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  1. fynxer

    Dell Lists an AMD "Ryzen 7 5800" (non-X) Option

    Why not make sure we can buy 5900X instead, been waiting 2 months for my order.
  2. fynxer

    NVIDIA Announces New CMP Series Specifically Designed for Cryptocurrency Mining; Caps Mining Performance on RTX 3060

    Can bet that MASSIVE EFFORT will be put in to hacking the Nvidia driver for the RTX 3060. As long as the hashrate lock is software only and not in the actual GPU it will be fixed one way or the other. ALSO THIS IS A BLOW TO GAMERS... Think of all the gamers running NiceHash when not gaming...
  3. fynxer

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-Series GPU Availability to Reportedly Worsen in Q1

    This is just amazing that they still have not been able to ramp up production of GPUs. I mean Samsung must have started to manufacture GPUs like 6 months before 3080 release in September and still have not been able to increase production to a level so that it is improving the situation in the...
  4. fynxer

    Intel B460 and H410 Chipsets Don't Support 11th Gen Core "Rocket Lake"

    B560 motherboards will Sky Rocket in price This is just a way make more money. They better rename CPU to "Sky Rocket" instead
  5. fynxer

    NVIDIA to Re-introduce GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER GPUs

    Supposed retail for 3060 of €399 is fake, it will quickly increase to €500+ Nvidia with partners are increasing prices like crazy and blaming higher price of components. IT IS A LIE, there is no way all components have gotten even close to 50% more expensive since release. This week they are...
  6. fynxer

    Intel Rocket Lake-S Processors European Pricing Leaked

    HAHAHAHAHAHA AMD is baiting Intel to match their high prices for Ryzen 5000 series. When Intel releases it's new CPUs AMD will drop their prices enuf to make Intel's CPUs unattractive. AMD knows that Intel is not flexible and have a real hard time lowering their prices after release, it is...
  7. fynxer

    Linus Torvalds Calls Out Intel for ECC Memory Market Stagnation

    If you want crashes to save a few buck then well buy shitty hardware with non ecc, it is a free world. All other people 99.99999% don't want computers that f**k up their life's and may want to invest few extra buck to have a stable computer that don't waste the little time you have on this...
  8. fynxer

    ASUS Also Rolls Out TUF Gaming VG289Q1A Monitor

    60Hz? Gaming monitor? What a joke! Releasing a 60Hz screen with the TUF Gaming brand is a very bad idea.
  9. fynxer

    It's a Scalping Christmas: Scalpers of Latest Games Consoles, PC Hardware Rake In ~$39 million

    My Scalping only generated €500 profit selling one ASUS 3080 Gaming OC :(
  10. fynxer

    MSI Cargo Containers Chock-Full of RTX 3090 Graphics Cards Allegedly Stolen, $336,500 Value at MSRP

    Will keep an eye out and see if anything pops up here in Sweden. Or MSI just used them in their new line of Gaming PC Desktops they just released last week and need an excuse to all retailer why they where not getting any 3090 cards.
  11. fynxer

    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" AotS Benchmark Numbers Surface

    Points for Intel trying to get back on their feet and reclaim the performance gap to AMD. Here is the BAD NEWS, since AMD kept a high pricing model for the Ryzen 5000 series Intel will follow that lead and NOT lower the prices. This behavior is in Intel’s DNA, that in any given situation...
  12. fynxer

    NVIDIA: RTX 30-series Shortages Partly Caused by Insufficient Wafer, Substrate and Component Supply

    Yep, lots of problems in many places. nvidia is so hot for profit they can't even hold back from selling Ampere cards to upgrading miners. They reported that they sold for approx $175 million to miners. Also graphic card manufacturers now reportedly allocating 3080 stock to build their own...
  13. fynxer

    MSI Gaming Desktops with NVIDIA Ampere Graphics Hit the Shelves

    You forget scalps make shit loads of money so the stock pile they are sitting on now is probably bought and paid for with profit from earlier sales. I got two ASUS 3080 TUF Gaming OC, kept one and sold the other on auction with a profit of €500. It was insane, could not believe my eyes when the...
  14. fynxer

    MSI Gaming Desktops with NVIDIA Ampere Graphics Hit the Shelves

    Maybe they should deliver their backlog of 3080 card first that customers are waiting for. This is now getting ludicrous, manufacturers reserving 3080 for their own branded desktop PCs when many have been waiting for ages to get their hands on a 3080 card. MSI is a manufacturer of graphics...
  15. fynxer

    TSMC Partners With Google and AMD to Push 3D Silicon

    Every one knows the T800 Neural Net CPU - aka The Brain Chip - is the first real 3D CPU that will be made. Now it looks to be sooner rather than later since the manufacturing tech will be available from 2022
  16. fynxer

    Intel Partners with IO Interactive to Bring High Core Count CPU Support to Hitman 3

    Haha, too little too late. While Intel was raking in profits during Skylake period their BIG selling point for not releasing more cores was "Four cores is enuf for home use and gaming, you don't need more" so the message was more or less, because we can we will rip you off selling four cores at...
  17. fynxer

    NVIDIA Reportedly Working on GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Card with 20 GB GDDR6X VRAM

    320bit mem bus must be fake news and Trump won the election if you only count his votes :) Why 320bit mem bus? If people are going to pay +$300 they would want some upgrade to the mem bus like 352bit. What ever! If I feel like Nvidia is screwing me I will jump to AMD
  18. fynxer

    NVIDIA Reportedly Delays RTX 3060 Ti Launch to December

    Not a chance, do not have any illusions. It is Nvidia we are talking about so it is greed that dictates, pure and simple. They want to flog as many 3070 as they can before releasing 3060Ti at a lower price point. When AMD wasn't releasing RX6600/6700 this year Huang popped the champagne and...
  19. fynxer

    Intel Storms into 1080p Gaming and Creator Markets with Iris Xe MAX Mobile GPUs

    HAHA, dGPU with 30 FPS @1080p cannot be called gaming. To be able to call it gaming it should be at least 60 FPS @1080p 30FPS @1080p is gaming on life support at best, you get a computer you can play older games BUT what happens when that next gen games comes in a month and you get 20FPS in...
  20. fynxer

    NVIDIA Allegedly Already Preparing an RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Card

    I have bought over 10 cards now. Stock comes in pretty frequently all the time but you cannot get a card sitting around hoping it will come to you, you have to put in some work to get them. I just put a reasonable mark up of 40% and sell to all the lazy people that rather pay more money than...
  21. fynxer

    Looking for a Paperweight? Buy an Oculus Quest 2 and Get Your Facebook Account Locked

    That cannot even be legal, that you are forced to have an active Facebook account to use VR. And if you get in trouble in the social media the your VR is worthless. The more I think about it, the more insane it is. Deleted my Facebook years ago and will not get a new one, it is just a cesspool...
  22. fynxer

    AMD Seemingly Working on Cryptocurrency-focused Navi 10 GPU

    Better buy used RX5700, market will be flooded for a while and prices cheap when people replace RX6000 series (RDN2) to get ray tracing. All also depends on how RX 6000 series perform in mining since they are suppose to be 50% more power efficient. Less power, cheaper Crypto, faster ROI.
  23. fynxer

    Intel "Tiger Lake" Based Pentium and Celeron to Feature AVX2, an Instruction the Entry-Level Brands were Deprived Of

    KARMA is a B!TCH Intel have been starving budget cpus of several function for years and because of that set back most PC to the digital stone age. A simple thing like AES acceleration have been excluded for years in budget cpus for no real reason except Intels greed. Now there are tens of...
  24. fynxer

    AMD Navi 21 XT Seemingly Confirmed to Run at ~2.3, 2.4 GHz Clock, 250 W+

    Yea, this guy must been high GPU DUST for sure and he thinks unicorns exists too. Why this is BULLSH!T is because he is saying 2.4 MHz in base frequency which would make boost much higher than that. Not a chance in hell this is true.
  25. fynxer

    Basemark Launches GPUScore Relic of Life RayTracing Benchmark

    EPIC VID and ALL TRUE HERE Laugh so I cry every time I see them with a theme