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    PC becomes extremely slow when running WCG under Linux.

    Hi all. I have been running wcg on windows 10 for ages without anything else becoming unresponsive or slow. WCG processes just back off and give all others priority. But when I install linux (any flavor) on the same distro, everything becomes very slow as soon as wcg starts running. All wcg...
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    How WCG compute years are calculated

    I see in WCG stats that it has run for an equivalent of 1,445,679 years. What are those years equivalent to? Does anyone know?
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    Can't upload units all day today

    Anyone else having this problem? Units remain in the queue and never get uploaded. I already have a whole bunch of them.
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    AMD ryzen performance in WCG ?

    Hi all, if you are using a ryzen processor to crunch for wcg, please post performance metrics here. Thanks :)