind. I need it for FPS gaming and...
  23. DuxCro

    Upgrade for i7 3930K?

    I decided to upgrade from my i7 3930K CPU. Which requires a new MBO and RAM. Which CPU do you think would be a good upgrade? I am fine with either intel or AMD. I do a lot of Twitch streaming so video encoding capabilities are important. Thank you.
  24. DuxCro

    WMR, SteamVR and preview window

    My Lenovo explorer VR headset arrived yesterday. So i'm still trying to figure things out. I have a few questions. 1. Can i use this without having to launch windows mixed reality app? So directly with steamVR? 2. I see that i can pause the windows MR preview window on my desktop. However...
  25. DuxCro

    {Resolved} HELP. Can't install Bluetooth 4.0 for my wireless VR controllers

    I bought one of the windows headsets. Compatibility check said i need to have bluetooth 4.0 adapter. So i bought one, installed the drivers...aaaaand nothing. Windows 10 doesn't recognize that i have bluetooth adapter at all. Not shown in device manager, settings, anywhere. When i plug in the...