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  1. DuxCro

    343 Industries Showcases Halo Infinite PC Screenshots

    Noice. Drop by my 100 meter yacht currently wintering in Italy. We'll drink cocktails on the deck and 2 supermodels will lick our balls. :toast:
  2. DuxCro

    how high can gpu prices go..

    You want prices to go down? Nobody buy anything for a month. Not from stores, not from scalper. See the prices crash & burn. But sheeps pay, wolves happy.
  3. DuxCro

    NVIDIA Earned $5 Billion During a GPU "Shortage" Quarter and Expects to Do it Again in the Next One

    10 years ago i built entire gaming PC for €1000. Today that's the price of one 3060Ti here in Croatia. I think i will slowly switch to console gaming in the future. Thanks to crypto mining and greed, PC gaming is becoming more and more expensive.
  4. DuxCro

    Bitcoin Breaks $50,000 Barrier, Hitting the Highest Value Ever

    Sold my GPU to crypto miner at a high premium. Muhahahaha
  5. DuxCro

    Bitcoin Breaks $50,000 Barrier, Hitting the Highest Value Ever

    When it eventually and inevitably crashes, you can expect a tsunami of cheap high end graphics cards.
  6. DuxCro

    NVIDIA Confirms Specs of the GeForce RTX 3060 "Ampere"

    Almost €1000 for RTX 3060Ti in stores here in Croatia. I expect 3060 will be reasonable €800. :laugh:
  7. DuxCro

    Latest Bios for old MSI GTX 780

    BIOS? Why do you even feel like you need to update BIOS on your old GPU?
  8. DuxCro

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30-Series GPU Availability to Reportedly Worsen in Q1

    Thank you all crypto miners who buy almost all available cards so that you can have them doing something which consumes incredible amounts of electrical power, contributes to pollution and produces ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Thank you all scalpers for buying what remains and sell it at incredibly high...
  9. DuxCro

    Apple's Rumored Mixed-Reality Headset To Include Dual 8K Displays & Cost 3,000 USD

    It's Apple, so ofc it's expensive. On Apple products the thing that you pay the most is the brand. Which hipsters and posers think gives them some social status.
  10. DuxCro

    Graphics Card Prices Could Soar Amid Increasing Memory Prices

    I have been buying used graphics cards for years. Maybe I'll buy a used RTX 3080 when people start switching over to RTX 4000 series. Prices are insane.
  11. DuxCro

    What are you playing?

    Been playing mostly old games. I finally finished Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire N64. I remember playing the first mission on Nintendo 64 in the local arcade back when the game came out. Those graphics were absolutely amazing back then. Also started playing Star Wars: Jedi Knight II today.
  12. DuxCro

    TSMC Ends Its Volume Discounts For the Biggest Customers, Could Drive Product Prices Up

    LOL. Graphics cards are already ridiculously expensive. Now they'll be even more expensive.
  13. DuxCro

    BioWare Teases "The Next Mass Effect" In New Trailer

    Don't F it up like you did Andromeda, Bioware.
  14. DuxCro

    Cyberpunk 2077 Does Not Leverage SMT on AMD Ryzen, Lower Core-Count Variants take a Bigger Hit, Proof Included

    Yup. Can confirm this. I have 5900X. Usage spread evenly across 12 physical cores. Logical at 0% usage.
  15. DuxCro

    Terrible frame pacing with Gsync on

    No, i don't have the need to play them RTS and TPS games at 144 freakin frames. Do i need my graphics card at almost 100% usage for every game i play? I'm the one paying the electrical bills in the house so i don't need the card at full load all the time. For games like Apex Legends which i...
  16. DuxCro

    Terrible frame pacing with Gsync on

    I am locking to 60 because i have no need to play anything aside from competitive games with more than 60 frames. I did try riva tuner limiter. But i didn't use that and limiter in NCP at the same time. But like i said. Only by locking the game frame rate to monitor refresh rate and vsync on, i...
  17. DuxCro

    Terrible frame pacing with Gsync on

    I noticed that when i have gsync on, i have absolutely terrible frame pacing in all games. My monitor is freesync AOC 24G2U 144Hz, but gsync wotks on it. I limit game framerate usually to 60 in nvidia control panel, and monitor refresh rate is at 144Hz. This eliminates tearing in all games...
  18. DuxCro

    Desktop software

    Can someone please recommend some programs that can make desktop look better? Programs that arrange icons, performance monitors etc.
  19. DuxCro

    Overclocking the 5900x on Asus Tuf Gaming x570 Plus/Pro

    Really, really not worth overcloking this CPU. RAM overcloking is king for gaining extra ZEN performance in games. And according to Gamers nexus the best combo is 2X 16GB. This gives best gain according to them.
  20. DuxCro

    Overclocking the 5900x on Asus Tuf Gaming x570 Plus/Pro

    x5900? You mean 5900X? For benchmark i overclocked the CPU to 4.75GHz with 1.375V. But for day to day use i have it undervolted to 1.2V and 4.3GHz.
  21. DuxCro

    RTX 2080 Super fine tuning, undervolting + overcloking results

    I had fun the other day with fine tuning my MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio. I did really extensive testing live on my twitch channel with Unigine superposition 1080P high benchmark. Streamed using Very fast X264 encoder in OBS, but it still affected GPU score in benchmark. But hey, every bench...
  22. DuxCro

    RAM overcloking on ZEN 3

    I just run Deus EX: Mankind divided bench for gaming performance gains. 720P, everything on lowest settings. RAM on default= 205fps avg. 3800MHz CL16 = 240fps avg. 4000Mhz CL15 = 250fps avg. I don't get any errors while testing with anything. I use OCCT and Aida64 memory stress tests
  23. DuxCro

    Hello I think to overclock my screen it smart to do?

    Most 60Hz LCD's will OC to 70-75Hz. I overclocked 3 of them. Never had any issues.
  24. DuxCro

    Intel owners who have switched to AMD

    I switched to ZEN and...........
  25. DuxCro

    RAM overcloking on ZEN 3

    4000MHz on RAM. 2000MHz FCLK in 1:1 ratio with UCLK. CL15,19,19,39 with 1.44V. Current result. Will continue to fine tune. I haven't even touched sub timings yet. Gonna do that next.