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  1. cdawall

    Watercooling options and advice

    I have finally ordered the waterblocks for my GPU. Have three of the chinesium byski 1080Ti blocks heading this way and already got a pair of the barrow 3*120*60mm rads in as well as another pump res top. It will be cooling 3 1080Ti's all overclocked all on stockish PCB's (2 EVGA SC blacks on...
  2. cdawall

    [WTB][US] Caselabs S5 pedestal radiator mounts

    Does anyone have the S5/S8 side mounts they would like to sell? Part numbers are 600511-01 for the 120.3 and 600459-01 for the 120.2/140.2 Heat under cdawall as usual. Willing to trade GPU's or pay cash.
  3. cdawall

    Smallest MITX case

    What is the smallest MITX case you have seen that supports a GPU? I have several spare cards in anything from a low pro 460 to 1080Ti left over from mining and want to upgrade my bedroom PC. I cannot make any headway searching for tiny little guys. It is currently in an Antec ISK 110 so when I...
  4. cdawall

    [FS][US] CPU's, GPU's and memory

  5. cdawall

    51% attacks.

    So I do not know what all people know about these, but as we speak bitmain appears to be behind a large number of 51% attacks using their own ASIC miners. First we had a vulnerability exposed on etn using the new cryptonight ASICs. Actively there is one going on with verge and I fear some of...
  6. cdawall

    P102-100 mining cards

    Well would you look at what popped up
  7. cdawall

    Getting the most out of your cards

    So there is always gobs of questions about how to tweak cards. I am going to show some configurations for the cards I personally have, these will be split between memory intensive algorithms and core intensive algorithms If this helped you out feel free to toss a donation my way, guaranteed it...
  8. cdawall

    RX460 896->1024SP mod and the effect of ASIC quality

    I am sure most of you have seen the news in the past about BIOS modding your 460 essentially into a 560. I got a hold of one inexpensively local and have done that along with modifications to the memory strap to show how much more performance you can get out of the cards. I already have a pair...
  9. cdawall

    [WTB][US] AMD GPU's

    Doesn't matter memory configuration or what brand card. PM me offers if you have anything. heatware under cdawall as usual
  10. cdawall

    Mining Algorithms Explained

    With Nicehash coming back online and some general questions I have seen on here among other places I frequent I figured it was time to do a break down of the different GPU mining algorithms that are out there. I am going to ignore anything scrypt related. This is a work in progress and I will...
  11. cdawall

    [FS/FT][US] cdawall's goodies

    2x8GB DDR4 2133 SODIMM CRUCIAL $120 2x8GB DDR4 2133 SODIMM Samsung $120 Intel Core i7 870 $50 Will trade for RX460/560, 1050Ti's, 1060's, 78x0's, 79x0's, 290's, 390's, 280's, 380's, 270's etc will add cash on my end depending on card 2 Gigabyte GV-N98TG1-GAMING-6GD (980Ti) $275 each $500 set...
  12. cdawall

    Motherboard experience guide

    I will update this as I use them or see them used. As of right now the easiest boards I have used that aren't "mining" boards are the Asus products. Tons of guides on how to set them up and tons of guides for tweaking them to work in your specific needs. Asus Z170 pro gaming --6 cards (none of...
  13. cdawall

    Mining BIOS repository

    I have been testing quite a few different cards with different BIOS's I will go ahead and post each of them that I have with some instructions. If you have some tested BIOS's feel free to post them up and I will add them to the list! Also if you are feeling nice you are welcome to donate to my...
  14. cdawall

    [WTB][US] 1060 3GB

    Any have any of these laying around? Heatware under cdawall as usual.
  15. cdawall

    Riding the Crypto wave

    These pics are basically useless, but it is three of them I moved the PSU around since it is what I was using for peak consumption testing. Parts are mostly out of my closet so far I have all of $250-300 invested...Fighting with temps on the Z170 box, even with two 255CFM Delta's push/pull on...
  16. cdawall

    The trials and tribulations of running 2 480s and the conversion to a 1070

    Well I have been toying around with a single 1070 to see if I could use it as a place holder over my 480's while waiting for Vega to drop and I can decide if I want to go that route over the 1080Ti. So let us start off with the issues I have had with the 480's. Original system specs...
  17. cdawall

    Ryzen benchmarking and overclocking results

    My little Ryzen review. To start off I am overall very impressed with the product, however the thing that left me angry was the feeling that it was released before it was done. To start things off I had a retail sample board and CPU no ES markings just retail style, but the CPU and board...
  18. cdawall

    Any chance we can stop the FUD news posting about ryzen/Intel?

    It's honestly starting to get embarrassing. We have less than a week for reviews I see no reason why there should be more "alternative facts" posted for no reason other than their clickbait titles.
  19. cdawall

    [FS/FT][US] Bunch of stuff

    i7 870 $80 4790 $250 $220 heatware under cdawall. SOLD I5 3570k (some scuffs on IHS) $100 7860K+GB A88XN wifi+2x8GB EVGA DDR3 2400 $160 (2) EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC+ GAMING ACX 2.0+ sealed from RMA $325ea $580 pair i5 6400 $160 $120 i5 4690K $180 $145 I5 2400 $50 $40
  20. cdawall

    EVGA rumored to produce VEGA cards for amd

    http://wccftech.com/amd-evga-vega/ Saw this floating around on several pages. Something to do with nvidia policy and wanting to make more money.
  21. cdawall

    Review power consumption add on

    Is there a chance we could see a OC power consumption graph tossed in on the overclock page? Even if it is just a standard gaming load one?
  22. cdawall

    2011v3 MATX woes

    So I currently have GB X99M-Gaming 5 in my daily/gaming rig. It works great with the CPU@4.5 and a single RX480. After adding a second RX480 to the mix I get constant shut downs under load. I tried fans over the MOSFET heatsinks (board has a heatpipe connecting the chipset/mosfet coolers) and it...
  23. cdawall

    I'm on a boat

    Well the powers at be decided I should make a build inside of the Lian Li PC-Y6B Yacht. I have not finished cable management and I need to swap the inner fan from a Corsair LED to the Tt premium ring, so that I can use the USB control instead of the dumb Corsair link to control color. Original...
  24. cdawall

    [WTB][US] R7 250 low profile

    Anyone have one laying around I need a low profile model for a mini-itx project. Heatware is under cdawall as per usual
  25. cdawall

    Mini ITX ultra portable, half decent gaming box

    I go visit my brothers often enough that it is getting frustrating to lug a larger PC around so we can lan, it will be gaming at 1080P, the games do not have to run at max settings at that resolution, but I want this to be tiny. I just ordered another Antec ISK-110 and plan to use that as the...