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  1. matthewmatics

    UEFI dual boot 7/10 odd issue?

    Hey all! I got a weird one! I have been running 10 for a month now and I like it....but occasionally I boot back to my 7 drive using the F11 feature on my AsRock. All goes well. But then when I reboot and expect it to simply reboot to 10 it just hangs. I then have to go back in to the mobo...
  2. matthewmatics

    Laser phone repair tool

    2 things: 1. I can't friggin believe this works and that someone friggin designed that!!! Cool! 2. Bite me Crapple...I have hated you since day 1 then slightly liked you for the first smart phone knowing I could hate you again quickly when ALL of your competitors kicked your arse.