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  1. Lazzer408

    RMA a promotional card?

    A friend won a Powercolor RX5700 and it's DOA. Powercolor says contact AMD because they provided it as a promotional item. AMD says contact Powercolor because it's their card. Any advice where to go from here?
  2. Lazzer408

    IE10 much faster but still has issues.

    What causes the back button to become hijacked like this? (see below)
  3. Lazzer408

    UEFI um...wuht?

    UnEducated and F'in Ignorant? (UEFI) because I don't understand wtf is going on with this Asus 77 board. Normally, I boot my USB stick containing the Win7 installer and select a drive and wa-la. On this board, Windows installer doesn't detect the hdd. Typically I'd think it needs a SATA...
  4. Lazzer408

    Cant remember name of video editing software.

    It's a free or open source video suit that lets you crop video files, amoung other things. It was popular with DVD ripping enthusiasts but I can't remember it. Any guesses?
  5. Lazzer408

    Microsoft... oh how I love thee!

    Ok note to self... Don't bump the escape key half way through the story. :banghead: Anyone know how to disable the escape key? (rips it off) Solving the problem. So here's the (shorter) story again... I have a laptop with XP home that had a virus curupt the OS, did a repair, went to activate...
  6. Lazzer408

    Help needed with some network configuration.

    The tennent upstairs will be connecting through my internet connection and I need a way to cap his bandwidth. I've flashed a WRT160n with DDWRT v24 to give him his own AP to connect to. I was hoping I could cap his bandwidth but it looks like the DDWRT firmware will only allow me to give...
  7. Lazzer408

    Does a 1080 tv ever display an image correctly...

    ...that's coming from a PC? I recently purchased two HDTVs. A 42" Hisense and a 24" Sansui. Most computer monitors, as you know, will look like $hit unless it's running at native resolution. At native, the image is nice and sharp because every pixle generated lands on a pixle in the LCD...
  8. Lazzer408

    Internet radio "reciever"

    Anyone know of an internet radio reciever that works like an FM tuner? I need a device with it's own display that uses wifi or wired lan connection with an audio output to connect to an amplifier for my store's background music.
  9. Lazzer408

    [WTB][US] Need parts from motherboard. GA-EX58-Extreme (maybe others like EX58-UD5)

    Looking for the entire heatsink assembly for this board. I picked up an i7 920 rig with a wc loop but it's a hack job. I'd like to put it back to stock and give to the gf since I can't seem to find a good used working 1366 board. I'll have to fix this one.
  10. Lazzer408

    [WTB][US] Silverstone (maybe others) modular PSU cables and a 4870x2 cooler.

    Here's a list of some things I'm in need of. i7 1366 motherboard (already bought 2 used and both are junk) i5 1155 motherboard Modular cables for a Silverstone PSU (got a deal on a 1kw PSU but need a PCIe cable) HD4870 x2 backplate (see pic)
  11. Lazzer408

    Google "WinToFlash Ads" annoyance.

    When searching Google, right before I click a result, the WinToFlash Ads appear and I click them by mistake. How do I eliminate them?
  12. Lazzer408

    Moving to a retail location. Need camera advice.

    Who has experience with IP cameras? I need to place 2 or 3 cameras in my showroom and have the ability to view them from any location and also have the video recorded. Any suggestions on a cheap camera/software package to do this? I have computers and network hardware I can dedicate for the job.
  13. Lazzer408

    Need a little ddwrt bridge help

    Starting from the begining... My neighbor is allowing me to connect to his wireless connection and charges me a small fee. Both him and I share shops in an office/warehouse complex. Rather then have a half dozen wifi connections to his router, I built a bridge using a small Dell computer...
  14. Lazzer408

    [WTB][US] 1366 Motherboard mATX or ATX

    I need a socket 1366 motherboard for an i7 920. Looking to spend $100 maybe a little more. Also need 3x2gb or 2x2gb or 2x4gb DDR3 for same build. My gf is due for an upgrade from her c2d and I got the i7 CPU cheap so help her out! She'll make you cake! :D Thanks. :toast:
  15. Lazzer408

    Seagate Goflex 2tb NOT created equal.

    Seagate must be pinching pennys again with their recent run of 2tb Goflex external USB3.0 harddrives. I've been purchasing these for less then a bare 2tb drive and, until recently, they contained Seagate model ST2000DM001 7200RPM drives sporting a 64mb buffer. Diskmark pulls off 162MB/s on it...
  16. Lazzer408

    Outlook (or whatever they call it) not showing emails.

    Does anyone know why the content of all my emails is showing as an attachment instead of an email? This happened after a power failure last night. I was trying to attach a file but apparently my photoeditor also broke. :banghead: EDIT - Photoeditor fixed. Take a look. In the right pane...
  17. Lazzer408

    A peak inside the FSP "450w" Micro ATX FSP450-60GHS(85)-R

    Model FSP450-60GHS(85)-R SFX (Micro ATX) +3.3V@21A, +5V@22A, +12V1@18A, +12V2@18A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A I believe this is the same unit as the Silverstone ST45SF. A few things about this PSU I'd like to point out. The "heatsink" on the secondary rectifiers is sunk to the power supply's...
  18. Lazzer408

    [WTB][US] Modular PSU cables

    If you have a popped modular supply I need your old cables. Also looking for a decent 775 board with voltage/clock adjustment. Thanks.
  19. Lazzer408

    nmediapc pro-lcd "ditch the molex" dimmer mod.

    Here's a mod to the Nmedia PC PRO-LCD display to loose the molex connector and add a dimmer. The red and black wires (noted with blue arrows) lead to a 4pin molex connector and provide 5v to drive the display's backlight. Using a pin, remove these from the connector. The terminals on the...
  20. Lazzer408

    Crucial SSD random issues. Diagnostic utility?

    I have a Crucial CT128M225 that's back from RMA and doesn't have much use. Maybe a few months of web browsing and whatnot. When I use the drive, it'll work ok for awhile then lock the computer with the HDD LED stuck on. When I reboot, the drive isn't found by the BIOS. If I keep the computer off...
  21. Lazzer408

    FSP or Sparkle Power?

    Take a look at the specs from these two SFX/MicroATX power supplies. Assume the cost is equal. Which do you prefer? If there is another brand/model that's better suited for a micro ATX gaming rig, please post a link to it's specs. FSP model FSP450-60GHS(85)-R (bottom of page)...
  22. Lazzer408

    Need dimensions on low-profile CPU coolers.

    Anyone have these coolers to measure? (and any other common low profile 775/1155 coolers you can think of). I need the height from the base to the top (see example). I will enter the heights as I find them. Akasa AK-961 (2.87") Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP (1.97") Arctic Cooling Freezer 11...
  23. Lazzer408

    USB boot for bios update

    Can someone point me to a utility to make a usb stick bootable. I lost mine and can't find it. I need a next>ok>finish solution. The HP one (once I got it to finally install) doesnt work.
  24. Lazzer408

    Use a RAMdrive to increase Windows performance and SSD lifespan.

    Well I had a great write-up going for this tweak but it fell victum to the Backspace key. (MS you #@$%suckers) Unfortunatly I'm to frustrated to rewrite it. Sorry. Anyways... Here's the link to Dataram's RAMdisc utility for creating the ramdrive...
  25. Lazzer408

    Any hardware ramdrives anymore?

    I'm still facinated by devices like this. http://www.acard.com/english/fb01-specification-print.jsp?idno_no=270 Ram is dirt cheap. The PCB and interface components are not costly either. In the link I posted, that devices biggest flaw is the CF card for backup. Replace the CF with a 2.5"...