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  1. ebivan

    KODI Hardware with LibreELEC?

    I have had the same J1900 Atom (different board though) running as a KODI HTPC. Worked fine. Up until HEVC got popular. As alexrose1uk said, the problem is, that there is no hardware decoder that can handle modern codecs (like HEVC/x265). In that case, Kodi will fall back to software decoding...
  2. ebivan

    Looking into doing a custom build for Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    But why are you stuck on using Win7?
  3. ebivan

    KODI Hardware with LibreELEC?

    I have OpenELEC running on an Odroid N2. At the time this was the only affordable solution that could play 4k HDR files and put Atoms audiostreams through to my multichannel receiver. I guess I have had that thing running for almost trwo years now and I am very happy with it. I have been a user...
  4. ebivan

    Beginner Questions (Apols in advance)

    About the CPU, maybe you are expriencing thermel throttleing. The boxed cooler in combination with 6 year old, dried out thermal paste...? Maybe take off the cooler, clean the surfaces of cooler an cpu with alcohol and apply freh thermal paste just to be sure...
  5. ebivan

    Beginner Questions (Apols in advance)

    First of all, get a SSD! It will feel like a new machine, trust me! Make a fresh OS install on it and get the latest drivers. For the Games you mentioned you really shouldn't need an upgrade. Right now (during the "Second Big GPU-Crysis") there is basically no affordable GPU that would be worth...
  6. ebivan

    We're Changing How we Handle Pricing in Graphics Card Reviews

    Maybe a valid option would be to update the "Value" part of reviews after the product has been launched. Because reviews often get released before product launch. Before the product launches you could fill the Value part of the review with a determination of what would be a reasonable price...
  7. ebivan

    AMD Radeon Navi 21 XTXH Variant Spotted, Another Flagship Graphics Card Incoming?

    Yeah, I reckon its a mobile variant too.
  8. ebivan

    PC build help

    Yes, AMD Ryzen 3000 and 5000 already supports PCIe v4 on b550 and x570 mainboards. Intel will support v4 only on new Gen 11xxx CPUs starting 2021. What CPU would you use ob that b550 mobo?
  9. ebivan

    Video editing And cheap price Graphic card need your advice please

    I would prefer a new GT1030, GTX1050, GTX 16xx, RX550, RX560, RX570 or RX5500 instead of a used cards that is 5 generations old. Just for the newer video engine/codec compatibility.
  10. ebivan

    Upgrading my gpu & checking if everything is compatible

    Your 600W Corsair PSU will handle a RX 5500 without any problems. PCIe v3 will not bottleneck in your case, thats more of a concern for high end handware, your setup is fine for that.
  11. ebivan

    PC build help

    Why do you spend money on a PCIe v4 SSD on a platform that can do only PCIe v3? A Samsung 970 would do the same speed for half the price on that cpu-mobo-combination. Anyways for video editing 500GB is kind of small. If gaming is not the priority on this system, why choose a ridiculously huge...
  12. ebivan

    File systems of USB sticks

    I only use syncing on Linux. There 'rsync' is the program that does the job. Just google ist, it is very well and extensively documented. I dont know if there is an equivalent for that in windows but I am pretty sure that Powershell must have something similar as it is a pretty basic...
  13. ebivan

    File systems of USB sticks

    Cloning literally means to copy everything. What you mean would be called syncing (for example with rsync) this technique allows to only write changed data to a disk.
  14. ebivan

    File systems of USB sticks

    Why clone? This ist normaly only needed for devices with bootable flags or filesystems that you cant normally use under the host os. If there are just a bunch of files on that stick, why not just do a ragular copy of those? Generally i would recommend using exFAT for usb sticks, its usable...
  15. ebivan

    20/24pin atx connector one defect ground wire still good to go?

    You can just use it. It doesnt matter if one of the ground wires is missing!
  16. ebivan

    Almost ready new PC build - Fire away with suggestions and alternatives

    Well, I personally would not buy any of that ugly shiny RGB stuff. But for anyone who likes it, it might be ok. But on the tech site its sound. Zen 3 plus 3080 is a good combination if you want high end gaming and play current RT supported games. If you want to save some bucks you could even go...
  17. ebivan

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Card Launch Postponed to February

    Are these regular power connectors in the rendering? Is nVidia abandoning their new nonsense connector after only 4 months?
  18. ebivan

    Recently upgraded my graphics card, now my CPU+GPU running hot.

    Temperatures per se dont really matter. Its not important if your cpu is stable at 60c or 80c. But sticking at 84c could mean throttling. If youre cpu runs into thermal throttling, you should optimize cooling to a level where no more thermal throttling happens.
  19. ebivan

    Team Group Successfully Develops Consumer-Grade DDR5 Memory, Begins Validation

    Wow, "succesfuly developed" meaning they managed to solder chips they bought onto a pcb, thats quite an achievement!
  20. ebivan

    NVidia, What gives? Seriously?!?

    There was something similar with one of the biggest IT Tech Sites in Germany (heise.de) in 2018. When nVidia send out a new pro forma NDA, heise.de refused to sign it and instead chose to publish the NDA in full lenght...
  21. ebivan

    Redragon Power supplies

    You may be right. Anyways they are pretty good. As FSP is pretty good too and combined with premium fans it gets even better. On their own Website they say: "...Which is why our very own experts lead product conception, design and quality control from our headquarters in Germany" No matter...
  22. ebivan

    Redragon Power supplies

    BeQuiet is quite good. They started with PSUs "designed in germany, made in china" and expanded to fans, coolers and cases over the years. Most of their products get real good results in reviews.
  23. ebivan

    Apple Introduces AirPods Max, the Magic of AirPods in a Stunning Over-ear Design

    @PowerPC Again you have not reacted to any of my arguments and my personal experiences. But you come with that IBM crap (which is not a study anyways) again and again. And you are certainly trying to make this personal by making baseless asumptions about my relationship. Sorry dude, that is so...
  24. ebivan

    10400f with 3060ti BUT 1080P 75HZ MONITOR

    Get some secondhand fullhd monitor for 50 bucks for now. and get a nice 1440 monitor when you can afford it.