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    Higher C States and (mostly GPU) performance

    Hello, I wondered if anyone feels like trying to confirm my findings about "deeper" C states and how they affect performance. Let's go step by step so it's easier to read. - it's about the specs in the profile, so a 8700k, Z370 platform - according to Throttlestop, "Auto" in BIOS seems to...
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    [SOLVED] Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut PSA (nasty scratching)

    EDIT: matter is fully settled amicably, with the help of the very good @Thermal-Grizzly support. What can I say. Pay premium price, get premium scratching on both IHS and coldplate. Delidded my 8700K, only to find out what just 3 days of Kryonaut did to my D15S and the top of the IHS. Good...
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    Delidded my 8700K, are the temps OK, or should I expect better?

    Heyya, So I took the dive and delidded my 8700K (mats: Dr. Delid tool, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut and Kryonaut, some clear nail "coating"/polish for the 4 small contact points near the die, Victor Reinz's Reinzosil high temp sealant). I am curious if I did this correctly though, as this is...
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    Cooling upgrade help

    Hello everyone, First, specs, with few more details compared to the profile. 8700k (not delidded, I really don't wanna pay 50EU just for the tools), MSI Gaming Plus Z370, Meshify C, ADATA Dazzle RAM (4.73cm height see for details), 2 HDDs in the cage in front of the PSU (which is sadly quite...
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    Can somebody explain the CPU Offset vs Adaptive+Offset voltage implementations?

    Hey there, So, I am undervolting the 8700K. The board is a budget MSI Gaming Plus Z370, and it has a few voltage modes. I used Offset alone for a while at -0.090V, and all worked fine, but I thought I'd give Adaptive+Offset and the same negative offset to try it out. To my surprise, it...
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    OS issues during memtest

    Hello, Tried to run this and it really doesn't play nice with Windows 10. While it ran, it froze Windows a couple of times, Desktop Windows Manager crashed 3 times (was watching some YT), SettingSyncHost.exe crashed once too, screen would go black and freeze for a while. Two times it recovered...
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    Beginner to Z370, would welcome any general advice!

    Hello guys, Long story short: after years of carrying on with a trusty FX 8350 and some GPU upgrades, the latest being a GTX 970, I finally upgraded to something modern. Thing is, to get the essential components I wanted, I had to cut corners everywhere else, so I am stuck for a while with a...
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    Monitor losing signal (sleep?) during WoW, have to shut down PC

    Hello, I'll try to describe the issue as fast as concise I can: - I have latest drivers/updates. Nvidia driver clean install with DDU. - I play WoW/WoD, on Ultra settings/1080p/MSAAx8 (might be a Borderless Fullscreen connection? cannot tell for sure) - monitor suddenly enters sleep mode (?)...
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    Perfcap Reason not shown

    Hello, I've seen this appearing in screenshots. My GTX 970 doesn't seem to show it (latest 2 driver versions available). I know there's another topic on this but it seemed old and didn't wanted to necro. This is how it looks.
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    [Asus P5Q] Very low CPU temps, resulting in fan stuck at low rpm

    Hello, I'm having this problem lately with the CPU temp (not the cores, these temps are reported correctly and are into the low 40s on idle), it's most of the times detected as low as 1-5 degrees (Celsius). I did not made any changes I can remember other than replacing a faulty HDD with new...
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    Help achieving a moderate OC, please (E7200 and Asus P5Q)

    Hello, As the summer is gone and ambient temps are finally low enough, I started a mild OC on my e7200. Goals: - Achieve maximum stable OC keeping the energy saving feats enabled - the CPU should stay as cold as possible - with as low wattage as possible as well - reduce vcore (too...
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    Slow SATA detection - Asus P5Q

    Hello, The MB (BIOS 2102, AHCI mode) hangs on "Autodetection of SATA port 1..." for 20-30 secs. !!!This ONLY happens when it boots from a SHUTDOWN!!! When booting from a Restart it works ok. SATA 3GB/s HDD - port 1 SATA DVD writer - port 2
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    Windows 7 x64 - cannot complete downloads from the Internet

    Hello, After a clean install (my first of Windows 7, from XP SP3), I found out I can't download properly files from the Internet. Tested: IE8, Firefox 3.5.2, Opera 10 Beta 2 1691. The downloads start, and after a (short, usually) while they stop. If they support resume, stopping/resuming...
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    Security Suite (and other apps) recommendationsfor Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    Hello, After many months of watching many of you guys so happy testing Win7, i finally got to get my copy and installed a the x64 Ultimate version. I like it so far, but many apps I had on XP I just don't have the guts to install and use without proper advice. I used to have KIS 2009...
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    Front Panel: HD Audio or not?

    Hello, The case is a DLC-MD302. You can't imagine my surprise when I did find out my case is, actually, a case with a "name". I ordered the cheapest cheap just to put my money into CPU&GPU, had no other choice. The problem is, I tried to use the front panel, it has 2xUSB, mic&headphones, USB...
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    Windows Tearing (HDMI, SP3, HD4850, LCD 23")

    Hello, After a much needed upgrade to a Fujitsu-Siemens 23" Full HD Amilo LSL 3230T LCD monitor (PDF with complete specs), connected to the DVI-to-HDMI dongle my HD 4850 came with, I observed that windows tear when I drag them horizontally by the title bar (and it's not a subtle effect, btw)...
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    Rogue temps - Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro

    Hello all After some mild (3,2 GHz some) OC on my E7200 with stock cooling, the temps after loading the cores with Intel Burn Test reached 80C so I decided I'll go for some aftermarket solution. Some reviews later and after checking the wallet contents, I was off to a store for a AC Freezer 7...