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  1. Devon68

    What would you install on it?

    So as it's close to Christmas I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. I remember getting my first PC in 2004 and playing Need for speed Underground for the first time (it was my first PC game ever). That was a really great memory and I was kind of hoping to repeat it this Christmas. I dont want to play it...
  2. Devon68

    How hot should it run?

    Now I know I could have found out this info by searching it on the net. But where is the fun in that? My sisters husband just bought an Corsair MP600 nvme ssd and shared a screenshot showing it running at 48 while I guess under load. The speeds are really amazing but that temp though. I told him...
  3. Devon68

    Time for a new gpu?

    A few weeks ago this happened to me with the only difference that the lines were pink. It kept boot looping after a few white screens of death. After reinstalling the windows it seemed to work for about two weeks but today it happened again. Is it time to change the gpu? Or could the reason be...
  4. Devon68

    Should I go for it or not?

    So since I'm in quarantine I had time to think about a PC upgrade. My sisters husband recently changed his PC and now my best friend is thinking of upgrading. So naturally it gave me the itch to do the same. My budget is very limited and pretty much allows me to get a used system. I make about...
  5. Devon68

    Short lived tech

    Do you know any tech that seems like it was a good idea but it never took off in popularity. There are a few things that come to mind. For one I remember the HDD/ssd dock that could be found on cases like the Thermaltake Dokker, CM Storm Stryker
  6. Devon68

    Using the laptop while charging?

    I want to ask the laptop users on their charging habits. Do you just leave it overnight to charge or do you continue to use it while it's charging?
  7. Devon68

    MS Cyclops IV pc case review

    Hello my name is Devon and I would like to welcome you to my review of the MS Cyclops IV pc case. This case has not been sent by the manufacturer but rather been bought by me since I liked some of the features it had to offer for its price. Packaging The case comes in a simple plain cardboard...
  8. Devon68

    Need a Laptop for Learning

    I have been searching some local sites for a laptop, but as I never owned one I dont know what I want. I will use the laptop for learning HTML,CSS,PHP, Java script and C, C#. For that purpose I know that any laptop will work, but I occasionally would like to get back into 3D modeling in 3ds max...
  9. Devon68

    Demand VS Optimization

    This is a thing that has been on my mind a few times. I have been wondering if today's games are more demanding or badly optimized? There are games that can use up almost 6-8 GB of VRAM, and then there are a few games that wont even run if the system has less than 4 GB of system memory. For...
  10. Devon68

    Need help with GPU fan issues

    So. I dont know when this started, but my friend noticed it today. The fans on his MSI GTX 660 TF wont start spinning unless he opens up afterburner and set's a profile to high 80's or 90% fan speed. This is the card in question: https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/N660_TF_2GD5OC.html He tried...
  11. Devon68

    Intel wont allow Kaby lake CPU's on Z370 chipset motherboards

    Intel will be launching it's new 6 core Coffee lake procesors soon on the LGA 1151 socket, but the new z370 will only support the new Coffee lake CPU's, since intel wont allow it. It seems that there is no reason for the Z370 chipset to not be able to support Kaby Lake, it seems to be only a...
  12. Devon68

    Laptop for learning.

    For the last few months I've been following a used parts site that occasionally has some good deals. I wanted to buy a laptop for some basic stuff (learning html,css, c++, photoshop etc.) The most demanding thing would be 3ds max (but nothing too fancy or demanding). I found a used laptop, but...
  13. Devon68

    L3P Fake kickstarter campaign

    Wow I just read about this on another site, and have to say I'm a bit pissed off that people have the nerve to do things like this. Peter also known as l3p is a casemodder from the Netherlands and a user of our forum where he uploads some of the nicest case mods with pretty high scores. We all...
  14. Devon68

    Choosing a headphone? Which one to get?

    I have been wanting a headphone for some time now, but never got around to get one. Now I'm in a dillema because I dont know which ones are good. I will be using the onboard audio on my motherboard. I dont know a lot about headphones but I've heard that the Razer Kraken series in pretty decent...
  15. Devon68

    GPU upgrade pickle

    Well currently I still have my MSI HD 7850 and I would like to upgrade it. I have a Cooler master 430W psu. At first I thought I can pick up a RX 480 and it would be a significant upgrade plus it uses a single 6 pin just as my old card but the RX 480 cant be connected to my monitor which has...
  16. Devon68

    Retro PC

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200+MOBO: Epox 8RDAEIRAM: 2x1GB DDR1 KingstonGPU: ATI radeon HD 3450 512MBHDD: Western digital 250GB IDE (primary, OS) , Seagate 750GB IDE (secondary). Mods: Made a new motherboard tray with cable management...
  17. Devon68

    HDD question.

    Hi. So there is an old PC I sold to a friend 3-4 years ago and she haven't used it until now. She started to use it but she is complaining about how slow it is which is to be expected form a system that is almost 15 years old. I really don't know the CPU, It has some 478 socket board 512mb...
  18. Devon68


    I don't know if anyone here has already pre-ordered the new Hitman game, but if you did, than by now you know that most pre-orders have been cancelled by IO interactive and are being refunded. The reason for this is IO interactive has taken a new direction to release their new game. Well the...
  19. Devon68

    Are you using any encryption on your mobile phone?

    I was just wondering if anyone is using any type pf encryption on your phone? And if you are would you share your thoughts or maybe recommend something that is good. I really dont have anything to hide on my phone but still i would like to know. I read that android has some kind of encryption...
  20. Devon68

    Epson is making you throw away your ink cartridges with 20% of the ink still in them.

    First time I've heard about this was today on the LTT channel and I thought I share it here. It seems that the printers are reporting the ink cartridges empty despite of them still having about 20% ink left in them. Bellevue Fine Art has contacted Epson about this issue "many times," even...
  21. Devon68

    Is My GPU dead?

    Hi. The following has happened. Before work my pc was working absolutely fine. When I came home and turned it on the resolution was messed up.When I tried to set it to 1080p it would not let me. The highest it would let me is 1400x1050. I went to see device manager to see what can be the...
  22. Devon68

    HDD sentinel question

    I was looking at a used laptop and always like to view the software captured specs. While looking at the specs of the laptop I saw something strange. The HDD seems to bee used for 39 days and 8 hours, and the start stop count seems to show 1259. So in theory he turned the lap top on/off about...
  23. Devon68

    Can't resume a Youtube video after pausing it

    This happens to me almost every time I pause the video and leave it to buffer up a little. After pausing it I just cant resume it and have to refresh the page. I'm using the latest Firefox browser. I looked around the internet and see some people suggest it might be the adobe flash players...
  24. Devon68

    Steam - Did anyone get this message before?

    I was watching a movie and suddenly this message poped up. I was really surprised as I have never seen this before. Did anyone get this message from Steam?
  25. Devon68

    Is this a fake card?

    I was looking at gpu's on a site I usually like to browse thru and came across this card and it seems a bit suspicious to me. I really is not my problem but I wouldn't want someone to buy an fake gpu. Can someone conform this is legit or fake. With the info I found online, it definitely looks...