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  1. Yin

    Is this a good Layout for a Watercooling/TEC setup?

    I've always had the pump towards the bottom of setup and case in my w.c setups, I'm guessing it would make a small differences?
  2. Yin

    Help! Cant setup VPN priority over LAN

    If I understood you correctly add a persistent route
  3. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    Sorry, I must of not made that clear. I meant that the value would be a variable depending on where you run the bat file from. the usb or the file may not be on g: it could be e: or f:. I don't know if that made any sense.....
  4. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    Ok... Noob question How do I make Mindweaver's script create a folder where the bat file is. eg. we have the bat file on a usb g:\nettest.bat. So the logs save on g:\ instead of c:\. I tried changing SET drive to = \ but that just breaks the entire script.
  5. Yin

    Awful WC temperatures

    I would have the radiators on the out side of the case. Also can you do some basic checks, find out which one gets hot first the cpu or the radiator. If radiator, you need a better one or more. If CPU and radiator remains cool. You need to move the heat away from the cpu faster. Pump upgrade.
  6. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    I really appreciate it, your 50x better than mine. I never mean't for someone to write the entire code just point me in the right direction. May I ask for me to add more sites do I just add more set like below? SET site3=www.hotmail.com SET site4=www.awesomer.com edit: sorry just read the...
  7. Yin

    No front panel sound

    right click on an empty area and make sure everything is ticked?
  8. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    Okay... getting confused, Sorry I'm a noob programmer. I've copied Steevo code and tried to modify it to suit my requirements and it isn't working. I presume I'm suppose to use the goto command @echo off echo testing ping >a.txt findstr /m "Request timed out" a.txt if...
  9. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    Thats a good idea however could we make the text file name indicate if it was successful or not or is that the complicated bit? Also on another note would it be easier to do this in vb script?
  10. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    haha we are on the same boat, I'm clueless when it comes to programming. I'll give it a go =)
  11. Yin

    Batch file to ping network

    Hi Guys, I need some help writing a batch file to test network connectivity for various locations. Basically we are transitioning to from an existing network provider to a new network provider. What I would like the script to do Ping a list of IP address and then output the results into a...
  12. Yin

    No front panel sound

    connect headphones start run "mmsys.cpl " change default playback device until you have sound
  13. Yin

    How do I track user account activity on a Domain(Windows Server 2008)

    Bump Update I have found guides on how to turn on auditing in Group Policy but in none of the guides that I have found actually show you how to view it. Some background information I'm a junior sys admin and I'm hitting walls anyone that can give me some sort of direction, I'd really appreicate...
  14. Yin

    How do I track user account activity on a Domain(Windows Server 2008)

    Hi Guys, I'm a trying to track user activity (log on and off details etc) on a windows server 2008 domain controller could someone point me in the right direction? I have tried googling on how to do this but I'm confuse as not everything matches up to what they are saying. Thanks! Sorry I...
  15. Yin

    what router brand do you use?

    Linksys WRT610N Decent router Wireless sometimes acts up though. I haven't been able to get Wake on Lan working on it yet, but to be fair I haven't tried much.
  16. Yin

    Any ideas what's wrong with this thing?

    have you replace the thermal paste? If I remember right my 3700+ cpu would be around 50degrees on load =/
  17. Yin

    Z 5500 stereo only on 7.1 motherboard

    There is a little switch on the back of the control unit check that =)
  18. Yin

    Contest! Win Hard Reset!

    mememmemeemee master_yin wants to enter!
  19. Yin

    Wire in my fan.

    is that me or does he have his Ethernet cable inside his case under his cd rom?
  20. Yin

    Linksys WRT610N - Net loopback?

    Thanks you have solved my problem. If anyone could explain what exactly was going on I'd appreciate it, eg. Why it doesn't work if I dial from the modem.
  21. Yin

    Linksys WRT610N - Net loopback?

    Hey xBruce88, Yes we both have 2 different sets of cd-keys, if we didn't we wouldn't be able to log onto battlenet at the same time =p. It appears they are having the same problem I am, both of us can host but we can't join each other games. I've read up on this to be a net loopback\nat...
  22. Yin

    Linksys WRT610N - Net loopback?

    Hey network wizards:), I'm currently trying to configure my router so that my brother and myself can play Warcraft III together on bnet. I have tried reading\searching on this but I haven't had any luck. At the moment I can host but he can't join but other people can. He can also host but...
  23. Yin

    How to recolor SATA cables

    I would just replace the cables if it matter that much, but if you really wanted to paint them try a hobby store they usually sell paint for plastic models and etc.
  24. Yin

    Gaming System

    I find it weird you say that because I have purchase from both IT estate and Mwave, I didn't have a problem with either just a few hiccups here and there but nothing worth saying they are bad company over. I had a once off bad experience with PCCG which cost me about $100 in shipping and in...