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  1. SonDa5

    290X PSU Power Output Tests

    This is the first time I have done a power out put test and if I have made errors on my calculations please correct me. :toast: When I got my 290X I didn't check the PSU requirements and assumed that my Seasonic Platinum 660XP PSU could handle it but when I found out AMD required 750W PSU I...
  2. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Got mine mounted in my mini-ITX build and it is working decently with single Monster 240x radiator which is shared with 4770k. 290x prepped with Fujipoly Xtreme thermal pad on memory IC and Fujipoly Ultra on VRM. CL Liquid Ultra gpu die. The block with the back plate which...
  3. SonDa5

    The Truth about Ultra Durable 5 Plus Gigabyte Mother Boards

    http://www.gigabyte.us/microsite/312/images/PowIRstage.html Then with the release of the Z87 chipset Gigabyte added the word Plus to the Ultra Durable 5 line of mother boards. Ultra Durable 5 standard was IR3550 VRM parts. The mathematical logic of the word plus is to add to the...
  4. SonDa5

    Sapphire Vapor X HD7950 Double Deuce WAR Custom Edition Water Cooling

    Found some time today to enjoy some custom water cooling tweaking. Bummer that nobody makes a custom water block for the Sapphire Vapor X HD7950 but I have found a way to water cool it by modifying a XSPC New Edition HD7970 RAZER water block. I got the name from a similar mod that I did to...
  5. SonDa5

    Problem with XSPC Razer HD7970 water block New Edition

    Be warned I just got one of these and the build quality is terrible. Thread about it I started at OCN with photos. http://www.overclock.net/t/1363425/new-xspc-razor-7970-new-style-build-quality-problems#post_19357825 Also Performance PCS is giving me an awful time stepping up and...
  6. SonDa5

    [Build Log] MiT X 5 Water Cooled Micro ITX Worklog

    [Build Log] MiT X 5 Water Cooled Mini iTX Worklog MiT X 5 Pronounced mighty x five. Have been thinking about building a mini itx build for awhile and finally decided to do it. My build is small and large at the same time. Here is the initial parts list. WATER COOLING 1 x Alphacool...
  7. SonDa5

    Gskill F3-2400C9-8GTXD

    My Gskill F3-2400C9-8GTXD arrived today! Kit is dated to be made this month. The kit is made up of 2x4GB sticks and the sticks are double sided IC with 8 on each side for a total of 16 IC per stick. I'll be testing them later on. Will also...
  8. SonDa5

    IB De-Lidding Temps before and after

    DeLid or suffer the heat. :toast: Delidding is in the air. I can't wait no more. *I'm running a 20 pass LinX stress test right now for my before delid test information. *In a few minutes I'm going to delid my 3570k. * I wouldn't do this unless I was confident that I can do this and that...
  9. SonDa5

    Swiftech® releases MCW82-7900 waterblock for Radeon™ HD7900 series (HD7970 and HD7950

    Cut and pasted from Xtreme Systems: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?281276-Swiftech-MCW82-with-proper-block-surface-fitting-for-HD7900&p=5107735&viewfull=1#post5107735 This is the only proper fitting dedicated GPU and full pcb heat sink around.
  10. SonDa5

    Sapphire HD7950 Dual X OC 950mhz Edition

    Checking in with Sapphire Dual X OC HD7950 950mhz edition. Just got it a few hours ago. Photos of it. Please comment about the PCB. Looks like it is 1 VRM short of the HD7970 Dual X Sapphire version. I don't see any other differences from the...
  11. SonDa5

    First time BOOT with 3570k with 4.5GHZ over clock

    Got my 3570k on first day of release but didn't have time to install. This morning I had a some time so I finally got to swap out the SB i5-2500k for the 3570k from my MSI Z68A-GD65 G3 MB. :) The swap went smooth. I installed the latest IB supporting BIOS for my MB last week so it was ready...
  12. SonDa5

    MSI GTX560ti 448 TFIII/PE Double Deuce WAR Custom Edition

    TFIII cooler was good but not good enough. Nobody makes a full cover VGA block for this card so I took action. Before. After. MSI GTX560ti 448 TFIII/PE Double Deuce WAR Edition As always I had a good time this water cooling project. Since I had an Apogee XT...
  13. SonDa5

    Z68 G3 Problem with PCI slot speed or GPU-Z problem???

    Just added GTX 560 ti 448 to my system and it the PCI speed is slower than what it should be according to GPU-Z. Is this a problem with all Intel Z68 G3 mother boards or a problem with GPU-Z or just a problem with my MSI Z68 GD65 G3 MB? If you have a Z68 G3 MB with 2 video cards please check...
  14. SonDa5

    MSI Z68 GD65 G3 BIOS Buggy

    Well we all know this BIOS is a work in progress and for whatever reasons my BIOS is still buggy. I'm going on my 2nd month of problems trying to get the BIOS to work right. For the last week I have been trying to get this MB to over clock with auto voltage while maintaining the power...
  15. SonDa5

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000)

    Just got the ram yesterday. My first test was a low voltage test. Set timings at 1T-10-11-10-28 with voltage at 1.5v@2141mhz and ran perfectly stable for over 4 hours with memtest86+ v4.20. BiOS settings for test. All tests were done with stock i5-2500k heat sink.
  16. SonDa5

    Waterblocks for 28nm GPUS

    Any word if there will be any water blocks available for AMD or NVIDIA 28nm video cards at launch?
  17. SonDa5

    MSI Z68 GD65 G3 Problem with Memory and CPU!!! MSI Please fix this

    When I set the RAM for 1866 in the BIOS it gets underclocked along with the CPU. Screen shot from Memtest86+ that shows CPU and Memory underclocked from what I selected in BIOS. CPU should be at 3.33GHZ and memory should be at 1866mhz.
  18. SonDa5

    Thermalright HR-55 Chipset Cooler

    http://www.thermalright.com/products/index.php?act=data&cat_id=8&id=187 Found 1 place that sells it with information about it. Looks like the site is from Taiwan. http://www.pcstore.com.tw/pcparty/M09940661.htm Where can we buy this in North America? Somebody try it?
  19. SonDa5

    S1155 SB Need Water block?

    I'm looking for a SB water block for my MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3). I can't find any. Does the S1155 Z68 SB chip even need liquid cooling? Am I better off without SB block in my loop? I have a MIPS X58 NB chipset water block that I am thinking about putting on my MB. I just need to modify the stock...
  20. SonDa5

    OC HD5770 vs. OC HD6850

    Only cards I could compare.:D I'm sure those of you with HD5770s wonder how these two cards compare in an over clocked system. I want to eventually OC the 6850 to at least 1GHZ on the core. Limited voltage control software right now. System DFI X58 JR with I7-930@4.2 GHZ 6 GB of G...
  21. SonDa5

    DFI JR X58-T3H6 Overhaul

    Getting ready to overhaul my RIG from DFI P45 JR T2RS system to DFI JR X58-T3H6. Love my DFI P45 JR T2RS. Had a blast with it. Time to go though. :ohwell: The new hardware for my upgrades: :rockout: Any knowledge regarding this hardware is appreciated. I'll...
  22. SonDa5

    Sapphire HD5770 Vapor X BIOS

    Has anyone flashed this bios with their HD5770?
  23. SonDa5

    Liquid Cooled Power Color HD5870

    repost on LC PC HD5870 Already covered in the news section. Delete at will.
  24. SonDa5

    Not hot but exclusive and new Sapphire Vapor X HD5870 $394.99

    Somebody might want one of these right now. :rockout: Looks to be in stock right now. http://www.xpcgear.com/sapphire-100281vxsr.html Looks legit.
  25. SonDa5

    DFI UT X48 $119.99 Newegg

    Don't forget to do the Bing Cach back deal for more savings. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136049