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  1. _jM

    ASUS MS series LED Monitor?

    Hey guys .. I popped in to get some TPU feedback on the new ASUS MS238H LED Monitor 23 inch version. Here's a picture and Neweggs link for the product. I have this one on the way tomorrow :) ASUS MS238H Glossy Black 23" 2ms Ring stand & Ergo... And here is the product-page from ASUS...
  2. _jM

    _jM's 3rd 09 rig??

    OK.. most of you know that I have gone through more hardware this year than most of us go through socks... Thing is.. I want to go back to a Mid tower and I really like This one here And I am a fan of the new i7's.. but Im leaning to using the MSI 790FX-D70 AM3 board with 2/3 4890's or just...
  3. _jM

    Steams l4d freaky friday glitch

    Some of us know that friday Steam released the game Left 4 Dead for people to test out for 24 hours. Well, me being one of the people who have never bought the game(I did play the demo once upon a time) decided to test our steams offer being bored with my other games. So it installed just like...
  4. _jM

    How fast Is your Vista boot time?

    As the title states. How fast is your re-boot time? This little file will allow you to see the exact amount of time it takes your PC to re-boot from desktop to desktop. Below is the instructions to do this. Have fun:D Instructions: 1. Open your favorite text editor (notepad will do the job...
  5. _jM

    RAZER Mamba?

    OK guys just wanted to let you know that I just purchased the RAZER Mamba I have heard alot about this mouse, it is supposed to be the fastest on the market. Has anyone here had a chance to use this mouse and if so please tell me it is really worth the $$. I remember my Lachesis and it was a...
  6. _jM

    [FS/FT][US] Brand New HIS IceQ4 Turbo edition HD 4850's (5days old)

    OK guys, I got these cards last Friday and im getting rid of them. I was going to get a refund but the Egg wont let me due to the manufacture's warranty. There is nothing wrong with them, they have been used for 4 days(came in Fri installed em Sat) I have a bigger LCD and they do not scale good...
  7. _jM

    What should I do about this?

    This is the 4th install of WARHEAD and I get this when I go to play the game Im so pissed! Wtf should I do about that? Im not paying for ANOTHER Key, thats complete BS! F'ing EA SuX!
  8. _jM

    Dual HIS 4850s compared to GTX 260?

    OK I have 2 HIS 4850 512mb cards on the way.(IceQ version) I currently have a EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 right now. I was wondering if those of you that are running Crossfire 4850's what kinda performance your getting and if its better than my current set-up. When the cards come in, and I keep...
  9. _jM

    My First RAID config....

    OK guys I just ordered 3 of these... (3rd for an external backup) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136073 I have never set up a raid b4 so this will be my first. Question is.... are the 2 drives I bought goo,great,ok? for a RAID config? If so what type of raid should I...
  10. _jM

    [Case Gallery] Red & Black 900 v.2 ~updated

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: ANTEC 900 v.2 w/custom paint Intel Core2Quad Q9550 @ 3.9ghz 1833mhz FSB 1.31v ASUS Maximus II Formula P45 Motherboard EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 55nm 8GB CORSAIR Dominators@1100Mhz 5-5-5-15 CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster V8 CORSAIR HX620 Modular PSU WD...
  11. _jM

    Q9550 Voltage questions

    My 24/7 OC For my Q9550 is = Core: 3.84Ghz and FSB: 1800Mhz 1.34v (after vdroop) Whats a good voltage for those settings? Also, when OCing should I mess with the GTL ref's?? And what is the voltage range I should keep in mind when OCing this chip?
  12. _jM

    SetFSB Clock Gen for ASUS M2F Board..?

    OK I installed SetFSB and I have no idea what the clock gen for this board is (ASUS Maximus II Formula P45) Does anyone here know how to find out what it is or where i can look to find out myself? Please reply ASAP... very important! Thanks
  13. _jM

    My new ANTEC 900 w/custom paint

    My new ANTEC 900 w/custom paint-- new pix! OK guys .. alot of you know im building a new PC here for my main rig. I just sold my rig for a decent price tag so i have some goodies to show off. First off I painted my 900 blood red interior and all the mesh the same. I chose that color cuz my...
  14. _jM


    OK guys im soo excited, the wife let me get a new CPU today for my birthday (this Sunday) so i ordered a Q9550, WD 160GB HDD SATA II (OS/game drive) and some AS5! Im sooo freakin excited... i feel like a kid again! Im gonna use my E5200 for my father-inlaw's new build that Im gonna start this...
  15. _jM

    Pics of new GTX260/XFX780i

    As the title states... :rockout: Not too shabby..:toast: I will edit my sys specs later.. bout to do some gaming... gonna ty out the titan pack for UT3.. just got it loaded.. ( i cant wait)
  16. _jM

    ANTEC 900 Two.... seen it yet?

    Has anyone seen THIS yet? I just stumbled upon it on NewEgg.com I personally like the newer version, Im a fan of mid towers and I was thinking of getting the 1200.. for the sole purpose that it has an all black interior. But now I can get the mid version with the black paint job too! Way to...
  17. _jM

    XFX 780i Overclocking Questions

    As some of you may know I just recently traded a few items to PP Mguire for this XFX 780i board. Board is in excellent working condition. I now have the board in my system and im trying to determine wich board to use rite now. Yes Im an Overclocking nut like most of us here. But untill I get a...
  18. _jM

    XFX 780i -vs- ASUS P5Q PRO

    OK... my system is jam up for what it is. It is fast, reliable, stable and plays anything i can throw at it. (thanks to my new friend the GTX 260) But I have recently made a little trade for PP Mguire's XFX 780i board in the FS thread. Seeing as i have a GTX 260 now, I wanted some feedback...
  19. _jM

    Rig update!

    OK here's what this big ass GTX 260 looks like in my mid tower. And Im posting a few pix of my latest idea...:toast: OK here's my new creation I had... I had to find a way to keep the PSU plug more stable when moving the case around. (I would move the case and the plug would pop...
  20. _jM

    [WTB][US] Need a E8600 or E8500 or E8400

    Trading for E8400/8500/8600 CPU I am looking for a good deal on a E8600,8500,8400. I will make a trade out if you want anything i have here. ( i will post pics soon for the trade items) the items I will trade out for is : An ASUS P1 PhysX card 128MB , ABIT AS8-V Mobo, P4 3ghz LGA 775...
  21. _jM

    XFX 4870 XXX or the EVGA 55nm 260 (216) ?

    First off im no fan boi :shadedshu Im going to buy a new card tomorrow from the egg (or tonite @ midnight when my funds go into the accnt) So I need serious comments only please! I've been looking at the new XFX 4870 1gb XXX edition card along with the new EVGA 55nm GTX 260 (216 shader model)...
  22. _jM

    Athlon X2 7750-vs-E5200 OC & Value

    Found this neat little review on the comparison between AMD's Budget OC chip (Athlon X2 7750) and Intel's Budget OC chip the E5200. Figured this would help the people who are trying to decide on buying a lower end OC chip from AMD or Intel. Enjoy :D
  23. _jM

    4gb of OCZ SLI editon For $9.99

    Here's the LINK OCZ SLI-Ready Dual Channel 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2x2048MB) $9.99 not bad at alll.. :D Enjoy (if this came in handy .. hook it up with a "thanks") :D
  24. _jM

    Black Dragon 1066 2GB Kit

    Hey guys, I just ordered some GEIL Black Dragons from the EGG and I was wondering If any of you here know exactly how good these sticks are. I know they are better than my current set, but Im just trying to see If I made a good purchase. I bought these for the sole purpose of OC ablity and the...
  25. _jM

    Memory Confusion...

    OK guys I just downloaded MemSet 3.6 just to play around with. Before i DL memset, I have OC'd My memory from 1066 to 1111mhz.(6 hour blend test Prim95 stable :D) Ever since Ive had the ram in this system, CPU-Z under SPD tells me im basicly running DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) But the mhz @ stock is...