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    9900k setup not even running 2600MHz RAM without bumping VCCIO and VCCSA

    I am not sure what is wrong with my system, is the the mobo, CPU or RAM. Have tried reseating CPU, RAM, changing RAM slots and on the latest BIOS. Using XMP, the system won't even get to the rated 3200MHz speed. Instead it will only do 2800MHz with over 1.3V on VCCIO and VCCSA, with the auto...
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    i9 9900k gaming build (for future GFX cards)

    Following my current setup failing: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/post-fine-but-only-see-half-the-ram-and-no-multipler-settings-on-2600k.257359/#post-4080583 I would like to build a new system and hopefully to have it last 8 years or so. It will use my current CPU cooler (Noctua...
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    POST fine but only see half the RAM and no multipler settings on 2600k

    Hi all, Hopefully this is the right place to ask, I have been running this same system for a long time on a stable overclock and zero issues until now. I used the reset pin on the MOBO then strange things started happening. Issues 2600k multiper settings completely gone from BIOS Mobo only...
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    TPU headphones recommendations thread

    Instead of scattered recommendation around in the threads they don't meant to be, why not have a centralised thread to deal with this. Be it you are looking for £1000+ headphones or £100 IEMs, this is the place. The standard good starting headphones: Closed back portable: Audio Technica WS70...
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    Messed up impression: What I think about the AD1000PRM and W5000

    Not sure where to post this, so its going to general hardware. Note: This is not an everyday review that you see, if you hate this style, fine, so be it. Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-AD1000PRM, Audio Technica ATH-W5000 Amp: HA5000 reproduction version Source: Asus Xonar Essence ST...
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    [EU] [UK] HMV headphones sale

    Senn IE6 for £49.99 http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?ctx=345;16;-1;-1;234&sku=864046 Shure SRH750DJ for £59.99 http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?ctx=345;16;-1;-1;234&sku=299489 Denon D1100 for £69.99...
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    Need help fixing RAID 0 array (AAM+various settings)

    Drives: Samsung F3 1TB x 2 Chipset: P67, Intel RAID 0, 128KB stripe size Wonder if anything can be done to my F3 RAID 0, one drive have AAM on and the other haven't, no idea how this is affecting its performance. Also on AIDA64, one drive is reported to have 4 ECC bytes and the other having 80...
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    Great free online Semi-Sim Racing game

    I have played Project Torque for quite a while now, it have proved itself the best racing game I've played for a long time, tightly after NFS Porshe 2000 (Last good NFS D:! ) Its really a good game have a break from all the stressy FPS games. in-game nick: Ra97oR The game is free...
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    Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme and OCZ Reaper

    I just got some OCZ Reaper and a broken cooler (Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7). I wonder would my setup fit Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme which I planned to get. Currently the fan on the FP7 is lightly squashed inwards by the massive heatsink on the Reaper. Anyone have a similar setup?