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  1. skylamer

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    Great new looking forum, :)
  2. skylamer

    Giveaway: Four DOTA 2 Keys

    I Have some Dota 2 Invites left... here send PM with email, steam acc :) ( 9 invites to be accurate )
  3. skylamer


    Okay, we believe you now giveaway some stuff to all of us!!!
  4. skylamer

    Wish You a Happy 2013!

  5. skylamer

    Giveaway: 10 x Dota 2 Invites

    four left
  6. skylamer

    Nvidia Display Driver Service Exploit

    @via http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4966380 Source: http://pastebin.com/QP7eZaJt
  7. skylamer

    Giveaway: 10 x Dota 2 Invites

    six, one is gone
  8. skylamer

    Giveaway: 10 x Dota 2 Invites

    Have ~7 invites also, PM for one ( email, steam account )
  9. skylamer

    Giveaway: Crysis 2 & CS:GO

    Madballs is insane good game... if they're players still playing it :D)
  10. skylamer

    Giveaway: Crysis 2 & CS:GO

    off: I have some invites for Dota2, write PM if you want some of them
  11. skylamer

    Giveaway: Crysis 2 & CS:GO

    Want CS:GO Edit: because almost all of my friends in Steam had it and we want to play it together ( we played a lot through the free weekend of go ), also i want to train more in the game for the next lan tournaments here (recoil, strats etc) and will be very cool to have the game to play it in...
  12. skylamer

    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Windows 8 EE trial right now
  13. skylamer

    Giveaway: More Dota 2 Keys

    I have some 4 keys and giving for you all of them, send PMs or something also some trading for CS:GO or other games would be cool :)
  14. skylamer

    Help how to change Firefox's Image view back to old style?

    may be ask on the mozillazine forums, and theyll help you or fill some bugs in the bugzilla of the firefox :)
  15. skylamer

    FREE Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

    yea i can ive you the key but may be it wont work for YOU
  16. skylamer

    FREE Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

    you're not from EU
  17. skylamer

    FREE Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

    Any one want key ?
  18. skylamer

    Good Defrag Program

    I can JkDrefrag MyDefrag Auslogics Disk defrag Defragglere UltraDefrag Vopt
  19. skylamer

    What happened to GPU-Z 0.4.1?

  20. skylamer


  21. skylamer

    Firefox 3.6 released

    3.6.3 is now here http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/central/ http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/ Download: http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/products/download.html?product=firefox-3.6.3&os=win&lang=en-US Changelog: http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.6.3/releasenotes/
  22. skylamer

    XFX Release 2GB Eyefinity 6 Radeon HD 5870

    i hard about 5970 4gb?
  23. skylamer

    I will be leaving TPU!

    he has, but don't wanna share it with Usz
  24. skylamer

    Best LAN coop games?