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  1. SonDa5

    Opinion - R9 290x power consumption

    If you plan on over clocking or adding extra loads such as from water cooling pumps and fans I think you are better off with at least a 800+ Watt PSU. Just to be safe and also so that you are not always pushing the system to the extremes. If you don't plan on over clocking 650W should be fine...
  2. SonDa5

    Sapphire Trixx no longer in development?

    A beta version of TRIXX for 290x support was posted at overclock.net here it is if somebody wants to try it out. http://www.overclock.net/t/1444892/sapphire-290-290x-trixx-voltage-control-missing#post_21375294 I was unable to get into the settings tab. Needs work.
  3. SonDa5

    Sapphire Trixx no longer in development?

    Sapphire told me 2 days ago that TRIXX was up on the WEB site for 290x and then I go looking for it and I can't find it. Hope Sapphire get it out soon. Tired of waiting.
  4. SonDa5

    NEW - 3DMark 11 Compilation

    SonDa5 |Sapphire R9 290x|1308/1626|P18,309|i7 4770k @4.8GHz
  5. SonDa5

    R9 290-290X owners thread

    Single water cooled 290x breaking 1300mhz on the core. P18,209 3dMark11 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/7488080 In my newest mini-ITX rig.
  6. SonDa5

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    Single 290X. 1273/1616 http://valid.canardpc.com/xjpber
  7. SonDa5

    290X PSU Power Output Tests

    This is the first time I have done a power out put test and if I have made errors on my calculations please correct me. :toast: When I got my 290X I didn't check the PSU requirements and assumed that my Seasonic Platinum 660XP PSU could handle it but when I found out AMD required 750W PSU I...
  8. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    FireStrike Benchmark. New Entry SonDa5 - 4770k @4.8GHZ - AMD R9 290x - 12,132 - 11/07/13 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/1573423?
  9. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Never had a problem wtih CLP or CLU. I probably should put light coat of non conductive coating on the resistors for protection but I use so little of it and the card is sitting flat so gravity shouldn't cause it to drip. I have been playing with a stock ASUS BIOS and the GPUTweak for Hawaii...
  10. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Good news is the water block will fit a 290. :) Card is beast. Even with a little over clock of 1100/1313. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/7438432 Need voltage control.
  11. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Temps are good but the over clocking isn't Most I can do on stock BIOS without any voltage tuning is around 1100/1313. Need voltage control.
  12. SonDa5

    Existing EK-FC R9-290X Series Water Blocks Compatible with AMD Radeon R9 290

    I went a week waiting for my EK block to arrive and in the mean time I tried a Swiftech MCW80 that I had lying around and it would have worked out but I screwed up on my aluminum heat sinks I cut out that didn't let the card sit all the way in the PCI-E slot. Didn't realize what the problem was...
  13. SonDa5

    [Build Log] MiT X 5 Water Cooled Micro ITX Worklog

    Very nice. My 4770k is bare die mount and its to delicate to put a motor vibrating on it. Love the no reservoir loop with the Monster 240 radiator which works great as we have done it. Thanks for the idea. :cool:
  14. SonDa5

    Existing EK-FC R9-290X Series Water Blocks Compatible with AMD Radeon R9 290

    The EK 290x/290 block will give you great memory cooling and VRM cooling. If you are going to spend $400-$550 on these cards and plan on water cooling you might as well get a well made water block. The EK is top notch. My little review on mine...
  15. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Sapphire TRIXX worked best for my HD7950 950mhz edition. Looking forward to TRIXX for my Sapphire 290X. The box stated that the card supports TRIXX but TRIXX needs to be updated.... Please somebody great update TRIXX for Sapphire 290X/290 cards. :toast:
  16. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    I barely got this mini-ITX rig up and running so I have to learn how to over clock the entire system. Hoping the Sapphire TRIXX software comes out soon so I can get voltage control going for over clocking. Great card and the water block does a great job on the VRM temps. GPU temps seem...
  17. SonDa5

    [Build Log] MiT X 5 Water Cooled Micro ITX Worklog

    Update on my Monster build featuring the Asus Maximus VI Impact, 4770k and AMD R9 290x. Look ma no reservoir in my loop! :cool: Main work is done. Finish work to follow.
  18. SonDa5

    EK 290/290X Block

    Got mine mounted in my mini-ITX build and it is working decently with single Monster 240x radiator which is shared with 4770k. 290x prepped with Fujipoly Xtreme thermal pad on memory IC and Fujipoly Ultra on VRM. CL Liquid Ultra gpu die. The block with the back plate which...
  19. SonDa5

    Editorial Do We Really Need AMD TrueAudio?

    I think it is a win win situation if... 1. Helps developers improve gaming graphical/audio experience quicker with easier control. 2. Offers the best graphical and audio experience as intended from the developer. 3. Reduces system process loads for over all system efficiency. 4. Eliminates...
  20. SonDa5

    Techpowerup! Hwbot Club

    I had fun sharing my benching scores with this team and will continue to do so when ever I have time to have fun and bench.
  21. SonDa5

    New ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe Waterblock from Bitspower

    Wow. This awesome block idea just added some value to that mother board. Love it. I hope the Asus Maximus Impact gets some full cover love. Great idea.
  22. SonDa5

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    No. Custom double block on Vapor X HD7950.
  23. SonDa5

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Say hello to my little friend ASUS MAXIMUS VI IMPACT.
  24. SonDa5

    VBE7 - vBIOS Editor for Radeon HD 7000 series cards

    Will be trying this out with VaporX hd7950. Thanks. :)
  25. SonDa5

    The Truth about Ultra Durable 5 Plus Gigabyte Mother Boards

    Peack efficiency for the IR3550 part is right around 1.2v output. http://ec.irf.com/v6/en/US/adirect/ir?cmd=catSearchFrame&domSendTo=byID&domProductQueryName=IR3550 The entire part is more efficient and offers the very best clean DC output available from IR. Its the best part and it was the...