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  1. DrGreenThumb

    Rootkit - 0Access.H virus help!!!!!

    (SOLVED)Rootkit - 0Access.H virus help!!!!! hi , i wasnt to sure where to post this, so sorry if its in wrong place Anyways, i got this crappy virus at the moment, im sure i got it being lazy when one of those stupid pages came up saying "stay/leave page" i selected leave (normally i would...
  2. DrGreenThumb

    Cant get Sata HDD to work? help me please

    Hi my friend had to give back his myskyhdi but he pulled out the HDD from it:laugh: Its 320gb Seagate , i tryed to get it to work but it just freezers up my boot process and wont even let me go to setup so i gave it back, he then gave it to another friend who has put it into some usb...
  3. DrGreenThumb

    Just one question about HDD Partitions

    Hi there, i have 2TB usb HDD , ive formatted it to FAT32 so it can run media on xbox360 with out the need for PC Id like to be able to make a Partition on it with NTFS for some bigger file storage, is this possible? i have alot of important data on this HDD and dont wanna mess it up So is...
  4. DrGreenThumb

    Giving away a few unwanted game CD keys

    Hi guys cause im such a nice guy :pimp: i giving away a few CD keys for some games my EA friend gave me a big box recently There all legit so you can play online etc pretty old games, 1942 is still pretty fun(i got my own copy) I got Battlefield 1942 Medal of Honor Allied assault...
  5. DrGreenThumb

    Audio output just went all fuzzy/static

    I was just browsing the interweb and i just got this funny fuzzy static like noise thru my audio output??:mad: its just the onboard sound i use Never had this before,it still plays everything like it should but with this crap static Ive checked my stereo and its not that or the speaker at...
  6. DrGreenThumb

    Im thinking about buying this upgrade! but im clueless about mobo's

    Hi So ive had this really slow 3800x2 @ 2.ghz - DDR1 mobo with no OC option what so ever :mad:for far FAR to long , clockgen doesnt help this thing either Ive recently been buying a few upgrades like a decent dual rail PSU and GTS 250 Now i would like to buy this: Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.80...
  7. DrGreenThumb

    Anyone want a unwanted 3Dmark Vantage Advanced Edition code??

    Got it free with my new gfx card and will never use it,i pm someone who posts:laugh: www.futuremark.com/download/3dmarkvantage
  8. DrGreenThumb

    Is my PSU run a GTS 250 512MB?

    Sorry about Title DURPO:laugh: Hi im going to buy this gfx card "XFX GS-250X-YDFC GeForce GTS 250 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16" tomorrow as its priced well on special Just wondering if my PSU will be up to the task... its 315w FSB Group LTD It says : Minimum Power...
  9. DrGreenThumb

    Is my PSU run a GTS 250 512MB?

    Hi im going to buy this gfx card "XFX GS-250X-YDFC GeForce GTS 250 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16" tomorrow as its priced well on special Just wondering if my PSU will be up to the task... its 315w FSB Group LTD It says : Minimum Power Requirement (Watt)450 But im a cheap skate and...
  10. DrGreenThumb

    Hyper Transport Frequency program to adjust in windows

    Hey everyone, so i have a msi 7168 nec {OEM} mobo with no OC options at all, cant even adjust memory:mad: ive been trying to OC my 3800x2 with clock gen with ICS 951412, but can only get to 214 fsb {200 stock}with out it freezing up , i used to have a program that would let me change my hyper...
  11. DrGreenThumb

    A lil help with small prob

    Hi yer so i have this prob where when i hit CTRL/ALT/DEL that windows pops up, it seems to have an error where there boarders are bung I cant switch between processes and running programs?? and i can only close it with ALT/F4 help would be good ,thanks
  12. DrGreenThumb

    Fan speed problems :( Please help

    Hey everyone Yer so ive been having this problem with my cpu fan speed, basically i can have it running at 100% very noisy, or i can set it to normal stock settings and it doesnt seem to spin at all now? Ive tryed speed fan , altho it detects it,and theres options, it doesnt seem to...
  13. DrGreenThumb

    My bios has no overclocking options? what now?

    Hey fellas well i just got a new pc, with 3800x2 cpu on a "MSI MS-7168 (NEC OEM)" mobo theres no overclock option at all in bios, i have already disabled cool&quiet buts thats about all i can do Ive tryed clock gen, i can get it to 2.2ghz from 2.0 but i think the hypertransport and ram is...
  14. DrGreenThumb

    What 8800 should i get?

    Ive recentley got a new pc, and finally have a pci-e :toast: Its pretty common knowledge 8800 series are good... Im just would like to know what card i should go for,i dont want to spend heaps on the 768mb ultra, then theres the 640 mb one{i think} then theres gt or gts ??? what would...
  15. DrGreenThumb

    ATi Radeon HD 3850 AGP any good ?

    Hey, so yer my Gfx card died And i was wondering if any one has tryed this card out in a p4? My specs P4 630 @ 3000ghz w H/t 2m L2 cache,1.5 gb ddr 400, I really like company of heroes and would like to know if any one can do a benchmark if they have similar specs Or maybe...
  16. DrGreenThumb

    program to convert DVD to 1080p??

    Hi fellas Ive seen versions of lord of the rings trilogy in 1080p [1920x800] LOTR- The Return of the King (ExtEd) HD 1080P Xvid AC3.avi "This is notoriously one of the best HD conversions done yet, where the resolution was nearly tripled and yet there was no sacrifice in the quality of...
  17. DrGreenThumb

    Ram timings, and memory question

    Hey fellas Ok so ive got 1gig memory 512mb PC3200 (200 MHz) 512mb PC2100 (133 MHz) Ive fluffed around a little overclocking my cpu so if i was to run both sticks, what would be some good ram timings to use? would i need a loose setting to overclock better? Or do you think id be...
  18. DrGreenThumb

    6800 gt + P4 630 fps slow down?? please help :-)

    Hi everyone first post here, very informative site :pimp: I recentley got a 6800 gt 256mb 8x agp for my P4 630 @ stock 3ghz, 1gig ram , Ive been seeing a odd issue were my fps would drop alot about 5-10 mins after computer had been turned on ? I have done some benchmarking with fraps...