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  1. J

    [WTB] GPU Water block for 4850

    Looking for just that, a water block that will fit a ref design 4850. Nothing fancy, just can't seem to find any anywhere, except microcenter, who has one, and is more than an hour from me. Not looking for full coverage, but I would not complain. I am hoping one of you guys or gals has a block...
  2. J

    Bad RAM or bad mobo?

    Soooo... I recently built an i7 rig, but have yet to mess with oc'ing because i've got major issues. Against my gut feelings, I decided to go with patriot memory because the price was good for a 6gb kit that ran at 1600mhz. After a few days, with no OC'ing or even an attempt at it, one stick...
  3. J

    [FS][US] AMD X4 9150e and IR Remote / Reciever

    I have no need for this thing, just got it for a good price cause of where I work. It is OEM, and is unused. Not looking for much, but be reasonable with your offers. If you can't read the close up below: -------SOLD--------- AMD Phenom HD91500DJ4BGH JAAHB AA 0818EPDW 964057E80144 Also trying...
  4. J

    What's next? GFX or new Monitor?

    I want to upgrade a single component at this point. I'll throw about $200 or so at whatever needs to be upgraded. I would predict most people would say graphics, but my monitor is also a measly 19" 4:3. Those would really be my 2 choices, what does everyone else think? BTW right now at the egg...
  5. J

    8500gt $3 AR ($60 Mir)

    8500gt $3 AR ($60 Mir) -- Sold Out CompUSA has the 8500GT 256MB for under $55 plus S/H, with a $60 MIR. Would make a great backup card, or even a decent card on a tight budget...
  6. J

    Crysis: Warhead Preorder $30 shipped

    Found this deal on slickdeals.net Free shipping with code SAVER Expected date at this point: 9/16 http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=71736&affID=77777&sourceID=lw9MynSeamY-ECrACW.9DHeR2_7F4Yu5kQ EDIT: Crysis: Warhead is a STANDALONE game, not an expansion