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  1. Potatoking

    Trouble installing Win 10 with maxwell card and dell monitor

    My issue is simple, all maxwell cards don't like my monitor (Dell U2913WM) which leads to it running at 640x480 without drivers. Usually not an issue as I can install windows 8 and drivers at this resolution just fine. The problem is that some genius at Microsoft fucked up and now the "Next"...
  2. Potatoking

    Help me Choose new PSU

    I need a new PSU for my upcoming ITX build. I am building in Lian-li pc-q01 which uses PSU to suck hot air from CPU heatsink. Other hardware is 4790 non-K, GTX960 and 2 SSDs. These are my requirements: 160mm long, gold+, modular, non passive. Large Fan and flat cables would be nice. Less...
  3. Potatoking

    Missing SMD resistor behind cpu socket

    During rebuild I realized that there is one SMD resistor missing from behind CPU socket. I have no idea how long is it missing since I redo my rig often. I have equipment to put new one in, but I believe that those resistors are in parallel config so I cant measure its value. Should I just turn...
  4. Potatoking

    Gainward gtx 970 reference review

    So here are few pictures of disassembled semi reference gainward gtx 970. I picked it up as it was only one in stock and I actually like reference cards. Card is plastic and feels kind of flimsy, the shroud is held only by four screws. Fan sits on its own piece of plastic and is probably...
  5. Potatoking

    ASUS gtx770 DCII repaste results

    Original: 77c, fan 83% 2820rpm Noctua paste: 69c, fan 75% 2550rpm ambient temp 26c Tested in unigine Valley for about 20 minutes, case is well ventilated. Original paste looked OK, too much of it as always, backplate was not aligned perfectly and some screws were little loose. Four screws...
  6. Potatoking

    Crappy 4770k, should i ditch it?

    I have a really bad 4770k right now I am at 4.1GHz 1.23v and hitting almost 80 degrees Prime small FFT. I am already running it bare die so nowhere to go. I work at company where I build PCs for CCTV recording and right now I need something fast for 64+ hd streams so this PC could work. In the...
  7. Potatoking

    4770k wont boot with IHS removed, works fine when when its back on

    Title sums it up. I managed to delid my 4770k and it works perfectly when i repaste and put IHS back on, but temps are not that good. I tried it without IHS, removed socket retention mechanism. PC wont post. I tried both noctua cooler and H60 with bolts and springs. CPU makes good contact with...