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    What will Future optical media storage should be?

    This kept me thinking what will end the age of bluray? Horogram disk, hard disks or platter removable, more layers on a disk/blu ray? If a game content such as game's in 5 years are going to have 2-5 times the texture resolution, should they be selling multiple disks. I think Somewhere in the...
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    Cooking oil PC can combine with a fish tank?

    For those people who are crazy about having gold fish in ur PC. SO if you layered ur water tank > Oil top on water, then u put the pc on the oil section and fish lower down in the water section. PLUS++++++++ > http://ohgizmo.com/2007/03/29/japanese-deep-fryer-has-aquarium-within/ Have any...
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    i915PM not socket 479 compatible with Yonah and Merom?

    i got a ASUS A6VM with i915PM mod i open the CPU socket up and it said "mPGA479M socket" with pentium M 735 Dothan in it i Wondered if Core 1/2 duo mobile will work on that motherboard or not my openion is that it might work with core 1 but not very sure with 64 bit core 2 The fact that im using...