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  1. runnin17

    [FS/FT] i7 970, Rampage III Extreme, ABS Black Pearl case

    First things first. My heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=42193 I accept paypal only (unless you have good references then I will accept money orders). I will not ship first. I am selling my backup cruncher system and moving on to a Sandy Bridge setup that will work double duty as...
  2. runnin17

    [FS] [FS] Intel i7 980x CPU (great clocker, 4.4GHz stable)

    [FS] Intel i7 980x CPU (great clocker, 4.4GHz stable) and other very nice stuff Heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=42193 I accept paypal or money order only. No international shipping unless you want to pay for the extra shipping. Intel 980x Extreme Edition i7 CPU: Bought from a EVGA...
  3. runnin17

    [FS/FT][US] FS: Watercooling extras (some free parts)

    Upgrading to different fittings and tubing so this stuff needs to go. Picture shows everything I have for sale. Shipping is extra unless stated. I accept non-CC paypal only. Heatware is under runninkyle17. I do offer a combo discount on multiple items. FOR SALE STUFF: Swiftech Microres SOLD...
  4. runnin17

    [FS][US] Asus 5850 DirectCU TOP video cards

    I have heatware under runninkyle17. I accept non-CC paypal only. I have two 5850's that I need to sell since I just bought an EVGA 580 SC. One card is a DirectCU TOP and the other is a DirectCU version. The DirectCU version has been flashed with TOP bios, thus both cards are being treated as...
  5. runnin17

    [WTB] Runnin17's WTB Thread (check for updates)

    Okay figured I should start an ongoing thread since it makes things easier. My WTB list: -- Intel i7 980x ----> FOUND -- EVGA Classified E759 motherboard (would even buy an E760 if the price was right) -- nVidia 580 video card ----> FOUND I will also be selling parts of my AMD rig...
  6. runnin17

    Darksiders any good???

    Got a free steam key when I bought my 1090T. Should I get rid of it via ebay or actually play the game?
  7. runnin17

    [WTB] runnin's WTB thread (updated periodically)

    Bought a 1090T off amazon (gift card for Christmas FTW ). Bought some Ballistix from Bot. Now I need a good water block for my new 1090T. Wanted (any of the following): 1. Heatkiller 3.0 LT AMD mounting needed (all accessories should be included) 2. Apogee XT (all mounting hardware...
  8. runnin17

    Help with 890FX board choice

    So I am likely going to purchase a thuban and want to move to the 890FX chipset. Here is my issue. I run crossfire 5850's. I want to run them both at 16x since I game at 2560x1600. I also run a raid card that takes care of my SSD's in RAID0. I also have a Xonar D2X sound card that I want to...
  9. runnin17

    [WTB] Phenom x6 1090T and some cheap ram

    Apogee XT waterblock and cheap DDR2 ram Bought a 1090T off amazon (gift card for Christmas FTW :)). Now I need to find a good price on an Apogee XT water block. Willing to entertain all offers :) SECOND, need some cheap ram for my sister's PC. I thought about taking some out of my server...
  10. runnin17

    [WTB] Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC)

    Just need the CD key for steam. I will download the game via steam. Offering $35 non-CC paypal. Cheers! Heatware under runninkyle17
  11. runnin17

    What other benches should I run?

    Here is my most recent score on heaven (running 960/1190 @ 1.249v). I am still in the process of pushing up the core speed. Probably won't be messing with the mem clock because if I go much above 1200 I get lower scores (unstable memory I imagine). Anyway, what other benches should I try to...
  12. runnin17

    Catalyst 10.10 error log, help....

    here is the log I am getting. It says there are warnings, but I can't see them. Can anyone help. Installing in an AMD system with Crossfire'd Asus 5850's. Catalyst™ Install Manager Installation Report 12/10/10 18:25:03 Hardware information Name ATI Radeon Graphics Processor...
  13. runnin17

    Need PSU advice for father-in-law build

    So I gave my father-in-law some of my left over parts. Currently he will be running an Asus M785 mATX motherboard, Sempron x4 CPU, 2x2GB OCZ DDR2 800 ram, 750GB SATA HD and for now just a 3850 video card. He is looking to upgrade his video card. At this point I am looking around for a 650W...
  14. runnin17

    [FS][US] XFX 5870 reference (CHEAP)

    I am selling my trust 5870. I had it flashed to MSI bios and it ran at 920/1250 without any issues. I have since flashed it back to the original bios since I am trying to sell the thing. Lifetime warranty through XFX. I take very, very good care of all my stuff. Card will come with original...
  15. runnin17

    Question about client bridge or repeater bridge router

    Okay, so currently I have a Linksys WRT54Gv2 with the latest dd-wrt installed. Looking to get a new wireless N router and use my Linksys in client bridged or repeater bridged mode. My question is this: should I stick with a linksys router or can I go with another brand and still be just fine...
  16. runnin17

    [WTB] DDR2 RAMs for sister and father-in-law build

    1. My sister's comp needs some more ram. Currently only with 1GB DDR2-800. Looking to go on the cheap for this (less than $35). Would probably only need 1GB sticks or one 2GB stick. Throw me your offers. I have verified paypal and heatware under runninkyle17. 2. Letting my father-in-law...
  17. runnin17

    Need reference XFX 5870 BIOS...PLEASE

    So for some reason I can't find where I saved my backed up reference BIOS for my XFX 5870. I have since used some of the older BIOS in the GPU database, but I am still having weird issues with my card. The card model number is HD-587A-ZNF9. Can someone please either email me or PM me and...
  18. runnin17

    Can someone explain this???

    Does this look right for two SSD's in RAID0? I haven't done enough research into this to really know how fast they should be. Cheers! HDTune file benchmark with 3ware 9650SE-4L RAID card and two 40GB Kingston V-series in RAID0 (256k stripe size).
  19. runnin17

    Noob Tech Bench 1.0

    So I was perusing my local microcenter's closeouts and found three 18x18 inch acrylic panels for about $3 each, some $2 92mm Delta fans and various other case modding stuff. So being a sucker for cheap stuff that shouldn't be that cheap. I bought it with nothing to do with it at all. Then I...
  20. runnin17

    Kinda upset with Asus !!!

    Really annoyed that they haven't put out a release date for the Crosshair IV Extreme. Everyone is raving about the Formula, but I am underwhelmed with the reviews of it at this point. I guess it is really not just Asus who dropped the ball with the Thuban launch since they had two 890FX...
  21. runnin17

    MSI 890FXA-GD70 fanclub

    First I've seen it on sale. Nice price too. Now just gotta wait for benches. Newegg Link Hopefully this board is on par with the Crosshair IV extreme :rockout::rockout:
  22. runnin17

    5870 and BFBC2

    Okay, this is weird. Running Catalyst 10.4 drivers and 5870 with Asus bios. Not OC'd at all. So about 5 minutes into the game I get chirping sounds from my speakers, the game crashes to the desktop and then if I try to run firefox or IE both browsers have weird graphical artifacts on the...
  23. runnin17

    [FS][US] FS: Razer Lycosa (ligthly used) $45 shipped

    Switching over to mechanical keyboard and have no need for my lycosa anymore. Very lightly used for about 4 months. Really enjoyed typing on it and it is a very good gaming keyboard. SOLD @ EVGA No low ball offers please. The cheapest online you can get this is around $70 shipped. I take...
  24. runnin17

    Corsair Dominator 2250 8-8-8-24 question

    Here is a link to the ram: Link What do people think of this ram? Thinking about it for a new build. A guy at EVGA is selling a 6GB set and I am seriously considering it, but not sure if I want to fork over that much cash for this ram.
  25. runnin17

    Anyone own an ABS Black Pearl?

    Had this case for about a year and I really like it. Just now starting to go to watercooling and looking to mod this case to optimize for watercooling. Will be running a PA120.3, one pump, probably a XSPC single bay res and waterblocks to the CPU and my 5870. Just wondering if anyone own's one...