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    E8400 temperature problems no oc stock cooling

    I'm running an intel e8400 processor at stock speed with stock cooling. My temps were 39-40C for the cpu and 55-56C for core #1 at idle and the core voltage set to 1.15 V. Under load the temp would reach 58 for the cpu and 63 for the core. Are these temps too high? I tried setting the voltage...
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    Voltmodding XFX 8600GT

    can anyone please help me voltmodding my XFX 8600GT? another question, can someone please tell me how much Watts the card pulls(before voltmodded and after?) since there is no extra power connector and I think the PCI slot can only give 75W I think?
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    Asus A8n-vm Csm

    does any1 here have a board like this1 here? can any1 help me with BIOS settings? I really have no idea what some of the features do...
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    Is nTune any g00d?

    I wanna know whether it is advisable (and safe etc.) to use nTune 2 tune up ur PC, by that i mean letting it tune ur PC by using the Fine Tune setting.
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    8600 that's hardmoddable/softmoddable?

    does any1 know of (or recomend) a 8600GT card that is hardmoddable/softmoddable that isnt 2 expensive, i wanna c what I can achieve with it...