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  1. droopyRO

    The Invincible.

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/731040/The_Invincible/ This looks very good. I love 50s era Sci Fi artwork and this game seems to be in that niche:
  2. droopyRO

    What would you keep/choose ?

    So, i have this dilemma. The most demanding stuff i do, is play games at 1440p on an 144Hz monitor and use Handbrake to encode movies or Vegas to render simple clips. I have a 1070Ti, but i will upgrade to a RDNA2 or Ampere card when they come out. I have to decide if i keep my Ryzen 2700X +...
  3. droopyRO

    GPU fans spinning up and down without reason

    This is an issue i am having for about a week now. The GPU( Palit GameRock RTX2080) fans spin up, then down, then up, and so on. As you can see in the clip above, temperatures are fine <70ºC. It only happens in games and other 3D applications, and it is loud at 3000 rpm. I have had the GPU...
  4. droopyRO

    Motherboard DOA ?

    I just bought a Ryzen 2700x and an B450 Elite from Gigabyte. I installed the CPU, RAM, GPU and PSU outside the case and it dose not power on. When i hit the on/off switch on my PSU, the motherboard's LEDs power on for a second then turn off. I tried powering it on with a screwdriver by shorting...
  5. droopyRO

    MSI VENTUS temps. ?

    https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-RTX-2080-VENTUS-8G-V2 I just bought this resealed card from a local store. I get this kind of temperature on it, after about 10 minutes of gaming. Could someone with a card like mine share the temperature and RPM of the fans, it dose get kind of loud for...
  6. droopyRO

    Freesync Flicker.

    https://community.amd.com/thread/237313 I am having the same issues described in the link above. I tried both on a 1070 Ti and an RX 570 same issue, with Freesync on, i get a flicker effect in games. But if i turn it off all is fine, on both the AMD and Nvidia card. Have you experienced...
  7. droopyRO

    Ryzen 2700 and 4 DIMMs

    So i bought a Ryzen 2700 and a MSI B350 Mate https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B350-PC-MATE/Overview , updated it to the latest BIOS. And now my troubles started, 2133 or 2400 are fine, anything over that like 2667 is not bootable no mather the voltages i try or timings. I can boot at 2667 with...
  8. droopyRO

    GTX660 PCIE x16 incompatible

    So i got around to finish my old games rig. Q9505, Abit IX38 and a Gainward GTX660. http://www.gainward.com.tw/main/vgapro.php?id=893&lang=en this is the GPU http://abit.ws/page/sa/motherboard/motherboard_detail.php@pMODEL_NAME=IX38+QuadGT&fMTYPE=LGA775 this is the motherboard. Now my issue is...
  9. droopyRO

    Removing Accelero Xtreme III

    As the title says, i want to remove the cooler from my card. The card is a reference Nvidia design, that has an Accelero Xtreme 3 attached. Now my problem is that the VRM and VRAM heatsinks are attached with the supplied thermal glue. How can i safely remove them ? is there a solvent i could...
  10. droopyRO

    Gigabyte System Information Viewer

    Gigabyte BIOS and System Information Viewer are not working, i`m trying to adjust fan speed of my case and CPU fans. Gigabyte online support is useless atm, i have an open ticket since the 22nd of this month. In BIOS i have a custom fan curve and is working perfectly, but as soon as the system...
  11. droopyRO

    XFi vs Xonar DS vs Realtek 1220(edited)

    XFi XtremeGamer vs Xonar DS vs Realtek ALC1220 in RightMark Audio Analizer i used a 3.5 mm cable to connect the line out to line in/mic in of every card, like described here http://www.pureoverclock.com/Review-detail/asus-xonar-ds-71-audio-card/6/ Below are the results but i don't know how to...
  12. droopyRO

    980 Ti no input signal

    So i was playing a relaxing Sunday afternoon game of Wargame ALB campaign and after about 45 minutes the screen goes black. I had to do a reset of the system to get in working again, all was fine until i got in to Windows. The moment it loaded i got the same black screen, "no DisplayPort input"...
  13. droopyRO

    XFi Titanium no sound output

    Windows 10 x64/x32/8.1 with the system in the specs and two others an lga 775 and another skt 1155, this were used to test the card. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001E25KDK/?tag=tec06d-20 this is the card, bought it half the price, from a retailer, it was sealed in a static bag. The problem is...
  14. droopyRO

    PSU dying ?

    First time i`m having this kind problem since '99 when my parents bought my first PC. Is my PSU dying ? Seasonic G-650 from 2013, i got about 5 shutdowns in the last three days. Today i got a message that Asus surge protection triggered. I did undo all my overclocks, clear CMOS, but it still...
  15. droopyRO

    Voodo RAM

    Ok so i had a pair of GSkill 2x4GB 2133 DDR3 and i bought another pair of 2x4GB Kingston 2400. I installed the DIMMs, reset BIOS then booted up, all worked fine at 1600. Got into CPUZ saw the timings 11-13-13-30-2T 1.6v for the Kingston kit at 2133 set them at that booted up tested with Prime95...
  16. droopyRO

    Sound card vs DAC ?

    My dillema, i have used a Fiio E10k DAC for gaming/movies/music in that order for about 1.5 years. Yesterday i decided to pop in the old XFi XtremeGamer http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?prodID=15853 for use with 2.1 speakers in games, i noticed better sound from the XFI...
  17. droopyRO

    980Ti VRM cooling

    I traded my 970 for a EVGA 980Ti SC http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=06G-P4-4992-KR put it under an Xtreme III cooler. But i don`t want tot use that thermal glue with wich i`m supposed to fix the radiators on top of VRM modules and RAM. For the RAM modules i had some Chinese CU...
  18. droopyRO

    GTX 970 questions

    So, i have this GTX 970 Phantom from Gainward. Temps at full load reach 79-80ºC i decided to replace the thermal paste with something aftermarket i had laying around namely Arctic Silver 5 and Noctua NH1. At first it looked like in the picture, when i saw that i thought that was the problem, so...
  19. droopyRO

    Disk space.

    On a hard drive there are 180GB/500GB used but when i select all the folders/files(with hidden folders) they amount to 67GB. I disabled hybernate, system restore, manual set size for swap file. Run chkdsk , defragmented the drive. What else could eat about 100GB of disk space ? Thank you.
  20. droopyRO

    Monitor input lag ... do you feel it ?

    Do you feel/perceive the input lag on monitors ? i have a Dell U2713Hm with about 28 ms of input lag and i tested a BenQ GW2750HM 8 ms input lag. The test was done in Battlefield 4 i cant say i played better with the faster one. I was looking at some 120/144Hz TN and some PLS with even lower...
  21. droopyRO

    [3770k]delid temps go up

    So i delided my 3770k(using the vice method) and i noticed something strage, my temps go up. I tried three TIMs Prolimatech, Noctua NH1 and AC ArcticSilver 5 from the moment i first bootup my system and run IntelBurnTest i get like 63/67/67/68 afther 2 days the same ambient temps the same test...
  22. droopyRO

    TDP and case heat.

    Sorry for opening a thread just for this but i have this issue on my mind: currently i have the system in my profile and while gaming it gets hot mainly due to the gtx 660 SLI temps are 73* for the top card 66* for the lower card and about 71* for the CPU after 2 hours of SpC Blacklist on...
  23. droopyRO

    PSU gold vs bronze question

    I have a 3770k, two GTX660, Asus Z77V-pro, two HDD and other less power hungry componenets all powerd by a Cougar 550W power supply 24+20A 12v rails 80 plus Bronze. Since its about 3 years old i want to buy another one. My budget is about 100-130 euros should i buy a Bronze 700-800W PSU or a...
  24. droopyRO

    i5 un/dead ?

    I managed to f%&^*$ up a i5 3570k, now when i put it in the socket the warning LED assigend to CPU problems is lit, i get no image on the screen it wont boot(i dont have a speaker) The CPU itself is not getting hot i left it on for about 20 minutes and its at room temperature, i then said what...
  25. droopyRO

    One foot in the grave ?

    Is my SSD dying ? it appears fine, windows loads up normaly as do the programs i run off it. Did you encounter this type of problem before ? Also my old WesternDigital gives me this warnings should i RMA it ? i changed the SATA cables for both of them and the ports. Thank you.