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    vidcard for working in viewport such as Maya/houdini

    I've been searching a few threads, and have been looking around. Kinda on the fence about a graphics cad, I know I can go cheapo, but when working with Maya, and houdini in the viewport kinda wondering if I should take a GTX 650 / radeon 7850. I know I'm buying the video card last unless...
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    Need advice on building a system for rendering

    1. Need to build a renderbox. Why? well I got a laptop and renders are pretty slow on it. 2. I can't use macs at school to render and I can't render overnight at the junior college and cloud based rendering I've decided to pass on that. 3. The main purpose is so I can do lighting. I want to...
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    Got question about laptop

    a friend of mine is planning to invest in a ASUS G73Jw I haven't studied out too much on but its packin an i7, anyone have any suggestions for lappy's that may be equivalent to it? He works with 3ds max, mudbox, maya, etc. Wants to be an game dev. The main question is what would his...
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    how is windows 7 shaping up?

    yea you can tell by the name of title I'm kinda out of the loop?? Actually is way better than vista?? because I might consider buying it for my netbook. I plan on updating myself about 7 next week I just wondered you know. Might even buy a copy of it.
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    Does anyone anything about Sony W series laptop

    Man have I been out of the loop, anyone happen to know anything about the new W series laptops from Sony??? I got mine for 150 bucks, I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about em, because I might shove another gig of ram in there, and try to add windows 7 or run linux off an sd card or...
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    laptop hdd IDE to CF convertor

    Doing some research, I'm probably going to get an old skool laptop in pretty soon, wish I could score a netbook but I'm broke....anyways. Either getting an HP nc4010 or nc4200. Both pack 12.1 inch screens, old centrino procs, nothing special just need them for school. Just wondering. If...
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    opinions on getting either 6 or 8gb of RAM

    Okay I need some opinions, better to get either 6gb or go full on 8gb. I currently have 4gb but plan to do more dev work this year, and plan to completely phaze out gaming. just wondering if it even matters, not moving to DDr3 till next year, unless DFI puts out an Matx board that...
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    power requirements for 8800GT

    my buddy has an 8800GT, said it keeps artifacting, He's past the 30days from newegg so I know he has to send back to Palit, but I need to be sure, what are the amp requirements for 8800GT. I need to be sure I mostly recommended the build for him, but I might have made a mistake on the PSU...
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    Got some questions on enclosures

    Well after debating just gonna try to go with another hdd for the system. I got my ES2 250gb from seagate sitting in closet. And currently a 500GB wd black in this one, and have a wd external drive with 320gb. so far about 900gb or 1TB of storage all together. \ but I think I'm gonna need...
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    Are ssd drives worth it

    Just wondering is this ssd drive worth it?? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220341 patriot http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227372 OCZ just wondering if it is worth right now to aim for ssd, I might grab one. Either that or buy RAM and...
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    about OCZ platinum's

    I got mine set at default well slightly undervolted. 5-5-5-18 at 2.0 default is 2.1v has anyone been able to get tighter timings on the 1066 kit???? the 2x4gb one???
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    DFI oc's the phenom 940

    Just browsing through DFI's site. Anyone notice this yet???? http://img.lanparty.tw/Upload/CatalogElement/JR790GX940OC.pdf
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    quick question about FAT32

    I'm just wondering how big can a partition be for FAT32???? I always thought it tapered off at 40gb but I look at my mybook and it's 320gb FAT32 partition. kept wondering why it wouldn't allow me to hold more than a 4gb file on the drive itself. Anyways just wondered about that. Also...
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    Need some assistance on ocing x2 4400+

    Okay went ahead and tried to OC my 4400+ I managed to get 2.875ghz, but it aint stable it's really awkward I wonder what I'm doing wrong with this thing. In bios I turned HT to 800, DDR2 to 667, change FSB to 250 or 255, and up the voltage +100.mv It's been kinda awkward I'm using artic silver...
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    any one know what type of coolers fit in lanbox??

    anyone know what type of CPU coolers fit in the lanbox??? ones that don't cover up ram slots???
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    Rigs I've built (will update this slowly)

    Rigs I've built I've built a few rigs over the years. Just thinking about it now, I've decided to post some info about what I've done. First rig I built. My senior year in high school worst thing I ever friggin made. CPU: AMD Sempron 2600+ 1.8ghz socket A MOBO: MSI k2n2gm-v Socket A...
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    Have some concerns about this hard drive

    Well I got the WD caviar black in, and I just wondered after running HDtune twice, I hope I'm worrying for nothing but hmmm everything just seems a tad off. minimum was 44 in first test, then 36 in second, I don't remember my es2 dropping below 45. max was 91 then 88 average was 74 and 69...
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    Is there a need to upgrade the processor in my sys

    Just wonder, should I go for a proc or should I just suck it up and wait for Kuma, or deneb? Been on my mind, there are sempron x2's out there but I think those are a joke, then there is 4850e, 50 on newegg, or a be 2350 on ebay. Thats pretty much all I'm thinking about. I had a phenom...
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    Need suggestion for hard drive

    I'm looking into getting a bigger hard drive, looked through the charts, RAID is definate NO, I have a 250gb ES2 from seagate, Was thinking of either going to the 500gb WD black 32mb cache, or another es2 500g with 32mb cache(anyone got another one of these? I heard they have a high rate...
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    overclocking a sempron just need a few suggestions

    Just doing some test runs on a sempron le 1150...practically bottom of barrel, after doing some research most I saw was a 2.8ghz oc. I'm going to do some base work on it and see how high it can go. looks like multi is locked up in my bios which really ticks me off, HT at best can go to...
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    Just came in DFI 790GX-m2rs

    just got mine in today, man I'm so pumped, I haven't been this happy about getting a mobo in like man lol, I mean just looking at the back I was like man this is one heck of a matx board, but its not perfect though, still I hope there is a possibility of hitting ddr2 1200 on it and hope to...
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    Wondering if this will work for DFI 790GX

    originally I was against this upgrade, but since I got my board sold figured I'd get this, http://www.motherboardpro.com/DFI-LanParty-JR-790GX-M2RS-DDR2-AM2-Micro-ATX-Motherboard-p-745.html I wanted to know if this cooler would work for the SB, if I rotated it properly, I think it should...
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    [FS][US] KYSG's junk shed

    WTT: UMPC acer aspire/msi wind/EEE PC I don't care about the size of the Drive needs to be able to expand to a 16gb SD card or 32gb SDHC card. or external enclosure, needs to be esata or usb2.0 and has to have a fan. Revamp. Need so sell that 1080p monitor. Really need it gone. Also...
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    cooling suggestions for these mobos

    These aren't out yet, but considereng them, http://www.biostar-usa.com/app/en-us/t-series/introduction.php?S_ID=375 This is biostar 790GX http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=8777&Itemid=37 the bottom one is 790GX m2rs, And wondering if theres any adequet...
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    whats a good cooler for radeon 4850

    hey whats a good cooler for radeon 4850, I'm gonna purchase a cooler for my 4850, any good ideas on one??? I like this one but anyone got any suggestions??? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118006 EDIT: forgot to add also on the front part of the 4850 what would I use...