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  1. largon

    Ordered some toys

    I went bananas this evening and ordered some junk to toy with: Core i7 3770K Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH 2×8GB Mushkin Blackline Frostbyte DDR3L-1866 CL11-11-11-27 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i (RAID controller) Some thoughts: - No new GPU; I'll hold on to my dual...
  2. largon

    Hardware they don't make but you'd want

    Proper hardware RAM disk. Years back there were some hardware RAM disks such as Gigabyte i-RAM floating around but nobody makes such things anymore. Today we have adequately fast interconnects (PCIe 3.0), high density DRAM (now at 4Gbit, 8Gbit should be around in a year), though finding...
  3. largon

    GPU-Z 0.3.1 & GTX285 -> incorrect texture fillrates

    I bumped into an apparent bug in GPU-Z 0.3.1. It seems like the app calculates GTX285's texture fillrates based on a weird TMU amount of ~73.2 units. In reality, GTX285, just like GTX280 has 80TMUs. For example, in this screenshot GPU-Z displays 56.6GTexels/s 56600MTexels/s / 773MHz =...
  4. largon

    PALiT 9600GSO voltage mods

    Figured I should post this on public forum after I custom made it for DOM. vGPU mod: 20kΩ VR between a red dot of your choosing and a ground. Disable OCP (completely): Bridge the marked surface mount resistor. vGPU measuring points: Measure between colored dot and a ground...
  5. largon

    GeForce 9600GT Voltmods

    [page=Introduction & Overview] Introduction NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 512MB is quite an exceptional midrange video card – powered by the freshly-baked G94 GPU core this card offers tremendous value compared not only to earlier generation of similarly priced midrange solutions, but also the more...
  6. largon

    GeForce 8800 GS/GT/GTS Voltmods

    [page=Introduction & Overview] Introduction Got an itch to push your new NVIDIA 8800 GS, GT or GTS 512MB a little by doing a voltage modification? Well, you're in luck. All you need is a soldering iron and some simple resistors. Disclaimer: Performing the voltmod will void any and all...
  7. largon

    8800GT voltage mods

    This guide applies only to the G92 based nVIDIA 8800GT 512MB with the reference design circuit board. If your card has different layout feel free to report here, and, if possible post clear pictures of the card. http://img.techpowerup.org/071101/8800GT_G92_vGPU_vMEM_mods_small.jpg...
  8. largon

    OpenGL Fur Benchmark

    You there! Post your result. http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/ DL, select "Benchmarking" and hit "Go!". You must run the benchmark at 1280x1024 to qualify in this little ranking of ours. In order to enable CrossFire the application (furmark.exe) must be renamed to "etqw.exe". In...