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    Cooler Master Releases the CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee

    Just me or does this scream NOD? :cool:
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    AMD Readies New Round of Radeon HD 7000 Series Price Cuts

    Last I checked the HD 7970 GHz Edition matched the GTX 680 pretty well. Also, there will always be a trade off between compute performance and gaming power efficiency. Look at how efficient the Radeon 6870s were. AMD stripped out most of the compute elements, cut the transistor count and more...
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    GK104 Die-Size Estimated

    I agree, that statement is phrased erroneously. It should say "The total transistor count is estimated based on the transistor densities of Tahiti, Pitcairn and Cape Verde." Which also means the diagram is labeled wrong as well. Transistor density should be Transistors/mm^2. Total...
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    AMD Posts Catalyst 11.11c Performance Driver

    Seems to be working with my roommate's HD 4850x2 card.
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    Noctua Announces New PWM Fans

    Actually no, that wouldn't work, you would need a very large capacitor because the fan is pulling a substantial amount of current and would quickly drain any charge on the capacitor. You would have to buffer the current.
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    AMD Outs Second Catalyst Performance Driver In A Week

    Where's the HD 4000 series love? Oh well, I'll wait for a more mature driver since people with the 6000 series are still saying they're getting negative scaling. I'll stick to the 11.11a + .dll fix. I only get up to about 50%-%70 utilization on the second card, but it's much better than...
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    Winbond Shrinks SPI Flash Chips

    Hey, this is pretty cool. I'll have to keep this in mind, I'm currently working on some space contrained instrumentation. Thanks techPowerUp!
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    AMD Radeon Gets Battlefield 3 Ready, Too

    Yeah, I would hope for some optimizations for the 4000 series as well. I'm running two HD 4870s in crossfire which are still capable of a lot. I mean, I was an early adopter, bought them in July 2008 and I'm glad they've made it this far, but if I could I'd like a little a more out of them...
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    New Sandia CPU Cooler Design Offers Fundamental Breakthrough in Heat Transfer

    Hooray for New Mexico and watermelon CPU coolers!
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    AMD Charts Path for Future of its GPU Architecture

    The GPU is faster than the CPU at arithmetic operations that can occur in parallel (Like video and graphics). The CPU is much faster at sequential logic. The CPU has been tailored toward its area and the GPU to its own a well. However now we see the gray area between the two increasing more...
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    AMD Delivers First Embedded GPU Supporting OpenCL and Six Displays

    That would mean more work for the laptop manufacturer. this literally offers no connectivity, the designer has to do that in house, the parts that go into laptops usually are already spreadout with PCI-e connectivity pins as well as video out pins ready to be interfaced to DVI/HDMI/Display PORT...
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    Roccat Intros Kova[+] Gaming Mouse

    Yeah, basically you're changing the sensitivity on the fly by changing the resolution. It's more accurate to use a higher DPI for higher sensitivity then to just stretch out 800DPI.
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    Western Digital Intros Caviar Blue HDDs with SATA 6 Gb/s Interface

    Why not implement it anyway? It's not bringing up the costs of the drive in any way. I'm sure the drive may get up there in very small bursts when it's accessing cached data. Also SATA 3 offers more than just bandwidth, it also improves upon Native Command Queuing and power management. It...
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    Thermaltake Introduces Armor A30 Compact Gaming Chassis

    Or maybe it's just a typo and they meant to put GTX 480.
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    AMD Cayman, Antilles Specifications Surface

    That's an awful lot to ask for considering there wasn't a change to a smaller fabrication process. It's not gonna happen.
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    AMD Unveils ATI Catalyst 10.6 WHQL Software Suite

    I think I'm going to have to switch back to 10.4a... They keep saying they fixed the loading times for BFBC2 but they're still worse when compared to 10.4. Also BFBC2 was running buttery smooth under 2 HD 4870s, and now it runs like crap... What the hell ATI, get your crap together and get...
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    ATI Catalyst 10.5 WHQL Driver Suite Released

    Yeah, I'll be rolling back just for BFBC2 loading times. :banghead:
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    AMD Details ATI Catalyst 9.8

    I just played through the opening sequence of Fallout 3 from birth to escape and I didn't get any of those random slowdowns that seem to be associated with CrossfireX/SLI. HDR glitch is still there though.
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    ATI ''Evergreen'' Promises You Won't Believe Your Eyes

    My bet is that the GTX 3xx cards are going to be faster than ATIs offerings. However because they are getting released first, they are going to get reviewed well because they are going to smoke HD 4xxx and GTX 2xx and it's going to be this way for a few months (which is a long time for computer...
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    AMD Sneaks in ATI Catalyst 9.8 Driver Suite

    Yeah no kidding. Those FarCry2 results looks pretty good, but I don't have FC2. I guess I'll just have to wait for the official release notes to see if any of the changes affect me. Also are the scaling options missing for you? I dug through the driver and I couldn't find where to set it to...
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    AMD Sneaks in ATI Catalyst 9.8 Driver Suite

    I'm running a QX9770 @ 4.00GHz, an X38, and 2 HD 4870s in Crossfire. I haven't seen much difference with anything yet so I think Intel platforms got the shaft on this update.
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    Corsair Prepares New Dual-Channel Kits for Upcoming LGA-1156 Processors

    Those latencies are pretty bad for the 2 x 2GB kits. 8-8-8-24 is pretty bad, and 9-9-9-24 is worse. I just bought a 7-7-7-24 OCZ kit, and I would've gone with a Muskin kit with 7-7-7-20 but it was sold out, and this OCZ kit was on sale for $50.
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    Corsair Labs Tells Why Quality CPU Cooling is Essential for Core i7 Memory Overclock

    At least they try to pitch their products legitimately and do experiments that show you how one of their products may improve your experience with another one of their products (makes sense to promote your own stuff). Nvidia on the other hand markets like I can't stand. Rebranding everything...
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    Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Retail Prices Ahead of General Availability

    Sweet, $50 preorder upgrade price. Thanks for the link, I think I'll buy my copy tomorrow. :toast:
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Takes Final Steps Towards Fab 2 Groundbreaking

    It's not that unusual. Intel has plenty of fabs here in the USA, there is one in my city, except they seem to have lots of fabs around the world. Indeed it is good that we are opening another one in the USA though, good for the economy. Now if only we could get a board partner to create ATI...