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  1. Apocalypsee

    LGA-2066 platform viable?

    It seems like this is the only platform from Intel that spans over a huge generation, from Kaby Lake to current 10th gen. Thing is, is it good to buy, say older i7 7800x instead of going for something newer like Ryzen 3000 series? My main target is just for gaming, as I find quad core is not...
  2. Apocalypsee

    2TB harddisk failing

    My Seagate 2TB ST2000DM001 is failing, I did chkdsk /r yesterday and that took 4 hours to fix. The harddisk is still bootable and currently backing up the file but the transfer rate is terrible as you can see below. The transfer jumps from few MB/s to zero. I'm running Seatools and it failed...
  3. Apocalypsee

    Budget upgrade options

    Hello all, I'm looking for an upgrade. When the CPU is maxed out I'm start to have stutter and hitching because of only 4 core 4 thread CPU and games start to use more and more threads, but my budget is limited. I looked around Aliexpress and found a Xeon E3 1270 V3 (4 core 8 thread, base...
  4. Apocalypsee

    Wrong specs for Radeon R7 M340

    I just wanted to post that the Shader count, ROP and TMU count is wrong for R7 M340 cards. I don't know if its a bug but I already disabled Crossfire (it could Crossfire with A10-9600p iGPU). Here is the screenshot. Others like bus width, memory type and brand, clockspeed is correct.
  5. Apocalypsee

    Tales of two inadequately cooled cards, from both sides

    Some of you might know I bought GTX 1070 Katana, a single slot GTX 1070. From reviews, GTX1070 was a bit below my previous card, Vega 56 but I wanted to share something interesting. My Vega 56 was a reference cooler card, unmolded die (HBM have different height from the GPU die, VERY HARD to...
  6. Apocalypsee

    Upgrade RAM on Ryzen; ditch current RAM or add?

    I already have two sticks of 4GB Crucial 2400MHz RAM and plan to add another couple of 4GB for 16GB of total RAM but as you might know Ryzen didn't really like to have a lot of RAM modules installed to maintain high speed. But my RAM is single rank sticks, would this impact overclockability...
  7. Apocalypsee

    AS5 issue?

    I've repasted my CPU around a month and a half ago. Its the stock Intel cooler. Even though it is crap by any means but it managed to kept temperature below 70C at 4GHz 1.12V. Good enough for me (if you read my post on 'Your PC ATM' you'll know why I'm using stock cooler). The paste I'm using is...
  8. Apocalypsee

    Modding newer driver for HD 4850 in Windows 10

    Is there any sort of things I can do to modify newer Adrenaline driver to work with HD 4850? I tried to use FLEM driver modder but it didn't work. Any driver modder here? @StefanM do you have any idea how this might be possible? The last driver that worked is old Catalyst 13.4 beta and 13.1...
  9. Apocalypsee

    Possibly a better Vega: My take on what AMD should do

    I have been thinking about this for a long time, so I just wanted to vent it here and see what other people is thinking. I am no GPU designer by a long shot just merely seeing the trend on GCN iteration and its limitations from various reviews. If you see the move from RX 560 to RX 570 the...
  10. Apocalypsee

    Upgrading options

    My PC specs are on my profile. Im looking for an upgrade but I dont know which one is the most cost effective for my use. My primary use for PC is purely gaming, but not competitively. Currently I'm thinking of this: Option 1: Buy new monitor. My current monitor is 8 years old, it still good...
  11. Apocalypsee

    Blank nvidia installshield wizard?

    I'm trying to install new driver but why does it blank? The uninstall wizard blank too, I have no idea why this is happening, anyone have a clue? It looks like this, I have tried several driver but it still the same.
  12. Apocalypsee

    Upgrading, but is it worth it?

    1) I have a crappy 16GB DDR3-1600 CL11 that won't do CL9 at that speed, overclocking it to 1866MHz requires 11-12-11-33, anything higher like 2133MHz requires absurd timing like 12-13-12-40 to be stable. Is it good to upgrade to 1866MHz CL9 for example? 2) Is it worth for me to upgrade to GTX...
  13. Apocalypsee

    Old high end card or new mid range cards?

    I've sold my 290X in anticipation for Vega but since it might come later in late 2016/2017 I wanted to use something in between. Buying cheap low end card like GTX 730 is pointless since I could spend a bit more for something a lot more powerful. I could buy a 2nd hand HD 7970 or brand new GTX...
  14. Apocalypsee

    Upgrading options

    I'm going to sell off my motherboard and CPU tomorrow so I need help regarding upgrades. I been reading about Haswell and seriously considering about it but I'm seriously worried about the crappy TIM Intel used on Haswell chips, and SandyBridge for that matter. I'm worried that the TIM will...
  15. Apocalypsee

    Should I CF HD 7850 or buy faster single GPU card?

    I have HD 7850 and quite happy with it but there are some games that it suffers like Crysis 3 and looking for an upgrade. Should I get another HD 7850 and CF or should I sold it and buy faster card like HD 7950?
  16. Apocalypsee

    GPU upgrade path question

    OK guys I have some question here. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU here since GTS 250 struggles to play newer games such as Metro 2033 and I have yet to play Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. I'm game at 1920x1080 resolution. Thing is I have enough money to buy GTX 570 but there are few problem preventing...
  17. Apocalypsee

    Subnotebook, worth the money?

    I'm looking to buy small subnotebook (note: based on AMD Nile platform (either Athlon II X2 Neo or Turion II X2 Neo + integrated HD42X0) for casual browsing and some usual college work (Powerpoint, Word etc) and old games (NOLF 1 and 2, MoHAA, RA2) I would like some insight on people who use...
  18. Apocalypsee

    Buy GTX260+ now or wait for GTX470

    Hey guys I been thinking a little bit, should I take GTX260+ now or wait for GTX470 to come out? I only game at 1280x1024 resolution but I wanted to at least play Crysis at maximum detail. Although GTX470 might come in a few weeks time but I a bit worried about power requirement as I only be...
  19. Apocalypsee

    Upgrade path dilemma

    Currently I use Athlon X2 3800+ (but heavily overclocked, it uses Windsor F3), but I'm in dilemma on which upgrade path should I go with Intel or AMD. My cousin give his GA-P31-DS3L to me (but no CPU) so I can upgrade to C2D anytime but as Intel have moved away from LGA775 platform should I...
  20. Apocalypsee


    I'm having dilemma here. I wanted to upgrade my system but my budget is limited and I don't know which one is a better choice. My rig primarily used for gaming. Here is the choices: 1) Buy Phenom X4 9550 (my mobo support Phenom through BIOS update) 2) Change to Pentium Dual Core E5200...
  21. Apocalypsee

    HD2900Pro 256-bit, worth it?

    I want a new card, and I have enough money to buy HD2900Pro 256-bit 2nd hand. I want some opinion on people who owned this card please :)
  22. Apocalypsee

    From 7600GT to X1800XL

    I'm seriously on a tight budget, but I looking for an upgrade. Crysis plays quite nice after I edited the config file, but only at 800x600, at most 1024x768. Will X1800XL (overclocked) would be a nice upgrade? Or should I shoot higher, like X1950Pro, or X1950XT?
  23. Apocalypsee

    What should I upgrade?

    I been looking for something to upgrade on my rig, but my budget is limited. I'm a heavy gamer but since my last mobo (DFI Infinity nF4X) and my X1800GTO died, I'm no longer a gamer and be looking an upgrade so I can get back in the game. Should I upgrade my gfx card to either 7900GTO or x1950xt...
  24. Apocalypsee

    Question about X1950XT

    Can I use AtiTool increase the voltage on this card? Can anyone confirm this?