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    Intel reactivated Pentium G3420 from EOL

    I simply could not believe what I am reading here https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-resuscitates-22nm-haswell-pentium-processor then I went ahead to check on Intel ARK page, sure enough the 'Status' was changed into 'Launched'...
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    X370 or B450?

    so I am considering to retire my i5 2500 and pair R5 3600 with of these mb, however in my local retail store these chipset board almost similiar priced (approx. 100 usd) I plannning to put 8x2 3200mhz as well... I need some opinion from ryzen owner, as this is would be my first AMD platform and...
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    AMD R3 3300 6c/12t outperforming R7 2700X in Geekbench

    I see that nobody posted leak benchmark result from geekbench in TPU if this highly doubtful $100 price tag is real, then this is insane, it might canibalizing own AMD current product stack and rendering entire Intel CPU line up obsolete take this news with tons of salt...
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    Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 Irony

    Remember this ? Two years later,
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    Is Windows 10 safe to update ?

    so I've been using computer with Windows 10 x64 1607 installed for almost 2 years now I wondering is it safe to update to latest version? as Windows 10 tend to break something with each update
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    Tom's Hardware Edioter-in-chief's stance on RTX 20 Series : JUST BUY IT

    here have a good laugh :roll::roll::roll::roll: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-rtx-gpus-worth-the-money,37689.html GN's reaction REMEMBER : "THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE"
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    NVIDIA’s CEO is the Uncle of AMD’s CEO

    so as I sailing in internet I found this piece of article https://babeltechreviews.com/nvidias-ceo-is-the-uncle-of-amds-ceo/ for you guys proficient in chinese here is the video news from local taiwan tv mind blown :eek:
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    ThreadRipper Silicon Dies revealed

    In a wake of Ryzen 3, now we've get another glimpse of ThreadRipper CPU instead of two silicons pieces of Ryzen dies, we're greeted by four silicon dies. This reveal the possibility of AMD could be release even more SKU for HEDT as we know EPYC CPU have maximum of 32C/64T with 8 channels of...
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    2 different GPU on different cable to same monitor?

    so here it is, currently I set RX 480 as mining GPU, while R7 250X used for Dota 2 the problem is, if my computer booted on with DVI cable plugged into R7 250X my mining speed went down to 4MH/s until I moved my DVI cable from R7 250X into RX 480 and it went back to normal speed again (25MH/s)...
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    How AMD spark hype and snowballing out of control into hypetrain

    Most people hype about AMD Ryzen CPU as we know it and play along starting from CES 2017, one leak after another, one benches after another has been consistently popped out. Interestingly most of those leaks quite accurate and often used as 'new addition' product to market even though its not...
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    AMD Stock Isn’t Done Running Yet

    apparently after AMD announcement of Ryzen CPU giving a momentum in rising their stock price https://investorplace.com/2016/12/amd-stock-advanced-micro-devices-ryzen/#.WFOVKbk7pJl yahoo amd stock chart
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    Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ one fan is not spinning

    only the other one spinning and the other dead I load up The witcher 3 and mining some ETH GPU temp is 76C on full load pls advise
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    Which card do you choose? assuming price is exactly same

    Hi folks, im planning to buy new graphics card to replace R7 250X and I stumbled upon two choices here 1. Sapphire RX 470 8GB OR 2. Sapphire RX 480 4GB I am planning to use this card for mining ethereum (I read alota forum that memory bandwidth has significant impact on mining...
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    GPU silicon, its sliced or made from scratch?

    this things really makes me curious, lets see at older chip first GM104 and GM106 and current chip GP104 and GP106 both of them have numbers exactly half from flagship chip so, Nvidia sliced bigger chip into half to create lower end, or they start from zero to make those ?
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    i5 2500 default clock, temperatures, and boost

    So, from concluded my latest post about changing to i5 2500 I have few question about this CPU, as this IS my first time moved on from ancient relic LGA 775 to LGA 1155 platform. I noticed on CPU Z multiplier was 16-37 IIRC meanwhile on Intel ark specified default clock was 3.3 Ghz and IF I...
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    Motherboard dead/no boot after cleaning CPU fans?

    So guys, here chronological how its happened 1. I was playing Dota 2 and MoH noticed low FPS and GPU usage I noticed CPU always hit 100% usage on task manager 2. Fired up HWMonitor I found out that CPU got 79C on idle and 89C when playing youtube, 97C running Dota 2 and any other...
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    Need your opinion about my internet subscription

    So, I am subed FTTH triple play 10Mbps connection on beginning on Jan 2016 with unlimited data for IDR 400k (roughly US$ 30), and on Feb, my ISP started being such a d*ck by imposed FUP for 300 GB with TWICE throttling scheme. First throttling after usage beyond 300 GB is 7.5 Mbps and second...
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    Why would you CF/SLI two 'disabled' silicons, instead of perfect chip?

    okay, so I asked this out of curiosity as the title why would you doing crossfire or SLI on two partly disabled card for example, GTX 970 SLI or R9 290 CF ?(We know both chip has less cores than fully enabled chip ) beside perf/price ratio, but the side effect is increase power usage, we know CF...
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    Weird GPU Usage

    so recently i've experienced a massive GPU utilization even I didnt play any games here I attached the GPU-Z ss and system usage showed almost no GPU usage beside dwm and csrss what I did so far is reinstall driver but the problem still insist been using its for a year but this problem happened...