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  1. enaher

    Giveaway: Several Chances!

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad GOTY I want it so bad bad loved it for the short period I got to play it.
  2. enaher

    Giveaway: Orcs Must Die! 2

    Love the first want to play the second one.
  3. enaher

    What can you tell me about Radeon HD3450?

    A few years ago about 2007 I was broke and without a pc, all I had was about 200$, got an old case a old external ODD and a cooler master 450 watt PSU for free, bought a Maxtor 250GB HDD, a Biostar g33 Mobo, 2 Gigs of DDR2 533 and a Pentium e2160 and got from a friend a HDT cooler, and had...
  4. enaher

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    Yeah stopped playing like for 2 weeks , I'm using a HD 6850 actually before this upgrade my textures look really washed but now they look great, I mean great for what it used to look seem mods are working now to.
  5. enaher

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    mmm... started playing Skyrim again today but it started to update took a while after I start the game I instantly notice improved textures and actually a lot better performance i can crank up 8x AA now and stil have 40-50 fps before I had to drop AA to 2 or 4x somebody knows whats changed?
  6. enaher

    Intel Takes Gaming Graphics to Next Level with Developer Tools

    Nice, Intel íntegrated gpu aren't as bad as people think when properly working theyre about at the same perform HD6540 so it's not terrible but not great for gaming the biggest gripe with it it's very unoptimized or filled with bugs and artifacts, like source games or even older games if they...
  7. enaher

    My Monster Mawd

    LOL, that's my case, jajaja I still use it for my Q6600 build nice & heavy case:toast:
  8. enaher

    Valve Working On Its Own Gaming Hardware, the "Steam Box"

    I think it'll depend on pricing, If they're planning o selling a 1000$ setup and using a Gtx 560 Ti + Core I7 2700k or similar hardware, I'd iff away from it if they use a OEM only design motherboard, and just build my own if it was a lot cheaper 500-600$ I'd consider it but might be asking too...
  9. enaher

    Mozilla Boot to Gecko Operating System Launched, Promises Cheaper Devices

    I hope it helps develop the mobile market more, but as other OS it might die in obscurity or killed by patent lawsuits.
  10. enaher

    amd piledriver looking better..4+ghz

    Which would be good fo tpu'ers unlocked i3 or even cheaper i5 and if amd get a little more cash It might come with something more competitive against intel in the end I love the tech world as is right now CHEAP and getting cheaper even expensive hdd and rising ram prices don't rain on my parade xD
  11. enaher

    amd piledriver looking better..4+ghz

    Which is something I posted previously and thats my point people will see my god a 4.6 ghz quad core from amd or a 3.2 core i3 dual core from intel for about the same price or cheaper.
  12. enaher

    amd piledriver looking better..4+ghz

    P4 sucked power in their time and most people only cared it was great to have a 1.5 Ghz cpu :rockout: people rarely worry about how power hungry their cpu is, that said I actually care so it stands average joe will fall for high clock speeds and more coresa and see it as a bargain. Hell I...
  13. enaher

    amd piledriver looking better..4+ghz

    I think it's nice for the average Joe, problem is TPU members tend to be powerusers/gamer/profesionals/benchmarkmonkeys... etc, I have a friend who uses an unlocked sempron oc'ed @3.4ghz with 3Gigs of DDr3 Ram and a 4650 DDr3 and finds his computer is more than enough for his needs, his...
  14. enaher

    Tizen Software Platform Gains Momentum and Adds Industry Support

    Remeber WebOS, I still think it's a great OS but Mobile OS are dominated by the big boys.
  15. enaher

    Proview Taiwan Charges Apple with Fraud and Unfair Competition

    That's just to show how out of control the patent system is, greed gonna be the end of us, funny how all this chaos always benefits the chinese, every greedy corportaion bends themselves to to the chinese to get a piece of the pie and at some point it gonna bite their asses.
  16. enaher

    AMD Designing Next-Gen Playstation's GPU

    Both consoles we're overheating, again it had more to do with the cpu, and the Xbox 360 had a lager incidence and higher failure rates when introduced, current selection of AMD has lot more to do with performance/watt/heat ratio and price, It's not that nvidia sucks or AMD is better, it's just...
  17. enaher

    AMD Designing Next-Gen Playstation's GPU

    Funny how much winning about Ati graphics, last I heard RRoD had much more to do with the CPu, Last I heard the crappy console graphics we're less crappy on the Xbox 360, Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less. I haven't bought a console since the Ps2, and won't be switching any time soon but...
  18. enaher

    Google Android users clubhouse

    I'm waiting ofr the oficial release of ICS for my Galaxy Tab7+ and to try it out got a Motorola Bravo brand new for 80$, I'm amazed on ICS it works flawlessly on a old phone minus some quirks on the camarea and radio. Bravo specs: Arm A8 800Mhz 512 Ram
  19. enaher

    Wii U Hardware

    I'm amazed that next gen consoles will have 8800GTX performance:) to bad a couple of year's late:D
  20. enaher

    Max Payne 3 PC Has "Gloriously Increased" Detail

    I just want a good story and gameplay like MP1&2 graphics have always been secondary for me Max Payne was a unique game with great story and so so graphics.
  21. enaher

    M4GICFOUR's February Freebies givaway

    mmm... number 16 lost viking if I recall loved that game:toast:
  22. enaher

    Mass Effect 3 Demo

    Somebody noticed how lame running looks, even worst than the first game :shadedshu I played the demo as an RPG, graphics blow, I hope this is greatly impoved in the final release.
  23. enaher

    [FF] Humble Bundle #4 (Steam Key)

    I want it !!!!!!!!!! please
  24. enaher

    OFFICIAL Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (Discussion)

    I'd hit that... or hit something with it:rockout:
  25. enaher

    [FS][US] Kenkickr's Cleaning House

    BUMP I'll pm later, about what I found about the shipping. :toast: